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Chapter 18: Walk the **** camp

Chapter Eighteen Walking the Bleeding Camp

After chatting for a few words, Han Chen called the two of them to transfer ten aquamarine coins.

“Don’t be too small, you have to buy some skill books when the time comes, don’t save it, you have enough food at home, don’t be fooled by others with soft sister coins.”

Han Chen looked at the expressions of the two of them a little worried, and asked again.

“Well, I get it!” Zhang Qing was a little unwilling.

Han Chen thought for a while and transferred one hundred thousand yuan to Zhang Qing and said, “If you have anything, use this money to buy it. These and crystal coins are all pre-paid wages to you. You can spend some time.”

“Now let’s go, go and eat!”

After the meal, the Zhang family brothers went home. Uncle Zhang knew that his two sons had taken so much money and their eyes became straight. Then his expression changed. He picked up the broom and hit the two people, “You two are missing Mind-hearted guy, did Xiaochen’s money come from the wind? Give it back to me quickly!”

Han Chen on the side hurriedly grabbed the broom: “Uncle, this is the salary I gave them in advance. You must not refuse. Although this money is a lot, I can earn it in one day.”

“In the future, your son will follow me, and he will definitely not earn less than this. Then you can’t see your son and just have a fight?!”

Zhang Han’s heart was shocked, knowing that the Han family had posted it, he didn’t expect to make so much in one day.

Zhang Han is a farmer for generations, and I am afraid that Han Chen does not earn as much as Han Chen now.

“You tell Uncle, what you said is true?” Zhang Han asked again with some disbelief.

“Dad, Brother Chen gave us 10 aquamarine coins, and the market price is now three to four thousand one!” Zhang Yun couldn’t help but say.

“What, you two **** have something else!?”

Zhang Han raised his broom to make a gesture.

Han Chen couldn’t laugh or cry: “Uncle, let them both hold it. Follow me, I will never let them suffer!”

“Two dog things, then I let them keep? You two don’t thank others? How do I usually teach you?”

Zhang Han glared at the two of them and turned his head to Han Chen and said, “From now on, my two sons will be handed over to you. They are a bit naive. If you make any mistakes, you can fight.

“What did Uncle Zhang say…”

Leaving Zhang’s house, Han Chen took the two brothers to the chicken farm to see if there were any new invaders.

It is a pity that the outside is calm and there are no alien creatures.

When Han Chen returned home, he found that it would take an hour to enter the game, so he got some food and then watched the live broadcast with his watch.

The live broadcast industry is very hot now. A large number of anchors start the live broadcast with a mobile phone. The content of the live broadcast is also related to the invasion of alien creatures, which can be said to have earned enough attention.

Now it is even more convenient to have a watch to broadcast live. Some people claim that in God’s Domain, the eyes can replace the camera for live recording.

And there are related videos on the Internet.

The video was shot almost like a 3D surround movie, clear and real, and even the whole person can be immersed in it.

Han Chen experienced the first-person perspective. Except for no sense of touch and smell, the whole scene seemed to have been experienced personally.

“Good thing, after I went in, I kept driving until I edited a video, which might be of great use!” Han Chen’s eyes lit up.

When the Darkborn Aquastar encountered God’s Domain World, the technology was not so advanced, and there was no smart phone or the like, so I never thought that the watch could be played like this.

Watches can be anonymous, and even the most advanced hackers can’t hack into God Domain watches, so he deliberately uses an anonymous account to promote himself first, and it is much more convenient when he needs to recruit people later.

So Han Chen turned on the camera function of the watch after eating, but instead of using the first angle of view, he used the third angle of view to shoot in the air.

Han Chen found a face mask and put it on, and there was no obvious sign on his body. Even if his father came over, he would not associate this man walking like the wind with his son.

“You’re back!”

Alama greeted him far away after seeing Han Chen on the line.

Han Chen responded with a greeting and ran to the weapon dealer Rhein who spent a total of 30 azurite coins to buy a longbow, plus ten packs of quiver with a capacity of 99.

Longbow 5 aquamarine coins, 25 quiver and arrow, all shot out are spent money!

[Level 2 Longbow] Blue, damage +3, there is a certain chance of additional bleeding, and it takes 1 aquamarine coin to bring it back to reality.

[Normal Quiver] White, damage +2, 5 black crystal coins are needed to bring it back to reality.

There are not so many restrictions on the use of weapons in various professions in God’s Domain World, as long as you can use them, you can use them.

Han Chen had the memory of the Darkborn, and he could easily hit an immovable creature within a hundred meters without saying a hundred shots with a bow and arrow.

Being able to stretch a long distance and cause a certain amount of damage first, Han Chen would naturally not give up this advantage.

The monsters here are generally rough and thick, and Han Chen is unwilling to start a hand-to-hand battle with the long sword.

After Han Chen packed up his equipment, he deliberately went to the field to spot a wire-haired mouse crawling around with his **** up and shot an arrow.

The wire-haired mouse a hundred meters away was shot to the waist with an arrow, and in an instant, a red injury of [-14] floated on the wire-haired mouse’s head.

The wire-haired mouse was furious, arched his waist and wanted to shoot the bristles at Han Chen’s side, but in the next second there was another green damage of [-5], which was the poison damage from the poison talisman.

This level 2 wire-haired mouse was supposed to be a hard bone, but it was shot by Han Qiu with an arrow!

And Han Chen’s spiritual power has also changed from (76/100) to (78/100).

“If I had this equipment for a long time, I would be able to brush the Goblin Tribe alone!” Han Chen said with a slight pity.

After shaking his head, Han Chen hurriedly shot the remaining wire-haired mice one by one, confirming that there were no monsters hiding in the dark before coming out to search for the loot.

Fortunately, hard-haired mice can collect bristles that can be used to make arrows, and they can also pay back when they buy them in stores.

However, the wire-haired mouse is not Han Chen’s goal today. His goal today is the Blackstone Cavern.

There are a group of zombies that are at least level 2 elite monsters hidden in the Blackrock Cave. In addition, Han Chen has taken a fancy to the material that makes up the cave: the extremely hard black stone!

In the last civilization, it was not until a long time later that someone discovered that the caves inhabited by these “weak chicken” zombies were actually such hard materials. This material was so hard that it resisted the full blow of the 20th-level epic creatures and was safe.

As long as Han Qiu **** all the black stones into the scroll of the stone house, in a short time, it can be guaranteed that there is an absolutely safe safe house in reality.

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