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Chapter 1356: Blizzard Ape

The first thousand and fifty-six chapters destroy the blizzard monkey

Speaking of Ao Bai, he was taken to the void by the Void Elf, avoiding the pursuit of Blizzard Ape, Blizzard Ape saw that there was no one, and ran towards Han Chen again.

Han Chen ignored it and completely input the power in his hand. At this moment, the void elf turned into a behemoth and ate Han Chen into it.

Entering the void, both Han Chen and Ao Bai held the black charcoal in both hands. After a few breaths, Han Chen directed the void elves to teleport them to a place about ten kilometers away from the Blizzard Monkey.

As soon as the Blizzard Ape saw Han Chen and Ao Bai appear, the hair all over his body erupted, and the thunder light fell from the sky and turned into a big pillar of thunder light, and rushed towards Han Chen and Ao Bai.

“Hoho! Die, die for me…”

The Blizzard ape exuded a tyrannical atmosphere and ran towards the two.


Han Chen and Ao Bai madly input the breath of reincarnation!

“Will it be too late?” Ao Bai revealed a puzzled expression.

“Judging from the time of my two excitations, we are still sure.” Han Chen showed a solemn touch.

But he didn’t let the void spirit absorb himself into the void at all.

It’s crazy input of secret breath!

Finally, the mysterious auras of Han Chen and Dan Tian were exhausted, and Ao Bai’s expression was not particularly good, the black charcoal wood branch turned into a black light, and it rushed towards the Blizzard Monkey!


The blizzard ape roared loudly, snorted, black light pierced into the body of the blizzard ape, the blizzard ape roared twice, the black light in the body suddenly exploded, turning into countless fragments.

Han Chen and Ao Bai looked at the Blizzard ape with lingering fears, glanced at each other, and said nothing.

A villain appeared at the Blizzard Ape that was pierced by the black light. He turned his head and just wanted to tear the void to escape, but saw a figure appeared next to him!

“The dragon?”

Ao Bai swallowed only two words.

Han Chen and Ao Bai took away the storage bags and ran away.

After the Blizzard Monkey died, several white lights ran over. The leader is a man in a long robe, his head is crowned hair, which looks particularly interesting.

“No, we are a step late. The four powerful assistants under our leader’s seat just died!” said the head of the cockscomb.

“Boss black, we will be dead if we go back like this. You don’t know how cruel the leader is.” said a man with a fat face in a robe next to him.

“Hmph, we are unlucky this time.” The remaining five people all sighed.

“I don’t know who has the ability to kill them.” The cockscomb-headed man said, “Of the four of them, three of them died in the same way. They were all cut open with a knife. But none of the four powerful assistants The heart-sama directly has no corpse. Judging from the traces left on the scene, the powerhouse who has already surpassed the eternal realm shot.”

“Could it be that a Daewoo-class powerhouse appeared?” said the fat-faced man.

“Do not rule out this possibility.” Said the cockscomb man who was called the black boss.

“In this way, we have no way to avenge. We can’t even match the four powerful assistants.” The other six people added, seeing this kind of battle, their bodies shuddered.

“Huh, quickly send a letter to the leader. His old man is now waiting for the four powerful assistants to kill from behind. Now the four powerful assistants, Pioneer, have fallen directly, and it is very likely that Tianyuan City has already prepared. It is not us. Analysis hastily challenged. It is even possible that Daewoo-class powerhouses have participated in the battle.” said the cockscomb black boss.

“And along the way, I have noticed that there are remnants of Poison Pill at the scene, but even if the Poison Pill is used, the opponents seem to be unaffected, and they are still killed.” Black boss added.

As soon as these words were spoken, the rest of them were silent.

They are not willing to provoke such a terrible opponent.

After the discussion, the seven dared not investigate further, and judging from the inference of the black boss, the other party was indeed more difficult to deal with.

It may even change the overall situation.

As a result, they need to send the news back quickly.

So the seven turned into streamers and flew away.

Han Chen and Ao Bai withdrew from the void, both of them recovered a bit, after all, there is such a precious treasure as the Almighty Divine Liquid.

Therefore, the divinity consumed by the void elves is more today, so it has not spread far. Han Chen just settled down on a barren mountain near Tianyuan City.

A temporary cave was opened, and Han Chen released Sun Xue, Jin Pangli, Hornet, Zhao Feiwu, and Wu Yuan to rest in their respective caves.

A temporary formation was arranged to gather the divinities nearby, so that the divinities here reached the standard of the general family.

“Friend Ao, thank you very much this time. Also, please ask fellow Xueyan to count the storage bags we harvested this time.”

Han Chen said with a smile.

Ao Bai readily agreed.

“By the way, Fellow Daoist Han, I feel that my Eternal Realm has become loose in the late stage. Recently, I may need to retreat for a while. It will be more helpful until I reach the Daewoo level.” Daoyou Ao said to Han Chen.

“By the way, friend Ao, thank you friend Ao for your continuous support. I will provide you with a Dayu Pill and several auxiliary pills. I hope you can successfully advance to the Dayu level.” Han Chen is very generous. A Daewoo Pill was given to the other party.

“What! Fellow Daoist actually gave me such an important thing!” Ao Bai was so excited that his hands trembled.

“You’re polite, isn’t your improvement in strength equal to the improvement in my strength?” Han Chen said with a smile, “And after my affairs in Tianyuan City this time, I will also find a place to practice. I have already felt I have an opportunity to advance.”

“Then congratulations to fellow Daoist Han!”

Ao Bai said excitedly.

“Well, I will ask Fellow Ao to protect the law at that time.” Han Chen accepted without hypocrisy.

Ao Bai graciously promised and turned into streamer to enter the cave and communicate with Xue Yan.

Han Chen checked Huang Mengmeng in the stellar device and found that he was still sleeping, so Han Chen stopped disturbing him.

Mozun Mo Xiaoyan also fell asleep as always, it is estimated that the real devil energy last time was really consumed.

It seems that the trip to the ruins of the **** of destruction is imminent.

Han Chen withdrew from the Stellar and walked to Wu Yuan’s cave, where the Hornet was guarding outside the door.

“Go and rest, I’ll take a look.” Han Chen said calmly.

The hornet nodded and left. This time, the hornet also truly felt the crisis. The current cultivation base is only the first level of mythological form. If it doesn’t rise, it will be useless.

So he swallowed the pill madly whenever he had a chance, and then kept hitting the bottleneck.

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