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Chapter 1358: Rear of Hehuan League

The fat-faced man stared at the streamer in front of him, because the streamer disappeared in midair. He was strange, suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and swallowed it into his abdomen before he could stop him.

“Oh, it’s terrible, I just ate Blue Silver Tarsus! After being hit, this poison will poison all my bones, and promise to make me feel painful. Give me the antidote!” The fat-faced man showed a pained expression, and the people on the left and right poured out a series of bottles and cans from the storage ring.

But there is no antidote.

He had already noticed the situation here, and the person called the black boss also flashed aside with five people.

Decisively took out a green pill and put it into the fat-faced man’s mouth.

Taking a look at Han Chen, several streams of light fluttered in his hand.

But none of these streamers flew in front of Han Chen, but fell around.

“Poison formation, ecstasy!”

With this low drink, the eight array flags that fell all around showed a green light, sprayed towards the sky, and finally formed a green cage like a prison.

“Team Korea!” The other four people all exclaimed. They didn’t expect that this person who was only the top-ranked mythical form could have such a hand.

After all, poison is very unusual.

Han Chen calmed down a lot. These poisons were not poisons that attacked the human body. They just caused Han Chen to hallucinate, so Han Chen’s Detox Pill did not work.

However, Han Chen didn’t plan to hit the opponent’s psychedelic array at the beginning. Instead, let the Void Elf bring Han Chen into the void, and after a little cleaning, he cleared out the little psychedelic contaminated.

Then it turned into a streamer and came out from another part of the void. With a light wave of his hand, the void dagger turned into a streamer and rushed into the void. When it came out of the void again, it had already reached the black boss’ neck.

The black boss has a strong sense of crisis, and he immediately pulled a little brother by his side, but he has already flown out and turned into a streamer.


The dagger killed the man with a single blow.

“You, it’s you!” The man called the black boss showed fear in his eyes, turned into a streamer and flew out, and quickly ran away without looking back.

For a moment, he remembered the wound he had encountered about the disappearance of the four powerful assistants of the procuratorial leader three days ago.

It was exactly the same as the death of his little brother just now. All have their heads cut off.

He didn’t think he was stronger than the four right-hand men, so he chose to escape immediately.

“Huh, why did our boss run away?”

“Is this just a middle-level mythical form? How could you encounter such a thing.”

“No, the boss is gone, let’s run quickly too!” The subordinate suddenly became a bird and beast.

Han Chen originally wanted to kill with a single blow, but never thought that the black boss would be so sharp, avoiding the one-blow of his own magical weapon.

And decisively and abnormally rushed away directly.

Although all this happened in a short moment, it was enough to see the dangerous consciousness of the black boss.

Han Chen decisively ordered, “No one here can let go!”

Han Chen resolutely passed the Void Elf and sacrificed the Void Dagger, reaping the head frantically.

In this five-on-eleven battle, Han Chen’s team resolved it all in just one stick of incense.

Han Chen waved his hand to Xue Yan to count all the storage bags.

Then Han Chen looked at the two Feng Hai people and asked, “How did you run out of Tianyuan City?”

“Hey, are you from Tianyuan City? We did not run out of Tianyuan City, but were ordered to come out. The two of us walked out and got lost, and then ran into the Hehuan League. We are going to spread the news elsewhere. Hurry up and let the two of us go.” The two Feng Hai people said.

“It seems that searching for souls is more appropriate.” Han Chen showed a wry smile.

“Soul search? No, we will tell the truth, we…ah…” The two of them were shocked and their pupils shrank.

Han Chen didn’t speak much, he had already used a huge spiritual power, turning into two streams of light into the other’s spiritual power.

Han Chen probably probed for the incense stick time before processing it, and the two of them were already dying.

The two escaped by bribing the official guarding the door.

“Team Korea, how is the situation?” everyone asked.

“The situation is not optimistic. The Hehuan League has surrounded Tianyuan City and is attacking the great defense formation. Tianyuan City has also been closed, and inside and out are not allowed. The two escaped by bribing officials at the gate. “Han Chen told the news he knew.

“In that case, how about we rush into Tianyuan City and kill the Quartet?” The hornet said excitedly.

“You are stupid, what’s the difference between rushing in like this and sending you to death. The other party also has a leader who is said to have reached the peak of the late eternal stage.” Jin Pangli said cursingly.

Also patted the head of the hornet.

“Talk as you speak, why do you pat me on the forehead.” The Hornet’s mouth was crooked, but unfortunately he couldn’t beat Jin Pangli, otherwise he would have to fight Jin Pangli.

“Well, it’s really useless for us to rush in like this. We might as well hunt some Hehuan people outside.” Han Chen said with a smile.

“Like the four weirdos we met last time?” Jin Pangli said.

“Yes, so that we don’t have to resist the pressure of living on the front battlefield, and be more free in the rear. And maybe the Hehuan League is very empty behind, because although they are prepared, they are not completely prepared.” Han Chen suddenly thought of one. good idea.

“The Korean team mean we go to the back of the Hehuan League to play the autumn wind?” Everyone’s eyes lit up, and it is indeed more economical.

“Well, that’s right, we bypassed some Hehuan League forces a bit. But we have to kill that person, otherwise our whereabouts will still be exposed.” Han Chen added.

Han Chen went out with two streamers and killed the two Feng Hai teams.

In fact, Han Chen also learned that because of the demise of the Hu family, the rift between the three families in Tianyuan City was very serious.

The situation of the Hong family is also very bad.

But now is not the best time to enter Tianyuan City.

If he enters the Hong family and is found to have killed the ancestor of the Hong family, then he will become a target of public criticism.

It’s better to let the Hehuan League consume the vitality of Tianyuan City, and it is better for Han Chen to fish in troubled waters when the senior leaders are almost dead.

After the destruction of the Hu family, the Hong family is afraid that it will not be too long. As long as the Hehuan League retreats, the Feng Hai and Gu Luo families will definitely take action. When the Hu family’s residual forces counterattack, they will definitely join the Hong family.

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