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Chapter 13: Online again

Chapter 13 is online again

There is still some time before logging in to the game. When the drivers drove to the entrance of Han Chen’s hometown, he had just returned from the outside.

The truck stopped, and the driver got out of the car in pairs.

“I said, Lao Chen, did you take the wrong place? How can people who can afford so many things live here? Could it be the high-level people who live in seclusion on the mountain?”

A middle-aged man smoking a cigarette smiled and took out a cigarette to light it, and threw another one to Chen Dong.

“Have you ever heard of the name if the mountain is not in the deep and there are immortals?”

Chen Dong took the cigarette and lit it and took a sip, “Looking at you, who is a cigarette, let me remind you a few words, don’t talk nonsense later, this batch of goods was delivered by Zheng himself.”

“Mr. Zheng from Health Pharmaceuticals?”

The driver who handed the cigarette took a deep breath. He couldn’t imagine that this small village would have something to do with Mr. Zheng, so he shut up and said no more.

The driver’s mind has not sorted out what happened in the past few days. For him, the boss of a pharmaceutical factory cannot be offended by a small truck driver.

“I heard that Mr. Zheng is now hiring people? Dong Brother, why don’t you and him in the same place go over and give it a try?”

A younger driver came over and asked: “You are the person Pharaoh called for, Mad, you have been in transportation for three years. The first time I saw Pharaoh being so polite to a person, I said Dong, you are Isn’t there a way for Mr. Zheng? Take a few of us to make a fortune?”

“Yes, Brother Dong, if you can be selected by President Zheng, what kind of transportation will you run in the future? Sister-in-law, don’t persuade Brother Dong.”

Chen Dong’s wife, Xie Yan, who followed the car, watched her man being surrounded by other drivers, smiling cheerfully, and didn’t say anything.

Chen Dong glanced at Xie Yan with a simple look and scratched the back of his head, “Go and go, the birthplace is not a place, I just want President Zheng to accept you, it is impossible for you to be able to teleport to him without a teleportation array. “

“Yes, hey, there are no local tyrants in our village? Mad, they are all poor haha.”

Someone sighed, and then pointed to the three figures in front of him and said: “Brother Dong, can you see if the person in front is Han Chen?”

Chen Dong turned his head and saw that it was indeed.

He nodded to the drivers, and then ran to the front to meet Han Chen.

“Han Chen, where do you want us to put this batch of goods?”

“Arrived? Just put the goods in the backyard later!” Han Chen said, pointing to a large courtyard not far away.

The backyard is big enough to park ten trucks.

Chen Dong nodded, then waved back and said, “Brothers follow me and drive the car into the front backyard.”

“This road is not easy to walk, and it is difficult to get out when the car gets in.” A young guy frowned and looked at the bumpy road with a little dislike.

“It’s okay. This is what I want to tell you later. I want to buy all of your trucks. I don’t know if you are willing to cut love. Don’t worry. I will use the market price and I will never lose your money. Everyone bought it. How much is it, I can buy it at the original price!”

“Fuck it, why do you buy so many trucks?” Chen Dong asked uncertainly.

“I have my use!” Han Chen smiled and did not explain.

The young man didn’t care about that much just now. He bought this truck from the used car market for 180,000 yuan, and he drove it for three years. Now it can only sell for 120,000 yuan.

Now that someone buys it at the original price of 250,000 yuan, he is naturally very happy to make a fortune.

Immediately he stepped forward to approve, “That’s the decision. The boss is bold. To tell you the truth, my car was originally priced at 250,000 yuan. It was not two years since I drove it, and it was refurbished before it came. Suffer.”

“Two hundred and fifty thousand? No problem, count you!”

Not only did Han Chen’s words excite the young people, even other bosses thought he was the second fool.

One by one agreed to sell the truck.

In fact, how did they know Han Chen’s plan? On the one hand, he knew that the truck would be of great use in the future, and the second was to conquer Chen Dong.

Chen Dong was really shocked. Who doesn’t like a generous and sturdy boss?

When Han Chen saw Chen Dong’s expression, he knew that today it was done.

After some command, ten trucks were neatly parked in the backyard, and almost all the money that Zheng Jian had earned before was put into these ten trucks.

After the affair with money and goods, Han Chen stayed with them for dinner.

Since there is no gathering technique to gather the attribute ingredients, it cannot be directly made into food by cooking technique, but this is the case, the alien version of the “little” chicken stewed with mushrooms still makes all drivers salivate.

Those who are weak, even felt the increase in strength on the spot.

One by one is naturally thankful again.

It’s six o’clock in the evening between eating and drinking.

The drivers returned to the large trucks, and those who drove the trucks would leave a small space in the truck for rest, so they were not afraid that there would be no place to sleep at night.

Han Chen also returned to the room and was ready to enter the game.

According to another record in memory, when alien creatures invade the real world, the time to enter the game can be relatively free to choose.

Sure enough, Han Chen’s watch showed a choice: whether to enter God’s Domain immediately, yes/no.

There is a countdown after that, sixteen hours later, people will be forced to enter the realm of God.

Then start the next game day.

Han Chen thought for a while, let the Zhang family brothers guard the safety of the village chief before entering the world of God’s Domain.

After entering, as expected, a group of old acquaintances were waiting for themselves at the entrance of the village.

What surprised him was that Li Xue was also online. This time no one left in a hurry, but in Zheng Jian’s “Zheng Family Army”, like a socialite, many people around him laughed.

After seeing Han Chen went online, Zheng Jian’s eyes flashed with joy: “Dao Han, you are finally online. The things you told me are really helpful to me. I just asked about it, and there is really one made. I am gifted with elixir. If you need medicine in the future, you will find me. Pharmaceutical, I am a professional!”

“That’s just congratulations!” Han Chen said with joy.

In fact, there are not many auxiliary occupations, but if there are no materials and related skill books, they are like clever women who can’t cook without rice, and they won’t work at all.

Now, a person who can concoct medicine is not as good as a person who can cook, at least cooking can play a role in reality, right?

Of course, every position will have room to shine, so Han Chen didn’t try to hit him. After a few words of greeting, he found that the other party didn’t mean to travel with him this time, so he returned to his parents with no money to earn.

Xu Wei knew that it was hunting time after the greeting, so he seemed very excited. He asked, “Big brother, where are we going to hunt for monsters today?”

“This time my parents are here, the leveling speed may slow down, so don’t complain when that happens!” Han Chen said meaningfully.

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