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Chapter 10: Skill Book

Chapter 10 Skill Book

The Goblin commander did not live up to its level. After seeing Han Chen’s few people, the short legs ran faster, leaving the five ordinary monsters behind it far behind.

“Leave this one to you, and I will deal with the latter one!”

After Han Chen had finished speaking, he walked around the stones to avoid the sight of the goblin leader and ran to the goblin sacrificial offering with the staff.

The Goblin Sacrifice has a BUG skill. If the Goblin leader dies, he can sacrifice half of the spell to resurrect it.

With Han Chen’s current team configuration, it is absolutely impossible to kill the leader twice in a row.

“Boss, don’t go, what shall we do if you go? Go on the stick and knock?”

Zheng Jian was a little anxious, and wanted to call Han Chen back to Han Chen.

Han Chen rolled his eyes and roared: “Don’t you have skills? Isn’t the wooden stick in your hand essentially wood? Point the stick into a tree to resist!”

Everyone was taken aback, and there was this kind of operation.

“Hey, when will you talk about it, it is about to rush over!”

Chen Dong was speechless from the side. He was standing in the forefront and prepared to fight against strange things, but So Ho, as a nanny, was distracted. Isn’t this a legendary selling teammate?

Over there, Zheng Jian threw the goblin stick to the ground, and the stick rolled on the ground and turned into a wooden figure not taller than everyone’s knees.

“Fuck, you wooden man is too short!”

Xu Wei almost laughed aloud next to him, even Zheng Jian only regretted turning the stick into a wooden figure. This was his only piece of equipment!

But the next second Zheng Jian saw the attributes of the wooden man and became excited again, “Fuck, this wooden man actually has a hundred points of blood, Brother Chen, please let it go and let it fight first!”

“Really? Hurry up and let it run ahead, Mad, the knife is almost hitting the laborer’s face.”

Chen Dong pushed in front of everyone with one vigorous step, and the little wooden man pushed forward unswervingly with a steady pace!

The goblin leader rushed to the wooden man in an instant, and the scimitar held in his hand flashed with electric arcs. No one would doubt the power of this sword.

What people didn’t expect was that the knife only caused five damage on the head of the wooden man!

“Useful, Xu Wei, let’s go together!”

Chen Dong’s eyes lit up, and for the first time he felt that Zheng Jian was not a burden.

Besides, Han Chen was found on the other side before he got close to the goblin to worship. The goblin raised Faza and shot a basin-sized fireball at him.

The power of the fireball is beyond doubt. Given Han Chen’s physique, I’m afraid he can’t stand it twice.

Fortunately, the speed is not fast, Han Chen easily avoided.

If in the past, there were at least seven or eight goblin guards beside the goblin sacrifice, how could anyone get close to them easily?

But now I can only watch Han Chen put a dark descendant on himself to steal, and then he was chopped with a bone knife. After a whimper, it turned into aura and disappeared, leaving only three blue lights.

Han Chen picked up the equipment and was overjoyed: the skill book was published.

One of these three light groups is [Inferior Sacrificial Staff]: Black equipment, which can increase spell damage by 2 points, and can restore a little energy every ten seconds.

The other group is twelve azurite coins, and the last one is [Low-level Fireball].

The equipment level of God’s Domain World is the same as that of monsters, and the same is true of crystal coins.

The skill book is different, divided into basic skills and growth skills!

Basic skills are skills with fixed damage. For example, low-level fireball is clearly marked to tell you how much energy you need to expend to release it, and then how much fixed damage it will cause, and the damage will not be much or less.

The growth skills and skill damage are related to the character’s attributes. For example, Xu Wei’s original power of innate skills can double his next attack. How many attacks he makes depends on how much his next attack will be. Strong.

God’s Domain is a semi-real world. There is no so-called novice village, no forces to guide players back, and there are no professions or professions. There are basically no restrictions on learning skills, provided that you have a skill book.

In the Skeleton Village that Han Chen captured, there were only auxiliary skills in the low-level store, and there were no skills like fireball, so this skill book seemed precious at the moment.

Of course, this is not the time to speak. After Han Chen killed the goblin ritual, he ran behind the goblin leader, and smashed the five level 1 goblins that surrounded him.

At the same time, the four of them finally succeeded in killing the commander by relying on the wooden man to top the front as a meat shield.

Seeing the goblin commander turned into a spot of light, Xu Wei, with only three drops of blood left, sat on the ground, looked at the five blue **** of light on the ground and suddenly smirked: “Haha, I thought it was a force How awesome is it? We did it!?”

“Good job!”

Han Chen walked over and admired, “We have five blue outfits on the ground, we choose one by luck, Zheng Jian, you can also get one! It’s compensation for your equipment, don’t you have any comments?”

Han Chen is not a stingy person, and is willing to reciprocate.

“No no!” Chen Dong said immediately.

If it weren’t for Zheng Jian’s wooden figure, he was probably the one who went up to fight the strange, and he might not be able to handle it.

Didn’t you see that the wooden man with a hundred lives was on the verge of death?

Xu Wei wanted to sell this local tyrant a little better, and nodded, so Ho could do nothing.

Zheng Jian felt a little moved over there, after all, now equipped with crystal coins is the equivalent of cash, giving you a preparation is to give you a stack of money!

“Hehe, everyone, hurry up and choose. After the election, I will take you forward. You can also choose to go back first.”

Han Chen picked up a light group that was close to him first, clicked it on, and had good luck. It was a blue piece of equipment.

[Goblin Scimitar] Blue equipment, use limit, power up to 20 points, can increase the user’s power by 3 points, attack with 3 points of lightning attribute damage, there is a 1% chance to paralyze the enemy for one second.

“good stuff!”

Han Chen smiled slightly, and after taking the scimitar, his attack power increased a lot.

The other four were also happy, and obviously all got good things.

Xu Wei was lucky, and exploded the Goblin Commander’s power split skills, attracting the other three people to watch.

“You are lucky, just this skill is suitable for you to learn.”

Han Chen smiled and went to congratulate him. Then, with an idea, he took out the [Inferior Sacrificial Staff] and [Low-Level Fireball Technique] that just broke out and said to Zheng Jian: “One and a half million packaged for you, do you want?”

“Yes, why don’t you? I have nothing else, I just have money!”

Zheng Jian was overjoyed.

He is obviously a profession similar to a summoner, why is he willing to only use a wooden stick to knock monsters?

He, Zheng Jian, the summoner!

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