All The Hotshots Love Me [Quick Transmigration]

All The Hotshots Love Me [Quick Transmigration]





All The Hotshots Love Me [Quick Transmigration]

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She is his medicine, Su Shuangtian spoils her.

Big Brother One: [Eighty Soldier Brother] My sister didn’t want to marry the soldier, so the family asked her to marry her. (Already finished √)

Big Brother Two: [Abstinence Actor] Shocked! The ascetic emperor subverts the character set, the mansion hides the Jiao 18xian…Uh, the 18x’s is not the heroine! (Finished √)

Big Brother Three: [President Bastard Uncle] The domineering president fell in love with Cinderella, and wanted to divorce his fiancee, who was the right one. (Is flirting)

Big Brother Four: [Yinxiuchang Gong] It’s a young man! The dead eunuch who controlled Chaozun dared to covet the young and beautiful empress dowager!

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1. The heroine Su.

2. This article is sweet.

3. Warm healing as a staple food, counterattack meals under the face.

4. Every world has a male lead HE, the male lead is a soul fragment, and the main world is combined into one.

- Description from Novelupdates


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