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Chapter 12: Accelerated world process

Chapter 12 The Accelerated World Process

Han Chen was overjoyed and said to the two of them: “I will teach you a way to keep committing suicide when you are online, and then to resurrect by looking at your own watch, to see if there is a resurrection point called Skeleton Village nearby. If so, you Just run over, and if not, continue to commit suicide. I will give you a total of five aquamarine coins as compensation!”

This was a test Han Chen gave the two of them. Although they passed the level of their parents, they did not pass the level of their own.

If the two are afraid of death and fear of losing their ranks and do not want to commit suicide, Han Chen will accept them, but in any case, the employment relationship will not go further.

But if it can be done, Han Chen will definitely focus on training them.

Who knew that these two people were really not afraid, and agreed to Han Chen’s words without hesitation.

This made Han Chen a little scornful.

Although death in God’s Domain is not real death, it is really painful!

Therefore, Han Chen couldn’t help taking a high look at the two.

“Okay, I didn’t look at the wrong person, so let’s go, isn’t there an open space in the back? You go to clean it up, and I will reuse it in the future!”

With that said, Han Chen took three broilers from the refrigerator that had not been harvested and handed them to them: “You are gradually getting stronger now. You can’t eat enough ordinary rice. Take this home to cook. If you are full, you can work!”

“it is good!”

Zhang Qing was not polite, and immediately took the chicken and left with his brother.

They walked on the front foot, and Liu Lihua rushed in on the back foot.

“Oh, where’s the Zhang family boy?”

“Mom, I have something for them to do, what are you looking for?” Han Chen said.

“Don’t you know, your dad just went to the chicken coop to clean it up, but he found that there were too many large chicken coops inside, and dozens of chickens came out of it, which is bigger than ours!”

Speaking of Liu Lihua exaggeratedly compared to a circle.

“No?” Han Chen’s expression changed and he raised his leg and ran outside.

If Liu Lihua is true, it means that the reality has now entered the second stage.

In the first stage, the spiritual energy of civilization began to recover, animals and plants began to mutate, and humans began to become stronger.

In the second stage, the creatures of God’s Domain world began to invade the real civilized world.

According to the memory of the Darkborn, after he entered the game six or seven times that year, Aquastar only started the second stage, and how could the earth start the second stage now?

So, if the second stage is accelerated, will the completion time of the third calamity also accelerate?

Han Chen ran to the farm and looked at the name on his head. It was obviously a half-man high broiler from God’s Domain. His expression was worried: God’s Domain, speed up the pace of the game!

Some panting caused Liu Lihua to chase her up, looking at her son a little silly, she couldn’t help giving him the back of his head, “Oh, don’t you hurry up and help your father kill the chicken?”

At the same time, the situation of Han Chen’s farms has appeared to varying degrees all over the world.

Some even drove a car on the street, suddenly a chicken coop fell from the sky, or a river was swimming, suddenly the surface of the water rolled like boiled water, and dozens of one-meter long gushing out of it Fish.

However, all living things come here through the medium.

Take the chicken coop as an example. The chicken coop connects the real world and the world of God’s Domain. As long as the chicken gets in, it will come to the earth.

But the chicken coop is a one-way passage, and people on this side of the earth cannot come through the chicken coop.

Even the endurance of the chicken coop does not allow creatures stronger than chickens to come to the earth from here.

Otherwise, a certain great demon in God’s Domain would destroy the earth by hitting the earth by drilling a chicken coop and waving his hands, and God’s Domain would lose its meaning.

Some people may ask, why are those powerful creatures rushing to get here?

Because the creatures in God’s Domain originally came from civilizations that once existed.

They have not withstood the test, the souls are trapped here, confused and unable to be free.

If you want to be free, you can only break into the real world outside and replace it!

This persecuted the most powerful race in God’s Domain will go all out to invade the earth, which is also the reason for the annihilation of countless civilizations.

How can those civilizations compare to the strongest forces in the world of God’s Domain?

Han Chen can’t take care of these at present. He doesn’t feel that he has the ability to save the world. Right now, making money is important!

On the one hand, Han Chen first slaughtered all the chickens in the chicken coop and collected them into essence chicken. On the other hand, he called Zheng Jian to tell him the fact that the eating of alien creatures can increase the strength of the real body.

In this world, not everyone thinks that these huge creatures can be included in the food list. Haven’t genetically modified foods been recognized by many people until now? What’s more, these creatures in the realm of the gods?

Of course, the actual physical body cannot be infinitely strengthened, and the upper limit is the physical strength in the world of God’s Domain.

On the other hand, Han Chen took the Zhang family brothers out to hunt chickens and ducks in other worlds. Except for some of them for personal use, the rest will be sold to Zheng Jian.

Naturally, Han Chen would not collect cash. That thing would be slowly replaced by crystal coins. Bartering was his method of choice.

For Han Chen to build around this small village, some materials are indispensable.

Due to the emergence of the world of God’s Domain, all the materials on the market have been looted. After all, there are still smart people in this world. No matter whether the currency will be impacted in the future, whether it is the end or not, spend some money on some daily necessities. You can’t go wrong.

Although Han Chen allowed his parents to store a lot of food, they didn’t have any excess inventory as small as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar, as large as truck refrigerator washing machine.

In the future, electricity will disappear and it is necessary to get a generator.

These are things to prepare in a short time. Otherwise, when there are invading monsters all over the world, long-distance transportation between regions will be difficult.

Sure enough, after the phone call, Zheng Jian immediately agreed to the deal, but he was obviously not satisfied with this point, and he also wondered how Han Chen consulted the previous [Level 1 Chicken Drumstick].

Han Chen thought for a while without concealing it, and sold him a favor.

After all, they are all in a novice village, and they might help each other in the future.

The talent of Spirit Kitchen is not rare. In fact, many people do not have the awakening output talent, but the awakening auxiliary talent.

There are also various sub-professions in the world of God’s Domain, including those who build equipment and those who refine pill.

Even if Han Chen didn’t tell him, he would know quickly.

But this is all things one step at a time, Zheng Jian is very grateful to Han Chen, and immediately sent people to draw a total of ten carriages of various materials to his home.

The small base in Han Chen’s hometown was finally basically perfected.

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