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Chapter 11: Seven Plagues and Three Tribulations

Chapter 11 Seven Plagues and Three Tribulations

“Give you!”

Han Chen didn’t bother, and threw the two items in his hands to Zheng Jian, and then took them to his parents’ place.

An hour later, Han Chen walked to the place where his parents were staying, and the two were so bored that they were happily holding chicken legs.

After seeing Han Chen bringing a few strangers over, he quickly threw the gnawed chicken leg into the grass.

“Oh, you are finally here, your father is hungry waiting for you.”

There is a time limit for entering the God’s Domain. Everyone can only enter for up to eight hours a day, and can only enter the God’s Domain for more than twenty-four hours before entering again, and it is mandatory for everyone to enter.

Everyone spends at least eight hours in God’s Domain World every day

And with the operation of the game, God’s Domain World will gradually increase the player’s time. Knowing that in a hundred years, God’s Domain will turn this time into a 24-hour non-offline.

The soul is no longer, and the body stays in the real world will soon be slaughtered by monsters. This is the last of the seven plagues and three catastrophes.

It must be forced to go online every day, but the physical body outside is likely to be destroyed by monsters invading reality. This is the second calamity.

And the first catastrophe was the Gods Domain monster itself that invaded reality.

These three tribulations, one tribulation is more difficult than one, destroying countless civilizations.

Having said that, it has taken Han Chen more than four hours from when he went online to receive his parents, and he must dare to take them back to Skeleton Village before the eight hours are exhausted.

God’s Domain is ruthless and will not let you stay here for an extra second, nor will it let you stay here for a moment.

However, when Han Chen returned to the village, he was taken aback by the scene before him.

It was a small village with only seven or eight houses, but it was crowded with more than a hundred people.

Most of them are embarrassed, only a few people are surrounded by the crowd with an arrogant face. They should be players who dare to kill monsters.

“How is this going!?”

Xu Wei asked subconsciously.

“It should be the same as I saw the flashing signs on the map!”

Zheng Jian shook his wrist and said: “I found this place because I saw the safety point sign on the watch map. By the way, Han Dao, do you mean to build power?”

“Not yet!” Han Chen shook his head.

It’s not that he doesn’t want to form a power, but now that there is a mixed bag, it is difficult to recruit reliable people. The most important thing is that Han Chen is so poor that he can’t make a monthly salary of 200,000!

However, it is necessary to form forces in the future,

The seven plagues and three calamities, aside from discussing the seven plagues for the time being, the three plagues are to tell you clearly that you must be united in order to overcome the difficulties.

Take the second calamity as an example. Your soul is in the realm of God, and the body in reality is not protected. Maybe you will be easily killed by monsters or people!

Hearing that Han Chen did not have the desire to gradually gain power, Zheng Jian’s eyes flashed a light, he ran into the crowd and shouted, “Everyone, I am Zheng Jian. I have tens of billions of property in reality, this skeleton village. Did you see the name on the top? We attacked, and we just slaughtered a goblin tribe without injury.”

“Ahem, what I want to say is that I sincerely recruit a group of like-minded friends here. Friends who are interested can come over. In reality, the monthly salary is 200,000 yuan, including food and housing…”

Regardless of the reaction of the group of people below, Zheng Jian worked hard to recruit people. This was a great opportunity to recruit people.

“Han Chen, you should hire someone!”

Chen Dong fought the injustices for Han Chen, and he was a little dissatisfied with Zheng Jian. It was obviously that they had struck down here, but Zheng Jian’s power was fulfilled.

Han Chen grinned: “It’s not in the way.”

After Han Chen finished speaking, he took out a set of [Level 1 Huishen Pill] and set it up.

“Don’t miss it when you pass by, [Level 1 Resurrection Pill] You can buy two with one Sombra coin, as long as one Sombra coin, you can’t buy it at a loss and you can’t buy it…”

Anyway, he has already emptied the [Level 1 Huishen Pill] in the low-level store, and it will take the next day to refresh it, and he may not be able to brush it out.

Rare is precious, Han Chen wants to squeeze the “cute new” of these new worlds of God’s Domain!

Eight hours passed quickly. It was late at night and everyone woke up.

The world is boiling again.

With the crazy bombing on the Internet for two days of training, this time after people entered the world of God’s Domain, it was not like the first time. At most, even the first-level ordinary monsters could not be defeated and revived.

Of course, the resurrection is not without cost, each resurrection will randomly drop a part of spiritual power, and some people will not even be able to rise a few levels for most of the year if no one brings them.

You think, just killed a few monsters and got a few points of spiritual power, and then they were accidentally destroyed by the blame, and the points of aura that worked so hard are all gone, so how can they upgrade in the past?

It was so, so people gradually calmed down and got used to it, and as a result they explored more secrets in the world of God’s Domain.

In addition to this, major well-known companies openly recruit members.

But everyone’s birth location is random, so it’s also difficult to recruit.

Of course, in the face of money, all difficulties are only relative. Didn’t Zheng Jian sign a dozen members before he went offline?

In the future, these people will move together to live together, and then they will also hug in the world of God’s Domain, and they will develop much faster than ordinary scattered people!

Han Chen opened his eyes and briefly glanced at the news, then rubbed his stomach and took out chicken legs to chew.

There is an iron rule in the world of God’s Domain. Items produced in the world of God’s Domain must spend a certain amount of money to bring them into reality.

And if an item with attributes is made in reality, it can be placed in a watch backpack, and it can be picked up in reality or in the world of God’s Domain.

This also determines that the attribute items produced in real life are often several layers more expensive than the ones in God’s Domain World!

Naturally, Han Chen would not waste this advantage, so he solemnly considered a question: “Or, sell some of the chicken thighs that cannot be eaten to Zheng Jian?”

Just as Han Chen was thinking about making a fortune, the noise of Zhang’s twins suddenly came from outside the door.

“Brother Chen, we raised the monsters one by one to level 2 according to the method you said, and we also occupied a return point!”

Zhang Qing, the eldest of the Zhang family, and his younger brother Zhang Yun opened the door, with a smile on his honest face.

“It doesn’t matter, I have a sentence to ask you, are you willing to follow me?”

Han Chen said to the two.

He was also influenced by others, and he had the idea of ​​forming forces in advance.

It’s fine to see Zheng Jian recruiting people on a large scale before.

This gave him a sense of crisis: what to do when there is no one to recruit when he wants to recruit?

The twins looked at each other and said, “I do!”

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