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Chapter 1351: The second Hu family...

At this moment, Han Chen suddenly discovered that the strongest divinity was madly swallowed by the other party. Han Chen looked up, and the face of the old ancestor’s spirit appeared fierce!

“Taking home!”

“This old man!”

“You want to take away my Han Chen, then you are afraid that you will die soon!” Han Chen smiled coldly.

He kindly helped the other party, but he didn’t expect that the other party would think that he was just a junior in the form of mythology, and wanted to seize him and compete for his chance.

“Friend Ao, do it!”

Han Chen said coldly.

At the same time, Han Chen asked the Void Elf to swallow the Divine Soul Ancestor into the void.

The ancestor opened his eyes and found that there was a void. Although he was a little surprised, he quickly calmed down, and then kept absorbing Han Chen’s divinity and soul.

But he never thought that after he was taken, he had already emerged as a fellow Ao Daoist who was several points stronger than him!

“Who are you? Why is your breath so familiar to me?” The ancestor sensed it and saw Ao Bai swallowing him in one bite.

There was a trace of pain and regret on the face of the remnant soul, and he roared wildly, “You are not a mythical form, you are the late stage of the eternal state, how can I know your way…”

“To blame, blame you for being too greedy.” Han Chen said coldly.

Han Chen turned into a ray of light and walked out of this void, not knowing whether he was lost or fortunate.

Remembering that the hidden danger caused by the mysterious aura just now is so great, even the powerhouse of the late eternity stage can’t suppress its outbreak.

Although Han Chen didn’t know how the other party was infected with that mysterious aura, and was invaded into the depths of the soul by this aura.

After a while, Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei woke up, they were still a little at a loss.

“Your ancestor attacked when he finally lost his mind. I had no choice but to kill him.” Han Chen said calmly.

If Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei dared to doubt Han Chen, Han Chen would be a bit difficult to handle.

“Really? There is no other way. Instead, it is hard work for fellow Daoist Han.” Hu Jun was naturally clear in his heart, and he could even feel the madness in his blood.

Could this be your own blood curse?

“But you don’t have to worry. When your life is approaching, his situation will not happen. Of course, you should try to avoid going to some life forbidden zones, otherwise it will be extremely detrimental to your body. “Han Chen kindly reminded him.

Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei only felt a little relieved, but they were still very sad. They just saw their ancestors fall.

“It seems that the ancestor outside is no longer your true ancestor.” Han Chen said.

“Yes, it may be the spies who have been inserted in the Hehuan League. I didn’t expect that in the past ten thousand years, no clansman would have discovered it.” Hu Jun sighed deeply.

He didn’t want to continue this topic, walked over, took the jade slip on his forehead, and the above exercises were reproduced by the ancestors of the Hu family based on his own memory.

And that original copy was probably taken away by the ancestor who pretended to be outside Hehuan League.

As agreed, Hu Jun copied a copy to Han Chen. Naturally they will not watch it now.

Han Chen took a look at the giant technique and found that there are many mysteries in it, and it is impossible to comprehend it now, so the four of them withdrew from the secret area.

Passing through the Hu family’s clan land, the eyes are everywhere.

“The Korean team, we are separated, please take care.” Hu Jun said to Han Chen near the Hu family land. They are now going to find a place to retreat, practice giant art, and then come back for revenge.

“There will be a period!” Han Chen said calmly.

After all, Hu Jun and Hu Mingmei turned into two streams and flew away.

“Brother, why do we have to leave them?” Hu Mingmei Qingli’s face showed a trace of hesitation.

“Are you thinking about the Korean team as soon as you parted? Are you interesting to others? If so, I will let you be a concubine for him.” Hu Jun held the heavy giant skill in his hand. But still unwilling to let Hu Mingmei bear the burden.

“Why, don’t talk nonsense.” Hu Mingmei’s face was flushed, but she thought in her heart, after this separation, she didn’t know when she would see the heroic boy again.

Han Chen didn’t know that Hu Mingmei had such thoughts, but it wouldn’t matter if he knew it. On the road to cultivation, he has already become a Taoist couple with Wu Yuan, so naturally it is impossible for him to love and hate others anymore.

“Team Korea, where are we going now?” Hortou asked. He finally walked out of that ghost place, still very happy in his heart.

“We have to find the others first, and then send you away to a safe place. I will complete the mission of the Gods Domain Alliance.” Han Chen said with a smile.

Suddenly the Void Elf beside Han Chen murmured and shouted beside Han Chen.

“What, did you receive Wu Yuan’s distress signal?” Han Chen looked ugly. You must know that the void elves can’t get Wu Yuan’s coordinates, but if Wu Yuan is dying, or is about to fall, he can receive a touch of induction.

And now the Void Elf got Wu Yuan’s distress signal, indicating that Wu Yuan’s situation is critical and abnormal.

“Take me there!” Han Chen’s face was pale, and he was very anxious. Not a bit happy to find Wu Yuan.

The hornet did not dare to say anything, and followed Han Chen into the void.

This is a dark forest, like dark clouds.

The surrounding trees stretched their waists, as if they were living creatures.

A dark cloud in the sky flew over, chasing prey.

On the ground, there are three people, running non-stop.

Two women and one man, the three of them were already in tattered clothes, and their faces were muddy.

Appears exhausted.

“You two go first!” Suddenly, one person fell to the end with the Frost Sword, and the mud on her face couldn’t hide her beautiful face.

Uesugi was broken, revealing a red tube top.

She couldn’t take these into account at this time.

“Sun Xue! They won’t let us go. It won’t help if you stay here.” Another woman said, he was slightly better because of the protection of Sun Xue and Jin Pangli.

“Yes, Sun Xue, let’s go together.” Jin Pangli also persuaded.

“Jin Pangli, take good care of Wu Yuan. Her cultivation base is the lowest. If we don’t protect her, we will be sorry for Han Chen.” Sun Xue’s cold face flashed a touch of toughness.

Wu Yuan’s face was dumb, and she couldn’t see if she was touched.

Jin Pangli thought for a moment, and finally flew away with Wu Yuan.

“Sun Xue, you want to live!” Jin Pangli glanced back at the dark clouds, revealing a trace of solemnity.

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