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Chapter 1352: Arrived

He flew away without looking back.

That dark cloud landed in front of Sun Xue like a heavenly soldier, and came out from the inside of a man with a faceless face. He held a blue Wang Wang Poison Pill in his hand and one in the other. Long thorn-like strips.

Although he doesn’t have a face, his neck is unusually pink, obviously in excitement.

“Tsk, abandon such a beautiful woman, that’s not a good man. Why don’t you fall into the arms of my faceless man?” The faceless man’s abdomen stirred, and a sound came from inside.

“Hmph, if you want to kill or cut, you and me are more than a fight, why don’t you talk nonsense!” Sun Xue showed a touch of determination to see death as home.

“Haha, sturdy. Since you are going to die, I will do what you want! Big brother, second brother and third brother, go chase and kill those two! This is my little brother!” The faceless man said to the black cloud behind.

One of the probes among the dark clouds came out, revealing a tortoise-like head. His abdomen was empty, with only a huge tortoise shell. The man said bluntly, “Take care of my faceless brother. My third brother without abdomen will bring the eldest brother and second brother. , Go after another chick.”

After finishing speaking, the person who took the lead in the dark cloud turned into a black wind and turned away.

“You guys, leave all of them to me!” Sun Xue was anxious. He originally planned to keep these four people, but never thought that these four people actually separated.

Sure enough, as Jin Pangli said, this group of people will never let them go.

But as soon as Sun Xue started, she saw countless faceless men around him, and those figures hovered around Sun Xue.

In a moment, Sun Xue was dragged and couldn’t leave.

The opponent’s cultivation base had already reached the intermediate stage of the eternal realm, and Sun Xue was only the late stage of mythological form, and had to deal with it carefully.

But the faceless man seemed to know how to pity Xiangxiyu, so he didn’t kill Sun Xue.

As the battle continued, Sun Xue gradually realized that his detoxification pill was about to end. This was the detoxification pill issued by Han Chen before, so Sun Xue had nothing to spare.

After a while, the divinity in her body began to stagnate, and it was obvious that the poisoning was deep.

“Why, don’t you follow me? Haha, my faceless man has complete functions except that he can’t beat you up. It can already make you upset. Let’s turn the dragon and the phoenix together, how happy!”

The attack on the faceless man’s hand became tighter, and from time to time, a poisonous light shot from the blue pill of poison in his hand into the opponent’s body.

Sun Xue desperately burned his gods to resist the spread of poison.

“Team Korea, if you don’t come, I will, I really won’t see you…” Sun Xue felt like she had hallucinations, remembering the first time she saw Han Chen.

At that time, Han Chen was no more than a beginner in mythological form, and he was just a small monk. At that time, he had a power that made his heart palpitations.

Later, she was in danger several times, with the help of Han Chen, which left an indelible impression in her heart.

I don’t know when Han Chen began to appear in her cold heart.

However, Han Chen was also her own Taoist companion, so she knew that she was impossible, so she had to hide it in her heart, and then speeded up her practice to catch up with Han Chen.

But Han Chen finally drifted away from her.

At this moment, she didn’t know if Han Chen would come to rescue her…

Suddenly a black blood floated out in front of him.

Is this my blood? Black blood poisoned so deeply!

Han Chen, Hornets and others stepped into the void.

This time the Hornet felt that Diana was powerful, and it was more uncomfortable than entering the void before.

It seems that the transmission this time is really far away.

I don’t know how long it took, a white spot appeared in front of the Void Elf, Han Chen and others flew over, and the front suddenly opened up, and Han Chen and others jumped out of the void.

Immediately smelled a strong smell of blood!

“It’s the poison of the Hehuan League!”

Han Chen exclaimed in his heart. Fortunately, he snatched a lot of detoxification pills from the Tulong clan, so he was fine with just one pill.

The hornet still needs to meditate a little bit.

Han Chen stared at him, unfolding his spiritual power, and at the same time asked Ao Bai to help him accurately locate Wu Yuan’s position.

Han Chen took the wasp and turned into streamer and flew past.

What came into view was a dark forest with trees hidden from the sky, and many creatures inhabited the ancient trees.

Han Chen didn’t dare to detect the fairy and had to move towards the target.

Kill the monkey-like beasts of the early Eternal Realm that are in the way, and even the magic core is too lazy to take.

Within a few breaths, Han Chen saw Wu Yuan’s blue gleaming light, and his heart tightened.

This must be the Hehuan League urging the strong poison pill!

“There are two figures there!” shouted the Hornet.

Han Chen had seen it a long time ago, and his footsteps flashed quickly.

I saw that the faceless man was taking off another woman’s coat, and that woman’s coat was already broken.

A large swath of snow was revealed.

“It’s Sun Xue!” Han Chen’s heart tightened, twelve black gold wings emerged, the mysterious aura condensed out of the head, turned into streamer, and drew out the magical dagger!

“go with!”

The artifact dagger turns into a void blade.

“Ah!” the faceless male cried!

With a scream, he penetrated the faceless man’s shoulder and cut his arm! The poison pill in his hand and his arm fell to the ground and turned into a blue pool.

“Who are you talking about? The good thing that ruined my Hehuan League?” The faceless man was furious, his neck was red, as if he was holding a breath.

Only a pounce was heard, and the arm that had just been lost grew back.

He looked back and saw that the beauty behind him was long gone.

He felt that two people appeared in front of him, one wearing a Tsing Yi suit and the other wearing an animal skin. At this time, the man wearing Tsing Yi was using mental power to detect Sun Xue’s physical damage.

The man in animal skins was glaring at each other.

“It’s nothing good for your Hehuan League.” The man in animal skins was the wasp who rushed over.

Han Chen is wearing Tsing Yi.

Han Chen used the void dagger to attract the attention of the place, and then let the void elf finally rescued that Sun Xue.

Han Chen hurriedly took out the clothes from the storage bracelet and put them on her, and took out several holy medicines for Sun Xue to eat.

Sun Xue calmed down.

Han Chen raised his head, looked at the faceless man, and felt a trace of cruelty on his face as he felt his cultivation in the mid-eternal state.

“Your little mythical form actually wants to fight me? Are you sure you didn’t give me magic weapons? Your dagger that can penetrate the void just now is quite interesting. It should be a divine tool, right?”

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