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Chapter 1353: Annihilation

The faceless man laughed and said, seeing that these two people turned out to be in mythological form, and he was very happy, so he naturally wanted to take the treasures of this person into his bag.



“Destroy you!”

Han Chen turned into a streamer, and at the same time, a white light was released into the void, but it was very hidden, so no one noticed.

“Seven Fireworks Fan!”

Han Chen madly injected power into the seven fireworks fan. Although the seven fireworks fan was not completely completed, it was indeed the most aggressive magic weapon at this time.

The monstrous flames turned into thousands of fire phoenixes, spewing towards that person!

“Huh, little bugs!”

The faceless man shakes the long whip in his hand and spins it several times! Crush those thousands of fire phoenixes one by one.

Han Chen’s magic fell on the belt, and the giant’s belt stimulated huge energy, and the power of blood fell into Han Chen’s hands and scattered into the muscles of the flesh!

“Giant Belt!”

His cultivation level suddenly went from the peak of the mythical form to the peak of the primary eternal realm!

“Hey, this turned out to be a secret treasure that can improve cultivation! It seems to be what I need!”

The faceless man waved his long whip, then took out a blue barking poison pill from the storage bracelet, smashed it to pieces, turned it into countless blue lights, and flew towards Han Chen.

Han Chen had already eaten the Poison Pill for a long time, and he was not afraid of the Poison Pill.

The faceless man never thought that Han Chen would rush over in a fierce manner, and mocked, “You have eaten so many poison pills from me, you are not far from death!”

Said that the whip in his hand immediately turned into a huge flood dragon shape, and behind him also turned into a flood dragon.

This Han Chen really has the strength to show him the strongest posture.

The flood dragon rose to the sky, and then fell towards Han Chen!

Very fast!

Han Chen couldn’t escape, so he had to use the huge twelve black gold wings to swing a giant fist!


A punch fell on the dragon’s head, and the violent divine energy flew everywhere.


Han Chen snorted, and the twelve black gold wings turned into hinges, enclosing the flood dragon, and smashed.

The dragon was immediately bloody, his head drooping.

At this moment, Han Chen raised the God-Slaying Axe in his hand and rushed over!

Although the God Killing Axe has not been completely restored, the huge shadow of the axe is still quite large.

Suddenly, countless strange pictures appeared in front of the faceless man, the land was cracked, the lightning flashed and thunder, it seemed like the era of the end of law.

Not good, it’s an illusion!

The faceless man quickly awoke from the hallucinations, facing the shadow of the axe, no longer able to escape, and blocked with both hands.

At this moment, as soon as the Void Dagger came out and rotated it around his neck, the faceless man immediately became a headless man.

“You have been hit by my poison pill, why hasn’t the poisonous hair appeared yet…” After saying this, his body was severed.

From the incision in the neck, a faceless villain rushed out, tore away the space and escaped to the horizon.

That day suddenly opened his mouth and swallowed the villain in one bite.

Han Chen held a fist toward the void, and Ao Bai’s echo came from his head, “I will search for the soul of this person to see if there are any important clues.”

Han Chen nodded, and when he turned his head, he saw the hornet’s admiring expression.

“Team Korea, you are too fierce, you directly blow the opponent out!” Hortoubee said with a grin.

Han Chen glanced at Sun Xue and there was nothing serious about it. Although the Shen Yuan was burned, the pill that Han Chen had given had the effect of repairing the Shen Yuan.

Therefore, Han Chen quickly included Sun Xue in the cave.

At this time, Ao Bai also heard the results of the soul search, and Han Chen learned that there were three more with the faceless man.

Four of them, known as the Four Little King Kong of the Hehuan League.

Among them, the man without abdomen had already chased Wu Yuan and the others, so Han Chen could not delay too long.

Han Chen was speechless for a while, turned into streamer and lased out.

Under the guidance of the Void Elf, Han Chen quickly rushed over and saw a dark cloud hovering in the air from a distance.

Han Chen had already known from Ao Bai’s report that this dark cloud was the flying boat of the Four Little King Kong.

It’s just that this flying boat has defensive and offensive capabilities, and the attack capability is thunder and lightning, which is quite a spiritual magic weapon for flying boats.

At this moment, the dark clouds were chasing Jin Pang Li, and he kept attacking Jin Pang Li with lightning. Jin Pang Li’s movements became slower and slower, and he was killed by the opponent.

That stout beam of thunder will obviously kill people!

Han Chen turned into streamer and rushed over.

“Who!” The dark cloud gave a low voice.

Before they had time to react, they saw the streamer rushing directly into the thunder light. The thunder light could not shake the opponent at all, and was constantly compressed by the opponent.

“What, that kid, who dare to compress the lightning!” When did the three people in the dark clouds have seen such an iron man, they even dared to compress the lightning.

But after seeing him move proficiently, they all doubted whether he was specifically here to compress thunder.

After Jin Pangli noticed that the stout thunder light was stopped by someone, his mental power detected it a little, and he started to cry excitedly.

He shouted, “Team Han, you are finally here! Save the sister-in-law, she is no longer good!”

The thunder light was suddenly crushed. Han Chen heard that Wu Yuan was going to be dying, and was anxious in his heart, and directly shattered the thunder light.

Han Chen turned into a streamer and fell to Jin Pangli’s side, shouting, “What the **** is going to be clear!”

“Look at it for yourself!” Jin Pangli put Wu Yuan down on his back, her breath was gone, “I fought the man without abdomen just now, and my sister-in-law was attacked by them. I saw them kill the sister-in-law. There is a huge blood hole in this chest!”

Han Chen’s face was dignified and mental power was released. After exploring, he felt a lot of comfort. Then he said, “Fortunately, I asked Wu Yuan to take the Nine Renewal Yang Pill beforehand. She is now digesting those medicinal powers, solidifying and repairing. For. So you will feel that she has no life fluctuations.”

“Is it the kind of pill that will make the cultivation base grow by leaps and bounds on the verge of death?” Jin Pangli showed an extremely shocked expression!

He was crying for killing his sister-in-law just now!

At this time, I heard that my sister-in-law had taken that magical medicine and brought him back to life. How could this not make him very excited!

Although he is very tired now, he is so excited that he can kill a dragon.

“Yes, that’s right, take good care of Wu Yuan. I’ll leave the rest to me.” Han Chen flashed his twelve black gold wings, and his head became more and more condensed. It is possible at any time. breakthrough!

“Who are you? Why are you here? A man without a face?” A man without abdomen came out of the dark clouds.

“Faceless man?” Han Chen stared at each other angrily, and asked back, they even dared to kill Wu Yuan, which was tantamount to touching Han Chen’s Ni Lin. This time, you must be broken into pieces!

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