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Chapter 1354: Dragon pet

“You mean him? He has become a headless man!”

After all, Han Chen took out the faceless male body from the storage bracelet!

The other party really lost consciousness at this moment, “You actually killed our fourth brother!”

Han Chen immediately turned into a giant with a giant belt, transforming him into a giant with twelve black gold wings behind him.

“Slaying God Axe!”

Han Chen raised the huge shadow of the axe and rushed towards the opponent, knowing that although the god-killing axe was cracked a bit, the mental shock was still useful.

Sure enough, the opponent fell into an illusion under the huge shock of his mind!

“Giant Impact!”

The huge fist covered the forehead of the man without abdomen and threw it!

The man without abdomen just woke up from the illusion and couldn’t avoid it. He had to greet him. Han Chen did the same and threw the void dagger into the void early, then penetrated the void to cut the opponent’s neck.


Suddenly a sound of gold and stone intersecting came from the man’s neck.

Knowing that he could not succeed, Han Chen had to retreat quickly, and halfway through his huge wings, he aimed at the black fist that flew over.

It was only then that Han Chen could see clearly that behind the man without abdomen, there was already a man without feet, but his hands were black and hard as iron.

Just now, the other party must have used that iron hand to block Han Chen’s dagger.

The opponent’s iron hand must be extraordinary, otherwise how could it block the full blow of the artifact.

“You have killed the faceless man?” There was no expression on the face of the footless man.

“That’s right. Since you want my head, then you also have to have the consciousness of losing your head.” Han Chen said calmly.

Then Jin Pangli and the others were handed over to the care of the Hornet, and they all took the wound medicine.

“What secret technique did you have just now, you can actually improve to such a cultivation level?” The footless man asked again.

“Hmph, there is no need to answer you.” Han Chen said coldly, “Do you want to delay time?”

“I think your secret technique is very similar to our people in Tianyuan City. We are wondering if you belong to that family.” The footless man said.

“Yes, so what?”

As Han Chen spoke, he launched a giant attack again, but was still blocked by the opponent’s iron hand.

At this time, Han Chen found himself surrounded by dark clouds behind him.

After the man without abdomen adjusted his breath, he stood with the man without legs.

“Take it to death! We catch this kind of person, don’t you know if you look at the soul? His cross-level practice will definitely not last. The most disgusting thing is his magical dagger.” The man without abdomen said .

After this person finished speaking, everyone attacked Han Chen.

Two bright lights attacked from the dark clouds.

“There is someone in the dark cloud, I will leave it to you!” Han Chen let out a white light into the void, and the white light instantly turned into a dragon of ten thousand rays of light. The dragon stirred the divinity and blocked the two people in the dark cloud. .

“What the late eternal stage!”

Two extremely strange exclamations came from the dark clouds.

“It’s the dragon!”

“Haha, I didn’t expect that there was a dragon pet. We intercepted a rich kid! As long as this dragon is captured and we return to the Hehuan League, we will make a lot of money! This dragon will sell for at least ten million God stone!”

The people in the dark clouds looked at the white dragon in front of him greedily.

“I think the old guys in the Hehuan League like to do experiments more, it’s too precious.” Another person said salivatingly.

“It depends on whether you are dead!” The white giant vomited, and a divine dragon waved its tail and shot it among the dark clouds.

The clouds are full of thunder and lightning. Soon an attraction came from the flying boat.

“Haha, are you too stupid? We Wuyun Feizhou was originally a decoy. After you attack, he can constantly attract you according to your divinity, and you will be captured by Wuyun Feizhou! You are motionless, You can only become our living target!”

The two said with a laugh in the dark cloud.

Han Chen was able to deal with the pincers of men without abdomen and men without legs. Listening to their conversation, Han Chen couldn’t help showing a strange look.

Han Chen had already felt the divinity of the flying boat from the dark clouds, but although the divine nature of the dark clouds was a bit weird, it was of no use to the divine nature in his mysterious aura.

As Han Chen was thinking about it, he saw the Ao Bai dragon turn over and turned into a streamer, rising to the sky, and the five-clawed golden dragon turned into a five-clawed divine light and fell on the flying boat.

“Why is he not affected!”

“Run! Run away!”

There was a panicked voice in the dark cloud, and the dark cloud flying boat was divided by five claws.

Turn it into a few pieces of strangely shaped materials.

Two streams of light shot out from it, turning into a man and a woman standing beside Han Chen’s bellyless man and footless man.

One of them has no left eye, and the other has no heart. It seems quite scary.

He looked at Han Chen and the dragon with solemn expression.

“A man without a face is not wronged,” said the woman without a left eye.

“Hmph, when is it, still talking about his cold words.” The man without abdomen said.

“We can’t kill these two people together. The white dragon is too fierce, and the body is invincible.” The woman said, her hair hanging down long, just covering the place where there is no left eye.

“Then let’s run away? Anyway, our Hehuan League’s large forces are nearby!” said the footless man.

After all, the four turned into four streamers and fled separately.

“Haha, little bugs!”

Han Chen showed a faint smile. He had secretly made the void elves remember the direction of the four people’s escape from the void, and then teleported through the void elves to the man without abdomen within a second.

“You, are you Daewoo-class? Otherwise, how can you travel through the void!” The man without abdomen showed an extremely scared expression.

He hurriedly took out the colorful pills from his storage bag and threw them at Han Chen and the others.

But the white dragon issued a five-claw golden light from behind!

It fell on him and suddenly tore him to pieces.

The white dragon opened its mouth and swallowed the villain directly.

Han Chen’s storage bag was seamlessly matched by the two.

Han Chen summoned a Void Elf, once again entered the Void, and instantly came to the footless man!

“You have chosen me, and I will let you **** power!”

It was another panic operation, throwing out those poison pills.

But these poison pills had no effect on Han Chen, and the two of Han Chen cooperated again to completely kill him.

Han Chen and Ao Bai did exactly the same. When fighting the remaining woman without a left eye, that woman showed a powerful force beyond the eternal realm, but was still killed by Han Chen and Ao Bai after paying some price.

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