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Chapter 1349: enter

Han Chen smiled, and the group of four people began to fall, and walked into a place full of flames, which was very close to the inner core of the mainland.

The ground is full of lava crystals, shining light, finding the way forward for menopause.

Turning around another bay, I saw a door that was suddenly open, with only the word “Hu” written on it.

Han Chen remained silent, only seeing Hu Jun walk around the gate for a step or two, fumbled the gate with his hands, and then took out a thin needle-like appearance and fiddled with the gate.

Immediately afterwards, there was a word in the mouth.

Han Chen’s heart moved. This fine needle reminded Han Chen that he had seen it in the storage bracelets of the ancestors of the Hong family. Is this the key to unlock the secret treasure of each family?

My heart moved.

But quietly remembered all the movements of Hu Jun, as well as the secret of chanting in his mouth.

When things were over here, Han Chen had to find the whereabouts of other companions first, because the Hehuan League was about to attack.

Can’t let them kill Hehuan League.

That City Lord’s Mansion is expected to become a new battlefield, because the three ancestors there are fighting for it.

“Ding Ding!”

With the ding of the door, the big stone gate turned into layers of jelly, and only when Hu Jun touched the jelly-shaped door, he was sucked in.

Han Chen, Hornets, and Hu Mingmei glanced at each other, and they all touched inside.

After touching in, the three of them saw a huge palace in front of it, which looked very similar to the outside, but there should be some kind of very powerful restriction.

However, because of Hu Jun’s correct method of opening the door, it was not inspired, and the flags above floated over.

So the four of them walked in peacefully.

“Anonymous Hall.” Hu Jun murmured, and then pushed open the door. After the door retreated, there were three lions and dog-headed people rushing towards the four of them.

“The top-ranking poodle in mythical form!” Hu Jun, Hu Mingmei and others’ faces went black.

Han Chen fluttered with light, and instantly bounced the three poodles into flight, shocking Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei.

Although Han Chen’s cultivation has not reached the eternal state, he has already surpassed the eternal state by a lot.

Hu Jun thought of it in his heart, and then flew to the side.

The situation becomes very delicate.

The four of them did not speak, and the ground temperature suddenly increased when they walked in.

I saw the lava pool in the middle. There was a ball in the lava pool. The whole body of the ball was pitch black. The materials used must be very advanced.

“What’s this here?” the Hornet asked.

“My father didn’t tell me about it, but I guess it was some pill that was bred by fire from the ground. Korean team, can you get the chestnut out of the fire and take out this pill?” Then Hu Jun suddenly asked Han Chen .

Han Chen moved in his heart and turned into a streamer, slapped the god-gourd-raising sword that had been sacrificed a lot, and flew straight out a streamer.

With a click, the pitch-black ball instantly turned into two halves.

With dozens of black lights lasing, Han Chenfei took down all the twelve pills.

When you spread it out, there is no elixir pattern on it, it should be an ordinary pill.

“This is Qinggao Pill! The pill that contains a trace of our giant’s blood!” Hu Jun exclaimed.

Didn’t it mean that the blood of the family has been used up? How come back here there are still pills made from the real blood of giants?

“Does this have something to do with your cultivation technique? I see that the grade of the pill is not very high.” Han Chen whispered.

“Yes, our family originally didn’t have a high-level divine alchemist, so we couldn’t refine it perfectly. But even this shoddy crafting would be of great benefit to our cultivating giant art!” Hu Jun was already excited to jump three feet in place. .

“Is it so magical? What kind of existence is a high-level divine pill?” Han Chen smiled and gave the Shiermei black pill all at once.

“In the ancient battlefield, we also have many alchemists here. Those who can only refine the mythological form and use them are ordinary alchemists. Alchemists who can refine the mythological form stage are qualified to become divine alchemists. We Hu There is only one divine alchemy master in the family, and it is only a junior divine alchemy master. Only high-level divine alchemy masters can refine the eternal eternal realm.

“It turns out that the pill master is so scarce. No wonder, I haven’t heard anyone mention it when I was in Tianyuan City.” Han Chen suddenly realized.

“The Qinggao Pills this time are very important to our Hu family. Please don’t forgive the Korean team. I want to accept all the Qinggao Pills. If there are other secret treasures later, we are willing to give up one third. It’s a secret technique, and everyone is willing to share it with the Korean team!”

Hu Jun said sincerely.

Naturally, Han Chen didn’t allow it. He walked into a room door and came to a library of books. There were many ancient books in it, recording the many secrets of Tianyuan City.

Han Chen also accidentally saw some elixir, but most of them were ordinary elixir.

Presumably, the prescriptions of those divine alchemists are probably in the hands of divine alchemists.

The people were lacking in interest, and they went deeper, and the more they went inside, the darker they became, as if the road went down, when they went down, they suddenly smelled a strong smell of blood.

Han Chen frowned, and the other three had to open the protective cover.

“No, this is because the pill is poisonous!” Hu Jun suddenly felt dizzy.

Han Chen naturally had a lot of resistance because he ate a lot of detoxification pills when he was in the Tulong clan.

With a move in his heart, Han Chen gave Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei the detoxification pills in his hand, and they swallowed them and meditated for a while, and it really got better.

“Thank you Korean team!” Hu Jun clasped his fists.

“Small things, you don’t have to be polite,” Han Chen said with a smile, “How can you produce poison here?”

“I don’t know. When I was in the family, I had never heard of our Yuri placing poison pills.” Hu Jun was puzzled.

It seems that there are still many things in the family that are hidden from him. After all, he is not the elder of the clan, so he knows too little, presumably his father is not sure.

After all, this place of secret treasure can only come in when the clan elders have a meeting.

As a result, Han Chen and the others were more cautious. After walking through this long passage, Han Chen turned into a room full of poison. This room was so dark that nothing was visible.

But in the darkness, there was a blue barking crystal ball in the center that kept spinning.

The smell of all the poison here comes from this blue barking crystal ball, and they all feel very strange.

“What kind of poison is this? It is so magical. And I feel that my divinity is beginning to be eroded by this poison.” The wasp’s face was ugly.

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