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Chapter 15: Refreshed

Chapter Fifteen

Han Chen looked up and saw a man with a gray-white name of peace on his head [Alama] came to him on crutches.

“Thousands of years have passed, and finally someone has discovered this secret path, dear adventurer, are you willing to clear the evil around us?”

“Of course I do!” Han Chen nodded fiercely, “I didn’t come here for all my hard work, but to help you get rid of evil!”

“What a kind adventurer! As the first adventurer to come here in a thousand years, I can give you a set of equipment and two skills.”

Alama said that he took out a package and stuffed it in Han Chen’s hands. After opening it, he found that there was a set of armor and a long sword inside, as well as a [Basic Stealth Skill Book] and a [Backstab Skill Book].

The attributes of the armor and the long sword are much better than those of Han Chen’s current set. Han Chen will be ready to replace them all without saying a word. The two skill books will also be shot on him. set.

Elementary stealth can make Han Chen invisible for ten seconds, but the disadvantage is that the speed will be reduced by half, and the backstab will give him a certain burst, which can instantly hit twice the damage.

In addition to having to pierce the enemy’s back with a weapon to determine the success of the damage, the backstab is almost comparable to Xu Wei’s original power.

Now, with the skills and equipment of Han Chen, the attributes are not much better than those of players at level three or four.

It is completely able to carry out level-brushing activities around the Scarlet Camp.

“Adventurous, do you need any help?” Alama asked.

Han Chen nodded, “Well, I want to buy a larger one-time magic house, which should be stronger and larger.”

“No problem, adventurer, you go to Lan Jie and have a look, he will definitely meet your requirements!”

Alama stretched out his hand and motioned to Han Chen to enter.

The Scarlet Camp is really big. It is surrounded by a large circle with 100-meter-high tree trunks as railings. There are automatic guard towers and constant guards patrolling on the wall.

However, the inside of the Scarlet camp seemed empty, and only the sound of iron strikes not far from the entrance of the village gave it a little more life.

Han Chen saw Lan Jie’s grocery store from a long distance, and rushed over with a quick walk.

“Isn’t this a new adventurer? What can I do for you?” said the young Lan Jie chong Han Chen.

“Give me two teleporting scrolls first, and then give me a stone house scroll!” Han Chen looked at the merchandise list in the grocery store and said.

Lan Jie suddenly lighted his eyes and stretched out his palm, “A total of seventy azurite coins, my dear adventurer.”

“How do I hear Alama say that I can choose a meeting ceremony with you?”

Han Chen shook his head, naturally knowing that this price is not something he can afford, so he can only find another way through another memory.

Lan Jie exaggeratedly yelled, “Oh my God, didn’t the village chief have already handed you the meeting gift? It is impossible for me to give you something for free. I made it myself!”

“Do you want to do more business? I can bring in more adventurers, but in exchange, each of you must give me a little benefit!”

Han Chen shouted at several shop owners not far away, “I didn’t have enough strength when I first came here. You don’t want me to be killed by monsters when I go out, right?”

“Well, well, I will send you to you, but the teleporting scroll is not sent, two aquamarine coins in total!”

Lan Jie put the two objects in Han Chen’s hands as if he had seen a ghost. He didn’t expect this new adventurer to knock something from his hand.

Han Chen smiled and handed over two aquamarine coins, and took a circle of meeting gifts in the same way.

Except for the skill book dealer and the equipment dealer who had already given it to Han Chen through the hands of the village, the other two pharmacists and the rune dealer had both blackmailed Han Chen.

Han Chen bought the primary magic potion from the apothecary, and a slap-sized poison talisman from the rune merchant.

These two items are also suitable for Han Chen now.

Elementary magic potions are different from ordinary potions. They can automatically absorb the blood of the killed monsters and turn them into potions and store them in the test tube. After taking them, they can restore their health and energy.

The poison charm is even more powerful, as long as it is worn on the Tao, the weapon will be attacked with toxins when the weapon is slashed, causing more or less damage according to the monster’s resistance.

This will not only save a potion money, but also speed up the efficiency of spawning monsters.

Look at the attributes after putting on the equipment:

Level 2 (not transferred)

Life 20+15

Strength 20+10

Speed ​​20+13

Mental power 15

Spiritual power (76/100)

Skills: Darkborn Steal, Gathering, Backstab, Primary Stealth.

Equipment: Poison Charm, Scarlet Buckler, Scarlet Top, Scarlet Warehouse, Scarlet Boots, Scarlet Sword.

When everyone is generally holding a stick as a weapon, Han Chen is already wearing a luxurious suit and is still much ahead of others.

Ten minutes before the end of the game time, Han Chen took a look at the sixty-two aquamarine coins left in his pocket, and directly spent 20 aquamarine coins to purchase the two primary magic grass seeds from Lan Jie Ten bags each.

No matter how strong God’s Domain World is, it seems to Han Chen to serve reality.

In terms of long-term development, cooking is far inferior to alchemy.

Han Chen couldn’t be so lucky. He could catch so many alien creatures every day. After this period of time passed, they were all powerful creatures, and most of them were not good for cooking and eating.

In the future, medicine is still popular.

The two main medicines of the primary healing potion and the primary healing potion are the blue and red primary magic grass.

Taking a bag of seeds back only needs to pay one-fifth of the tax, that is, two black crystal coins, but if all 500 seeds are planted and then refined into medicine, then you can sell at least 20 or 30 blue crystal coins.

This is not a small business. Although the price of crystal coins has fallen, a single aquamarine coin can still easily be exchanged for 50,000 or 60,000 cash.

But Han Chen had no talent for alchemy, and no manpower to go back and forth. He simply sold it to Zheng Jian at ten times the price.

As long as Zheng Jian has a little brain, he won’t let this opportunity to make a fortune.

So far, only he can come in here, and Han Chen is not afraid that he will not buy it.

Compared to the Skeleton Village, the Scarlet Camp can be regarded as a real novice village. Unfortunately, this novice village is not accessible to everyone.

The world of God’s Domain has given a certain space for the development of new civilizations, and sometimes it will give them despair.

Han Chen harvested the seeds, bound his resurrection point to the Scarlet Camp, and set the return scroll here before going offline.

After going offline, Han Chen woke up leisurely. At this time, his parents were worrying about his bedside, “Oh, why didn’t you go back to Skeleton Village? Did something happen?”

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