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Chapter 1350: Poison elixir

Had it not been for Han Chen’s Detoxification Pill, the hornet would have fallen to the ground now.

“Isn’t this the work of your **** alchemist?” Han Chen asked with a smile.

“I don’t know this. In fact, our divine alchemy master is our ancestor himself, so we don’t know what the ancestors have cultivated here. Such a poison pill is here, we guess there is no way to take it away. This is too poisonous, it can’t be loaded anyway.” Hu Jun finally sighed. He just took a piece of jade to try, but it was a pity that the jade was melted.

“Hey, since Brother Hu can’t do it, let me have it.” Han Chen smiled.

“The Korean team, please. I said when I was outside Qinggao Wan, I would like to exchange for the Korean team.” Hu Jun didn’t feel a pity, because he couldn’t take it with him.

However, judging from Han Chen’s appearance, Han Chen must be confident.

Hearing that Hu Jun was so refreshing and not hypocritical, he took out the black big cauldron that he had used to subdue Dayu Dan.

The black big cauldron only turned around, and buckled the blue barking Poison Pill. Following Han Chen’s decision, the Poison Pill was taken into Han Chen’s arms.

Han Chen was overjoyed.

From the beginning, he felt that his black great cauldron could be subdued, and he never thought it would be so smooth.

“Team Korea, amazing!” The Hornet was attracted by Han Chen’s secret treasure, and even the Poison Pill was able to subdue it.

“Team Korea, where did you come from? It’s so amazing!” Hu Jun was a little envious.

“This was originally used by the Hehuan League to refine the Blood Demon Pill, but it was later taken over by me. I don’t know what this black cauldron is called, I just think it’s very magical, and since it is used by the Hehuan League to refine the pill , It must be extraordinary. So I collected it.” Han Chen explained patiently, after all, he was in a good mood right now.

Feeling the power of this Poison Pill, Han Chen thought in his heart that if he smashed it out, he could harm a large number of monks in the form of myth.

Although the efficacy of the medicine is not very powerful, the range of killing is quite large.

However, Han Chen always felt that this Poison Pill had a unique operation method, otherwise, why is the Hehuan League so strong?

The four of them continued to walk inside. There was only a simple stone cave, simple tables and chairs, and a secret book on it.

Hu Jun rushed over, Han Chen was about to stop him, at this moment, the change suddenly changed.

A phantom of a red robe suddenly appeared in the stone cave, exuding powerful power.

Han Chen and others took a closer look, isn’t this person the ancestor of the Hu family?

“Who are you waiting for, why rush to my Hu family’s dense land?” The old man seemed a little different from the red robe ancestor outside.

“Hey, the four of you are not strong in the form of mythology, how can you break through the layers of protection of our Hu family?” The old man asked anxiously without waiting for everyone to answer.

“Ancestor?” Hu Jun asked tentatively.

“Since you are called my ancestor, you must be a disciple of my Hu family. How do you bring these two outsiders into our Hu family’s dense land?” The Hu family ancestor shouted with a beard and stare.

“Ancestor, I will confirm one more thing first, and then answer your question. We did this for a reason. Excuse me, ancestor, you were outside just now, were you conspiring with the Hehuan League?” Hu Jun asked respectfully Tao.

“Hehuan League? Why would I conspiracy with the Hehuan League? Our Tianyuan City joined the Gods’ Domain Alliance tens of thousands of years ago. How could we collude with the Hehuan League? My senior brother was killed by the other party!”

The Hu family ancestor said.

Han Chen and the others looked at each other, this Hu family actually has two ancestors?

“Oh, you see I am always confused,” the Hu family ancestor suddenly patted his head in a frenzy.

Suddenly there was blood everywhere!

“Old ancestor, ancestor!” Hu Jun was anxious.

“I remember! That day, I fought with Old Monster Qi from the Hehuan League, and I was hit by his psychedelic poison, and then in a daze, I was trapped by the other party’s secret method, and then I smoked every day. Leave my soul, separate my body, take my body away, and imprison my soul in this small room. Old monster Qi! I am at odds with you!”

The ancestors of the Hu family suffered greatly, and the mood swings were so strong that the entire small cave mansion had become very unstable.

“Ancestor!” Hu Jun also wanted to wake up the ancestor, but no matter how he called, the ancestor kept beating his head and vomiting blood crazily.

The hair all over the body began to gradually turn blood red!

“This, what is this?” Hu Jun looked at all this in amazement!

Own ancestor is a strong person with a cultivation base in the eternal realm. What is it? It is so miserable that a soul is so miserable, and even grows blood-red long hair!

This situation is too weird!

Suddenly, the ancestor stared at Hu Jun. Hu Jun only saw a beast in front of him. His eyes became flushed and his body was covered with red hair. No matter how he used his exercises, he couldn’t control it. The weird changes are suppressed!

“Ancestor! What happened to you?” Hu Jun screamed! But at this moment, he found that there was also a strange change in his body, and the blood throughout his body was churning uncontrollably.

“No!” Hu Mingmei felt that her whole body was hot, and the blood in her body began to become abnormally active.

Looking at this scene, Han Chen and Hortou were shocked.

The hornet was even scared to hide in the corner.

“Friend Ao Dao, does this situation look like our unidentified old age after cultivating the mysterious aura?” Han Chen transmitted the sound to friend Ao.

“It’s really similar. It’s a pity that Huang Mengmeng is sleeping, otherwise you can let him get up and have a look.” Ao Daoyou also probed and said.

“It’s too late. Let me use the method of resolving delay recorded in the previous exercises for them to use.”

Han Chen really didn’t want to see this picture of family reunion, turning it into a human tragedy.

It is too late and then soon, Han Chen will have been refined into a pure divinity in his hands, guided out of his body.

It turned into three sturdy rays of light that radiated to the center of the three of them!

The strongest one turned into gray light and fell on the spirit of the ancestor of the Hu family, implanted in the opponent’s dantian, and turned into a small whirlpool, constantly absorbing the mysterious breath coming from the whole body, and then using pure The divine power turned into chains, holding them in the vortex.

As the absorbed divine light became stronger and stronger, the ancestor gradually became clear. He opened his eyes and found the situation here, and immediately sat down to stabilize his cultivation.

What Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei received was only the transmission of blood, which was not very serious. Therefore, Han Chen inputted less energy, and they couldn’t help being tortured and unconscious. There must be no problem when I wake up.

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