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Chapter 14: Scarlet Camp

Chapter 14 Scarlet Camp

“It’s okay, as long as the boss takes me.”

Xu Wei looked indifferent, and Chen Dong Su He was even less likely to object, nodding his head to follow.

Zheng Jian at the entrance of the village saw that Han Chen was about to set off, so he felt eager to win, “Big Brother Han, let’s come back at night to see who has gained the most!”

“Okay!” Han Chen responded.

Unexpectedly, Li Xue said suddenly in the crowd: “Chee, it’s just a lucky bun. I really think I can compare with Brother Zheng? We have more than 20 people here!”

Zheng Jian frowned, turned his head and shouted coldly: “Who are you? Why are you in my team?”

Li Xue looked at Zheng Jian in disbelief, “I am Li Xue who you only collected this morning!”

“I don’t remember that I said I wanted you, now get out of my team!” Zheng Jian pointed to the outside of the village and shouted, completely devoid of the approachable people who were laughing and joking just now.

Li Xue’s eyes were red, and she regretted the thought of being mercilessly killed by monsters when she went out by herself yesterday.

“Brother Zheng, I didn’t mean it.” Li Xue cried.

“What’s the point of telling me if you step on the horse? Go and apologize to the big man!” Zheng Jian cursed.

“Me.” Li Xue murmured, and it would be impossible for her to apologize to Han Chen in this life!

Just a lucky bun, why?

“Forget it, why don’t I die again?”

With red eyes, Li Xue lifted his bond with Skeleton Village, and then hobbled to walk outside. If he died fast, he might save some time to integrate into a new environment.

This is what the Internet says, if the birth is too bad, then commit suicide.

Liu Lihua looked a little distressed, and patted the back of Han Chen’s head: “Oh, are you bullying the little girl? People would rather not apologize to you alone.”

“Mom, where are you talking about, don’t you know what character your son is?” Han Chen rubbed the back of his head speechlessly.

Although his mother used his force, but with his physique, it didn’t feel very painful.

“Okay, don’t talk about your son!” Han Qiu finished speaking, but then changed his words. “But son, your mother looks like your daughter-in-law now, should you bring us one back?”

As Han Qiu spoke, his eyes stared straight at Su He, who saw the latter bow his head shyly and Han Chen was speechless.

“Dad, what are you doing in such a hurry? Go away, today I will take you two to upgrade!”

In the end, the group went to the goblin camp yesterday and brushed the group of goblins that had been spawned again.

Han Chen’s parents also upgraded smoothly.

By this time, they already had a certain single-scratch ability, so he left the main force to hunt the monsters alone.

God’s Domain is a world suitable for the survival of the strong, and teaming up with the weak to take risks will often drag yourself down.

Obviously, it can be promoted by two levels in a day, but only by one level. In the long run, the strong will naturally fall into obscurity.

The real world is just the opposite. In the real world, there is no equipment to drop auras. If you kill all the invaders, you will not get the slightest aura upgrade.

So as long as we unite together in the real world, we will definitely become stronger!

These are two extremes, and they are also a necessity!

Han Chen naturally didn’t want the opportunity to become stronger, so when he brought his parents to the second level, he proposed to separate them.

When Xu Wei heard these words, the whole person was frozen. It took a long time to confirm that Han Chen was serious, and his whole face was crying: “Big brother, are you going to fly solo?”

Han Chen didn’t have the slightest nostalgia for them, even “You now have the ability to brush goblins alone, and you have dropped a lot of equipment just now. Without me, you can get more, okay?”

Xu Wei blinked his eyes and said nothing, obviously his heart was moved.

“That’s it, son, go out, and I will learn a collection technique when I go back later, and I will be a backup for you in the future!” Han Qiu said openly.

“Well, thank you dad for understanding, Mom, I’m leaving!”

Han Chen waved to Liu Lihua and couldn’t turn his head to the left of the map.

… Soon, Han Chen stepped into a **** continent: the **** land!

A hundred miles around here is shrouded in this scarlet. In the center, there is a scarlet camp similar to Skeleton Village, but the scarlet camp is much larger than Skull Village.

If you just want to compare, the comparison between the two is like the difference between a small city and a tube building.

As long as you can reach the Scarlet Camp smoothly, you can enjoy the intermediate shop inside.

The shops there are much more advanced than Skeleton Village. There will be some basic combat skills for sale, such as fireball. Of course, the price will not be cheap.

In addition to further upgrades in the shop, there are also some neutral NPCs in the camp. They can help you build equipment for pharmaceuticals. Even if you have enough coins, you can also hire them to take risks with you!

Of course, the camp is full of monsters in Yuanbaili, and the small goblin tribes before can be seen everywhere.

Walking on hard-skinned zombies, poisonous moths that sway petrified poisonous powder, hairy monsters that can shoot thorns on their backs like arrows, giant minotaurs holding hammers, and a variety of weird creatures. Crypt.

The dangers are endless.

The scariest thing is a scarlet monastery. The vampire Countess at the bottom of the monastery was asked to single out Han Chen when he was at the tenth level. He is also very likely to be killed by the Countess.

Generally speaking, it is impossible for Han Chen to come to such a place to die.

The scarlet camp is a hundred miles away, and the outermost monster is the most powerful. The closer it is to the scarlet camp in the middle, the weaker the monster is.

So he wanted to avoid the monster’s eyes and ears and ran silently to the Scarlet Camp to level up from the inside to the outside!

The Darkborn had also been here before, and he knew a secret path that could reach the entrance of the Scarlet Camp from the outside.

Han Chen came this time to try to find the entrance. Once he can find it, he can go in and learn a wave of skills and then slowly move out!

Fortunately, his birth place is the same as the birth place of the Darkborn, and that secret path still exists after so many years.

Han Chen lit a simple torch and held it in his hand, slowly groping forward on the gravel.

Fortunately, God’s Domain World has strict control over the distribution of monsters. This tunnel that has existed for so many years has not been occupied by monsters.

The terrain here is dangerous. If there is a monster stuck in the middle, it is really a man who can do nothing, and he can only be forced to kill before he can walk over.

Fortunately, the worry did not happen, and Han Chen slowly increased his speed.

Although he was only Level 2, he was not a fast-moving athlete on the sports field at all. With a lot of chicken legs to recover his strength, he finally came to the entrance of the Scarlet camp half an hour before quitting the game.

As soon as he walked out of the hole, an old voice rang from his ears.

“Welcome to you, adventurer!”

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