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Chapter 1357: Wu Yuan's situation

Han Chen also knew that they were very hard, so he usually gave more pills.

I hope everyone will rise to eternity soon.

Han Chen walked in and saw Wu Yuan who was lying on the bed with her eyes closed, she still seemed to have no news.

Han Chen also began to feel nervous, after all, he hadn’t tried that Nine-turn Yang-Returning Pill, and there was no way to know the specific effect.

Just hope it is as described.

However, through the exploration of spiritual power, Han Chen still discovered a strange energy group in her.

Han Chen suspected that it was the divine essence that was gathering the whole body with the Nine-turned Yang Pill.

Han Chen walked out of the cave and saw the injuries of Sun Xue and others. Although they were all serious, Han Chen’s so many healing medicines were there, so naturally they wouldn’t hurt them.

Now most of them have recovered to 80%, and Sun Xue has recovered to 90%.

This recovery speed has to catch up with Han Chen, because Han Chen has the help of the mysterious aura to obtain the effect of rapid recovery.

Therefore, every time I take the Ten Thousand Years Spirit Liquid and the healing medicine for muscles and bones, I can immediately recover about 80%, and I can reach more than 90% after meditating.

“Team Korea, what shall we do next?” Jin Pangli asked.

“You guys have a good rest. Now that Tianyuan City is at war with the Hehuan League, I originally wanted to stay away from it. But this Gods Domain Alliance seems to value this Tianyuan City very much, so it released a special mission, and I had to accept This quest. I think you also received the quest from God’s Domain Alliance, right?” Han Chen looked at everyone and said.

“Yes, all of us are casual cultivators, either joining the Gods Domain Alliance or joining other organizations. Otherwise, how could we get so many resources?” Jin Pangli also said with a smile.

“Well, let’s repair here for three days, and then go to see the situation of Hehuan League and Tianyuan City.” Han Chen said.

No one said anything.

Han Chen felt more and more that the time for him to break through the mythological form to advance to the eternal state was about to come, but Han Chen meditated for three consecutive days, and it seemed that he could not advance.

Seeing that everyone else’s injuries have recovered, they can’t be delayed here any longer.

And to wait for the support of the priests in the heavenly court, there are still seven days.

If Tianyuan City were to fall into the Hehuan League here, the situation would be more critical.

So Han Chen and others packed up and prepared to enter Tianyuan City again.

The group drove the flying boat to Tianyuan City.

There were already a lot of corpses near Tianyuan City, and it was obvious that fierce fighting had begun, and no one was even able to escape.

Suddenly, I saw two blue lights soaring into the sky.

Everyone glanced at each other and flew over, and they saw two Feng Hai family members wearing blue clothes, surrounded by a dozen men with weird costumes.

I only heard the leading cockscomb-headed man shout, “Hurry up and hand over the map of the treasures of your Feng Hai family! Then we can let you go, otherwise you won’t want to escape from here, do you know?”

“Give it quickly, give it quickly!” The people around kept threatening.

“I, we are just peripheral disciples, how can we know where the treasure is?” Two disciples of the Feng Hai clan in blue clothes were about to cry.

They just escaped, and they didn’t expect to encounter such a robbery just after running more than ten meters.

And looking at the other side’s appearance, he was unscrupulous, he must be a member of the Hehuan League.

Now, Hehuanmeng has surrounded Tianyuan City, and its momentum is overwhelming.

“Then you are useless? It doesn’t matter if you kill you?” said the fat-faced man beside the cockscomb head.

“No, no, we are still useful, we can tell you how to get into Tianyuan City!” said the white-looking man.

As soon as he finished speaking, he was pulled away by the people next to him, “Are you crazy? Tell them this secret, and Tianyuan City will know it later, and we will not be chased by the Gods Domain Alliance to the end of the world!”

“What’s the matter, now you can’t even save your life, do you still think about the future?” the white man said.

“Bastard!” The other black, thin, blue man slapped it over, and the white man shot back, and the two wrestled with each other.

“come on! Come on!”

Those people who watched the lively Hehuan League Legion were applauded and distanced to make room for these two people.

The cultivation bases of these two people were only mid-level in the form of mythology, and they couldn’t make waves.

The two wrestled together and attacked each other.

But these two people are getting farther and farther away from the Hehuan League.

It seems premeditated.

“Okay, separate the two of them!” the chicken-shaped man said.

“Okay, black boss!” The fat-faced man rushed out with five people.

“Run!” The two Feng Hai tribesmen in blue clothes ran away, turning into two streams of light, and flew toward this side.

“Quickly, these two people want to run away!” The fat-faced man became angry and chased after turning into streamers.

And the fat-faced man is in the later stage of mythological form, and he is naturally faster.

But the two Feng Hai clan members turned into streamers and rushed out.

At this moment, the change protrudes.

Four or five streamers flew out from the front, colliding with the streamers of the Feng Hai tribe.

The Feng Hai tribe didn’t fight at all, and was blocked by the new five streamers.

As the streamer diffused, the fat-faced man saw five figures appearing. In addition to a fat man, there was also a cold woman.

However, the man standing in the middle remained motionless, quite ordinary.

The fat-faced man from the Hehuan League showed a weird smile and laughed loudly, “Skynet is so sparse and not leaking! Are you arrested yet? If you know you, quickly throw these two people to us!”

The next half sentence was addressed to the five newly-appearing people.

“Why do you sows give birth to this person? Why give it back to you?” Then a fat man came out of the other party and said arrogantly.

This person is no one else but Jin Pangli.

From the left, Sun Xue, Zhao Feiwu’s simple puppets, Han Chen, Jin Pangli, and Hornets.

Sun Xue and Jin Pangli each mentioned a person.

“Oh, you scolded us sow? I tell you, people who provoke the Hehuan League will not have good fruit. You know we are masters of poisoning! Maybe you are poisoned now, don’t check it. Your own dantian?” said the fat-faced man.

“Oh?” Han Chen said calmly.

“Hey, you cats and dogs don’t surrender the people!” The fat-faced man took out an object from the storage ring and turned it into a streamer to attack it.

Han Chen changed his hands, pinched the poison pill, and attacked the fat-faced man with his backhand.

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