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Chapter 17: preventive solution

“Really?” the old locust tree asked cautiously.

“Really, but you have to protect our family.”

“no problem!”

At this time, Chen Dong came to Han Chen with his mobile phone, and saw a face emerging from the old locust tree and chatting with him happily. Even the mobile phone was frightened and dropped to the ground.

“Fuck it, the tree is perfect!”

After a while, dozens of families in the entire small village knew that there was an old locust tree in Han Chen’s home, and all of them came to observe.

After three baptisms in God’s Domain World, some of them had seen creatures even more bizarre than Lao Huai, but this was the first time they had seen it in reality.

One by one, I talked about each other in the yard.

Han Chen wasn’t quite used to this atmosphere, and found a way to deal with the WeChat group.

To his surprise, he thought that the other two would choose to join him, but in fact neither of them would come with him.

Let Xu Wei forget it. A successful encirclement and suppression of the Goblin tribe gave him a boost of confidence. At the same time, he also considered a problem, that is, if Han Chen has to go to that “poor country” to live, even if he has made a lot of money. There is nowhere to talk about money.

As a hedonist, Xu Wei chose to join Zheng Jian’s company.

And Su Ho is even more exotic. His husband thought she had an affair and almost came along the network cable.

Han Qiu didn’t regret this, it was them who lost anyway.

After the Zhang brothers arrive, they can form a complete team.

Zhang Qing’s innate ability is to increase long-range physical damage, and he can be converted to an archer in the future.

Zhang Yun’s innate skill is to increase his mental power by 2 points per level. After his level is up, he will be born with a half-and-a-half more energy than others. Therefore, he can also study as a dad while majoring in mage. Can milk people.

The rest is Chen Dong as a meat shield, Han Chen as a thief, and after Han Qiu is transferred to a summoner or shaman, Liu Lihua will just learn milkman skills.

In this way, even a small team is perfect.

“It’s really a huge loss for them not to come!” Chen Dong said regretfully.

He just learned that the Zhang family brothers actually tried to rebirth to Han Chen by committing suicide, and he really admired the two of them.

With such a ruthless person under the leadership of the big man Han Chen, how could this team be comparable to an ordinary team?

After Han Chen had dealt with the matter, he used his watch to read the latest news while chatting among the university classmates.

Why do you use a watch? At six o’clock in the morning, the watch sent an announcement that it would inherit all the functions of the mobile phone and deploy an information network in the world of God’s Domain.

In other words, the mobile phone will be completely eliminated in the future and replaced by a watch with an uninterruptible power supply.

The watch can project a virtual screen, the definition and various functions are much better than those of the mobile phone, and it also completely inherits the WeChat, live broadcast, Meitu and other software on the mobile phone.

However, real money cannot be used for transfer operations on the watch, because only crystal coins can be used on the watch.

If someone wants to send a red envelope on WeChat through a watch, they can only send a red envelope with black crystal coins.

If you want to find the golden red envelope, you can only use your mobile phone, and if you want to grab it, you can only grab it from the phone.

This is an overlord clause, but no one cares about it. Some people even think that when monsters increase in the future, the electric transportation system will be severely damaged, and the electronic cash system is bound to be severely affected.

No, these few people in the Han Chen University classmate group talked very happily, and didn’t care if this was another conspiracy of God’s Domain World.

“I said, did the big guy hear the news? The country is about to recruit from all over the country.”

“Isn’t this a normal thing? Old Xiao, you are making a big fuss.”

“My uncle is in the army. He said that he should gather a group of soldiers and train them first. Now the society is so chaotic, there are always coins who feel that they are the destiny and want to do whatever they want!”

“So I advise everyone to abide by the law and discipline. No one has an advantage over anyone in this game. Soldiers have better military literacy and physical fitness. Why can’t they deal with some unorganized rogues?”

“I said Lao Xiao, do you treat us as rascals? Did you talk like that?”

“Haha, sorry, my fault is my fault, I also care about everyone!”

“Seriously, if you have equipment or crystal coins, keep them first. Don’t be taken away by the price of three or four thousand outside. The price of crystal coins may increase by a wave in the future!”

“A wave? Are you crazy!? The price of crystal coins dropped from ten thousand to three or four thousand in a few days, how could it rise?”

“I’m not joking with you, I told you that a group of people appeared in Changbai Mountain Tianchi…”

Han Chen turned off his micro-confidence and said that the country’s actions were still fast.

At any time, the power of the country is stronger than that of the individual. This is an eternal truth.

The water blue star in the memory of the dark descendants, it is precisely with the intervention of the state that civilization will persist for hundreds of years!

The speed of the country is fast, but the speed of the private sector is not slow. The non-governmental sacred domain community led by the world’s top companies such as Alibaba officially announced its launch in the afternoon.

This organization, referred to as the Alliance for the Protection of the Earth, claims to be absolutely self-reliant to the outside world, with the goal of promoting a better survival of mankind in the realm of God, and will never think of any country’s political system.

Han Chen logged into the official website of the Alliance for Earth Protection, and as expected, it was an introduction to the characteristics of various Gods Domain monsters.

They even tried to piece together the territory of the entire God’s Domain through the power of billions of people in the world.

But now human beings can only involve the lowest level maps, and even novice maps like the Scarlet Lands can’t get in. Putting together a world map of God’s Domain can only be thought of.

But with this platform, it does allow many people to find countermeasures when encountering monsters, which is a great thing.

Near noon, the villagers surrounding Laohuai gradually dispersed, and the Zhang family brothers also withdrew from the game.

Zhang Yun looked a little excited when he saw Han Chen, “Brother Sheng, we have entered the Skull Village, what are we going to do next?”

“Next, you will go in with my parents and practice leveling together!” Han Chen said.

Suddenly, two branches appeared on the shoulders of the Zhang brothers and patted them gently.

If you put it next to others, you will be shocked, but the two brothers actually grabbed the branch and looked back and glared: “What!?”

“I am not a thing, I am the old locust tree!” The old locust tree shook its branches and said.

“Fuck, Brother Chen, your big tree has become a fine one.”

“Lao Huai will be a member of the family from now on, don’t bully him.”

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