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Chapter 1355: Blizzard Ape

Chapter 1355: Blizzard Monkey

A chaotic battlefield.

“Finally killed that woman, it’s really difficult.” Han Chen took out the Ten Thousand Years Divine Liquid, and after the two swallowed it, the cultivation base recovered 70% to 80%.

Coupled with taking the pill to restore bones and muscles, the internal injury has also recovered to 90%.

“Are you ready?” Han Chen said, looking back at Ao Bai.

Ao Bai is now covered in cuts and bruises, but the internal injuries have been repaired. The appearance is not in the way, but he has not dealt with it.

“It’s okay.” Ao Bai’s breath became more and more condensed, and he was gradually entering the later stage of the eternal state.

“Void elves, send us to the place of the last man without a heart.” Han Chen said calmly.

The void elves turned into giant beasts and swallowed Han Chen and Ao Bai in one bite. When they appeared next time, Han Chen had already appeared above the man.

“It seems that running away separately is a failed strategy.” The heartless man showed a touch of sadness.

“Why, do you feel that the other three are dead?” Han Chen smiled ruthlessly.

“Of course,” the heartless man sneered, “you can’t run away. I have notified the Hehuan League to come and rescue! You will die! The Hehuan League has the most elite troops, the Wu Ni Fadan Division! They are all powerful in the late eternal stage.”

“I also passed the news that you have a giant dragon!”

“You just wait to accept the pursuit of Hehuan League. You don’t know yet, the Hehuan League has broken through the resistance of the Tianyuan City Legion, and it is less than ten kilometers away from your Tianyuan City.”

After speaking, the heartless man laughed wildly.

“So, are you ready for death?” Han Chen said coldly.

“Hmph, see how hard your mouth is!” The heartless man didn’t know when, a fiery red heart appeared in his hand.

He installed the heart on his body.

Suddenly the whole body is constantly changing!

“This is Xuanlei Blizzard Ape!”

Han Chen actually felt a strange smell of monsters from the man.

I saw that the man’s whole body was exuding thick hair, and his head gradually became a huge ape head.


Blizzard ape beat his chest twice with both hands, bursting out a powerful divine fluctuation!

This man turned into a Blizzard ape in an instant!

“Come on, see if you can defeat me!” Blizzard ape roared towards the sky and attacked Han Chen with a fist.

“The peak of the late Eternal Realm!”

Han Chen’s eyes condensed and his figure quickly turned away!

The giant fist fell on the void, smashing the void, and there was a trace of electric arc on the edge of the void, preventing the void from fusing into one place.

“This is an electric arc, you can attack along the wound.” Ao Bai took a look and said, incarnate as a dragon with five claws and golden light. Taking advantage of the gap, a claw fell on him.

With a loud bang, the Blizzard Monkey turned into a streamer and hit the ground, smashing several big trees.

“That’s it?” Ao Bai asked uncertainly.

“It shouldn’t be so fast! His secret method is still very interesting, he even merged the core of the beast into his body, thereby improving his cultivation.” Han Chen showed a thought.

“Indeed, this ancient battlefield is too big, with thousands of civilizations converging. Naturally there will be a variety of exercises and cultivation methods.” Ao Bai nodded and said.


There was a roar from the ground, and a pitch-black cannonball burst out of the thick fog and burst towards Han Chen.

“A giant blow!”

Han Chen turned into an ancient giant, his body instantly increased more than ten meters, and the giant fist in his hand burst out!


The giant fist and the black cannonball collided fiercely, making a loud noise, and a huge force was uploaded from Han Chen’s hand to his arm.

I felt the arm twist, and the blood inside began to solidify.

Han Chen was shocked and shouted!

Twelve black gold wings flashed out, the wings strangling each other! Together they resisted the attack of this shell.


There was a burst of light in the middle of the confrontation between the two, which knocked both of them away in an instant!

The Blizzard ape left a five-claw mark on its back and was gasping for breath. He never thought that Han Chen had already surpassed the mythological form and became the beginning of the eternal state!

“Eat my paw!”

Ao Bai was already waiting next to him, and the five-claw golden light immediately fell on the Blizzard ape.

Blizzard’s monkeys had no time to face each other, so they had to explode with a hard blow and met Ao Bai’s five-claw golden light.

The two sides confronted each other and could not be separated.

At this moment, a golden light from Han Chen interspersed from the void and pierced towards the neck of Blizzard Monkey.

“Void Dagger!”


The Void Dagger was inserted into the neck of Blizzard Monkey.

But because the body was too hard, Han Chen couldn’t let the Void Dagger directly cut his neck.

The Blizzard Monkey was hurt and roared towards the sky.

The power of the whole body burst out, shaking Ao Bai and Han Chen away at the same time.

“Is he already simulating even Warcraft’s runaway?” Ao Bai looked at the Blizzard Monkey in shock.

The hair of its whole body turned into snow white at this moment, its size was still soaring, and it became a huge ape, which was able to compete with giants, and its eyes turned blood red.

The void dagger was clamped tighter by its muscles.

Han Chen could no longer summon the Void Dagger back.

Han Chen sighed, and finally fell to Ao Bai’s side, and said, “This person is so difficult!”

“His breath is still rising, and he has reached the peak of the eternal state! No, he is about to break through, he is going to become a half-step Daewoo!” Ao Bai breathed out deeply.

I didn’t expect this person to be so difficult.

“He has lost his reason and has no way to think. I think we still have a chance to win.” Han Chen showed a solemn touch.

Don’t dare to underestimate the enemy as before.

“Ao Bai, you come to contain his behavior, and I’ll prepare for it.” Han Chen summoned the Magnetic Essence Mountain.

Work with Ao Bai to contain each other.

Han Chen took out the black charcoal in his hand, which would kill Old Monster Hong at the pinnacle of the Eternal Realm with one blow.

Seeing Han Chen took out the black charcoal stick, Ao Bai suddenly felt a palpitating feeling, but after an instant, that feeling quickly disappeared.

There is no special feeling.

At this moment, the blizzard monkey attacked Ao Bai, the earthquake mountain shook, and the void split, very violent.

Han Chen didn’t say much. There was a strong mystery aura in his hand, that is, the breath of reincarnation. After these reincarnation breaths were gathered, the wood stick that had no movement suddenly trembled.

“No, not enough!”

Han Chen’s face was a little green.

“Ao Bai, come and help me!”

“Void elves, hide the two of us in the void!”

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