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Chapter 16: I bleed for the Han family

Chapter 16 I bleed for the Han family

Han Chen shook his head, “I’m fine, but I found a new safety point inside, and I will take you in to upgrade in a few days.”

So far, the Scarlet Camp is really not suitable for his parents and the upcoming Zhang family brothers to level up. He didn’t say to pick them up.

But he still took out a teleportation scroll for 2 Sombra coins and handed it to his parents.

“This is the teleportation scroll in my safe zone. Mom, take it back and put it away. Come back when you and Dad are both at level 3.”

“Okay!” Liu Lihua took the scroll into the watch space indifferently. For her, a new leveling point was far from Han Chen’s personal safety.

Even if she knew that there were no real dead people in God’s Domain.

Chen Dong’s eyes lit up, thinking about the message in this sentence, and after the two had spoken, he said, “Han Chen, are you still going back to Skull Village?”

“May never go back to Skull Village.” Han Chen replied.

Chen Dong asked anxiously, “Then can I go where you are with your parents?”

“Don’t worry, you will come to the WeChat group later and talk about it. If you are willing to follow me, use a week to raise your level to level 4, and then my mother will take it away.”

“It’s agreed in advance that if you follow me, you must move your family here. After I have handled other things, I will go to the group and explain to you carefully.”

Chen Dong made up his mind after hearing this, in order to rub his thigh, he must move!

Facts have proved that even without Han Chen, even today, Han Qiu and Liu Lihua have updated several equipment and skills, but the speed is still not as fast as when Han Chen was here.

Han Chen is pure and strong in his heart, and he is the legendary boss.

Chen Dong heard Han Chen’s words as if he had received the imperial decree, and his face resolutely said: “Don’t worry, I will definitely persuade them to come over!”

Han Chen nodded, and let the Zhang family brothers enter the realm of God to commit suicide, until he could see the Skull Village or Scarlet Camp.

Because the Scarlet Camp has been activated, there is a big bright light mark on the watch map, which can be seen in a radius of five hundred miles.

It is foreseeable that a large number of people will flock to this safe point in the next few days, but they will be blocked by the powerful monsters on the periphery.

If there is no luck against the sky, it is impossible to find the hidden passage. The Darkborn also waited for the entire Scarlet Land to be completely breached before accidentally discovering a road leading to the outside world.

After giving orders to the Zhang family brothers, Han Chen leaned against an old locust tree at the gate of the yard and called Zheng Jian.

“Boss Zheng, the harvest should be good today?”

Some angry voices from Zheng Jian came from the phone: “Don’t mention it, our twenty-something people discovered another cave. We spent the whole day in this cave, and in the end we actually exploded a copy. [ Elementary Pharmacy].”

“Isn’t that good? I remember someone under your hand can make medicine!”

Han Chen was a little surprised, this skill book is not easy to explode.

In primary pharmacy, there are not only several basic prescriptions such as primary blood rejuvenation prescriptions, but also can speed up the refining proficiency and speed.

It is a skill book that can be met but not sought.

“What a shit, I have the intention to concoct medicine, but I have never seen any of the medicinal materials on it. Isn’t this a display?”

Zheng Jian complained loudly, could not be seen or touched, and it was more irritating than nothing.

“Then you are blessed. I found a shop where there are basic magic grass seeds for sale. A bag of 500 seeds. You can find a piece of land with enough spiritual energy to plant it. It will mature in a few days. I don’t know if you have it. interest?”

“Is there such a thing? How do you sell it?” Zheng Jian asked.

“They are all friends, and I will not cheat you. The market is tight now, and there are monsters invading in reality. The medicine you refine is calculated according to two black crystal coins, and you can earn at least 25 aquamarine coins. I will accept You have ten aquamarine coins and a bag of seeds, a total of eighteen belts, would you like?”

“Yes, why not? I want all of them!”

Zheng Jianhao said angrily.

“Then I will give the seed to my dad Han Qiu. Then you two can trade directly. If the aquamarine coins are not enough, you can use other things to offset it, but the price is up to me.”

“No problem, doing business with you is refreshing, haha, I’m busy first, I’m having a celebration banquet, brothers asked me to drink.”

“Okay, bye!”

Han Chen hung up the phone as he said, he knew that the deal was done.

After hanging up, he spent eight Kyanite coins to exchange the stone house scroll to the real world.

As long as the scroll is crushed, a stone house will appear out of thin air in front of Han Chen.

It is not quite appropriate to say that it is a stone house. It covers an area of ​​1,000 square meters and the wall is eight meters high and half a meter thick. It can definitely be called a stone-stacked castle.

The only trouble is that the material of the stone house cannot be produced out of thin air, it must be filled in by itself.

But before that, the backyard area should be expanded here.

“It looks like these trees are going to be cut down.”

As soon as Han Chen’s voice fell, he felt the locust tree under his hand tremble.


When Han Chen looked at the locust tree again, he found that an old face appeared on the body of the locust tree, “Han Chen, I watched you grow up, you can’t cut me down!”

Han Chen looked dumbfounded, what happened to the old locust tree? Could it be true that the locust tree is a ghost tree?

“You must not cut me off, I have made a major contribution to this family!”

Seeing Han Chen not speaking, the locust tree yelled again, the roots kept shaking, and several strong roots stretched out of the soil and twisted like earthworms, seeming to be ready to escape at any time.

“You ate my flowers when you were young, and I shed blood for the Han family!”

The old locust tree continued to shout some nondescript words for mercy.

“Uh, well, don’t worry, I won’t cut you off!” Han Chen smiled.

Thinking that when the Sophora japonica flowers bloomed, he used bamboo poles tied with iron wires to eat the Sophora japonica flowers on the tree. When he went back, he put some salt and sauteed it, and the aroma would float outside the house.

“But how did you become like this?” Han Chen patted the trunk of the locust tree.

The locust tree was no longer trembling, and even the roots of the tree were re-entered.

He nodded the charred piece of his head with a slender branch and said, “You may not believe it, I was struck by lightning!”

“Fuck, shouldn’t your trees be most afraid of lightning strikes?” Han Chen was shocked.

“I don’t know. I didn’t feel afraid before, and now I am not afraid anymore,” said the old locust tree.

“Okay, by the way, you will live here to protect us temporarily, and wait for me to go to God’s Domain World to see if I can get you some skill books back.”

Han Chen deliberately cultivated it into his own patron saint. After all, looking at the performance of the locust tree, he was obviously kind to his family, otherwise he was afraid that he would have to root out and run away, and he would not have to wait until now to show up.

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