All Heavens Mobile Games

Chapter 1: All the Sky Mobile Games

In the middle of the night, Han Chen, who was tired as a dog, collapsed on the bed.

The work of this day is finally finished.

“Hey, when are you tall in such days!” Han Chen sighed deeply.

Since graduation, his life has been occupied by work. The company’s business is always as busy as it is. Working overtime every day has become commonplace. Don’t talk about girlfriends, but occasionally find a friend to gather or have a chat There is no game time.

He also wanted to come to a resignation report that’The world is so big, I want to see it’, but the conditions are not allowed. He doesn’t have a car, a house, a ticket, or a girl. It is commonly known as the’Four No Youth’.

It took a lot of effort to get up from the bed, and when I was about to take a comfortable hot bath, and then rested, the room suddenly fell into darkness.

His power went out!

In this era dominated by information, power outages are simply killing people!

Just when Han Chen thought he was unlucky and was about to report for repairs, he suddenly felt a pain in his wrist like a needle stick.


Han Chen, who was stimulated by the pain, jumped up directly. When he looked at his wrist, he was dumbfounded, and suddenly he saw a strange black watch on his hand.

Han Chen was stunned, when did he buy the watch?

Even if you have money, you don’t have time to buy it!

Han Chen tossed over and worked with the watch on his hand for a long time, and found that it couldn’t be removed and the display screen couldn’t be used.

Sitting on the bed, Han Chen was a little depressed. What the **** is going on, this watch is like handcuffs.

In the process of Han Chen’s continuous research, a tiredness hit, and he fell into a faint, suddenly fell asleep on the bed.

At this time, the watch on his hand was shining with a faint light, covering his body. The next moment, Han Chen disappeared out of thin air without any sound!

At the same time, there are countless people in various countries around the world, like Han Chen, suddenly disappeared!

“Innate awakening: ancient heritage.”

“Please choose the first successor.”

A cold and deep voice sounded, shocking Han Chen in his sleep. He subconsciously opened his eyes and found that there were three more character panels in front of him, similar to those in the game.

Did he start dreaming, or a game dream, pop, Han Chen slapped himself.

Hiss, hurts.

No, no, I have to get up early to work tomorrow, I have to go to bed quickly, Han Chen closed his eyes again.

“Please choose the first successor.”

The cold voice sounded again, and Han Chen repeatedly tossed for a while before finally giving up. Since he couldn’t sleep, he had a good dream.

Han Chen opened his eyes and looked carefully at the three characters in front of him.

“Golden Armor God General, innate awakening: Tianwei, instantly enhances the power, explosiveness and mental power of skill users, and creates corresponding level coercion on skill users.”

Looking at the Golden Armor God General in a golden armor, it is really handsome, but this thing must be MT in the game, Han Chen shook his head, he can’t use this thing, usually when playing games, it is thankless, no No, this is not my style.

“Darkborn, congenital awakening: Steal, steal the opponent’s energy in a short time, make it weak, and increase the speed and explosive power of the skilled person.”

“Polar Bear King, Innate Skill: Frozen Domain, a freezing effect is produced within the range, and mental power will drop temporarily after use.”

The other two are okay, but that bear, Han Chen still has a good impression of humans. No matter what games he usually plays, he always chooses humans as the first choice, and there are drawbacks to this skill, so forget it.

“I choose Darkborn.”

“The first successor is selected.”

“The host is awakening.”

Damn it!

Han Chen’s face instantly became distorted.

It hurts!

It hurts too much!

Is this a dream?

Han Chen only felt the information flooding in his mind. This time he really seemed to have a dream, dreaming that he had become another person.

Countless life and death duels, from ants to Sui Sui invincible!

Countless times of danger have been around, from being unknown to being famous!

He witnessed the rise of an era with his own eyes.

It has witnessed the annihilation of an era.

He personally experienced the process of a mortal becoming a **** and witnessed his life experience!

“This… how is this possible?”

Han Chen’s eyes widened, and there was a storm in his heart, and his expression was unbelievable.

According to his inheritance, he is not dreaming now!

Instead, he was summoned to a new world called “God’s Domain”!

Once, in the long history, countless mortal races, strange civilizations… were selected and forced to participate in this game!

All the people who enter the new world are constantly fighting for strength and madly in order to become God and get the immortal life they dream of.

Either become a **** or destroy!

Now, it’s the turn of the earth!

On Earth, nearly eight billion humans have been selected to become participants in the new world.

There is a watch in the hands of everyone in the world, which cannot be uninstalled or discarded.

It has the ability to travel back and forth between reality and the game world, and to bring skills, equipment, and all items back to the world.

Han Chen was shocked and sluggish!

It took him a full hour to digest all this. If the memories in his mind are all true, then he understands that from this moment on, the whole world will be completely changed, no matter in the real world, you are How powerful, how much wealth, from now on, all useless!

All human beings stand at the same starting point.

Wealth, status, looks, etc., all lost their meaning.

This is an absolutely fair start for all mankind.

From then on, the new world will completely subvert the original world.

The cold voice sounded again: “The new world starts, ten, nine, eight, seven, … one!”

The surrounding space was distorted and the space was gradually reconstructed. When Han Chen reacted, the surrounding scenes had changed.

Tall and lush bushes, rolling mountains.

And Han Chen’s pajamas disappeared. He was naked to the top, with only one animal skin skirt covering his private parts.

The restoration is too thorough, at least there must be a decent dress.

Han Chen was a little speechless, this was simply primitive society, and at the same time he found that strange watch on his wrist was still there.

Is it because of this stuff?

Han Chen patted hard twice, and suddenly the dial lit up, which shocked him.

A three-dimensional information panel appeared in front of him.

It shows personal information, dimensional space, and exit from the new world in turn.

Han Chen clicked on personal information.

Level 1 (not transferred)

Life 10

Strength 10

Speed ​​10

Mental power 10

Equipped with [Animal Skin Skirt] Level 1, physical defense power increased by 1, black low-level items, and 2 low-level black crystal coins are required to bring back to the real world.

Congenital awakening: ancient heritage.

Skills: Darkborn.

Han Chen looked at the Dimensional Space again, and it was about the size of a wardrobe.

After that, Han Chen observed the surrounding environment again. It was like a tropical rain forest. The air was humid and the ground was covered with fallen leaves, some of which were rotten and fresh.

And Han Chen just happened to be in the clearing of the woods, there was no novice village or NPC, except for his own information, nothing was like the game.


Suddenly, a scream sounded, and the voice was full of despair, as if facing death, Han Chen’s back was cold.

At this time, the forest in front shook violently, and then four figures jumped out of it.

The leader was a dark-skinned, strong uncle. After rushing out of the woods, he saw Han Chen standing not far away and shouted fiercely, “Run!”

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