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There are many stories available today that offer readers a diverse world of stories. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the best stories, the most interesting and the most up-to-date, please visit LIVETruyen.net to satisfy your passion for online reading.

Introduce about LIVEtruyen.net

LIVEtruyen.net is a web story that synthesizes many types of stories such as comic, ancient, archery, love, comedy, fantasy, swordplay, history, love, horror, ghost story, story, detective, You can explore the world of Chinese love stories or switch to Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean literature and switch to Western novels.
When visiting the main page of LIVETruyen.net, You will be impressed by the clear and beautiful presentation of the list of new stories, newly updated stories, completed stories, more readable stories ... follow. The toolbar helps you find the title of the story or the name of your favorite author quickly. Wish you happy online reading !!!

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