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Chapter 19: Zombies

Chapter Nineteen Zombies

Han Chen excitedly posted the scroll of the stone house to the entrance of the Blackstone Cave. In the next second, the entire body of the Blackstone disappeared out of thin air.

The black stone was gone, and the hole above caused a collapse. A radius of one kilometer in front of Han Chen collapsed to a depth of 20 meters.

Han Chen did not leave. He knew that this little bit of mud could not kill the zombies inside. He wanted to take this opportunity to catch all the zombies that crawled out.

Five hundred meters ahead, a zombie covered in blue fire crawled out of the mud and looked around blankly: “Where is my cave? Where is a cave as big as mine?”

Han Chen ignored the zombie in the middle. He knew that the zombie’s level was a level 3 green leader monster. Only when he was also level 3 could he take down this zombie with confidence.

What he has to do now is to upgrade.

“It’s you, little zombie!”

Han Chen drew his bow and arrow and locked the target at the zombie who had just exposed a head not far in front of him.

The poor zombie only glanced at the sky, when two arrows flew through his head, his entire head exploded like popcorn, contributing 3 points of spiritual power to Han Chen.

“Made, I finally know why there are so many people choosing archers when playing games before, it’s so cool!”

But before he was happy for long, the zombie leader in the middle discovered that someone was actually poaching and killing his people.

He immediately roared to the sky, and then all the zombies in the mud got up and ran towards Han Chen at a speed that was swaying but absolutely comparable to a normal person’s 100-meter sprint.

“Fuck, is this so smart that it is only 2 levels higher than the goblins?” Han Chen cursed inwardly, while retreating away from the distance, he bowed his bow and fired arrows calmly.

“Human, don’t run!” The zombie leader let out a loud roar, and the flames on his body spread out in a ring.

All the zombies that were touched by the flame ring had a small flame on their heads, and the speed was also much faster, which was comparable to Han Chen’s maximum speed.

In order to prevent the zombies from catching up, Han Chen could only move forward at full speed with his bow and arrow, while controlling the watch to raise the camera to take this scene more perfectly.

When Han Chen ran two kilometers, the flames on the heads of the zombies behind him went out one by one, but the head of the zombie still didn’t let him go, regardless of whether the zombies in front were being shot by him, he still commanded. Everyone ran after him.

“The front is the territory of the Goathead Devil, I don’t believe they will follow!” Han Chen looked at the front with a hint of joy.

The monster territory in God’s Domain has a strong concept, and unless it is immortal, it will never cross the boundary.

If Han Chen can run into the territory of the sheep head demon, he will be free from the pursuit of zombies.

“Humans, destroy my homeland, you deserve to die, don’t run!”

The zombie leader roared again, and then made an unexpected move that made Han Chen unexpectedly, ignoring the goat head demon and rushed over.

“Get down, I have no intention of offending, you, I just want to kill this person!” the zombie leader roared.

A monster that looked like a leader came out of the sheep head demon, pointing to Han Chen and said: “This is my prey, my territory, you, leave!”

“Roar!” The zombie leader roared helplessly, seeming to give up and continue chasing Han Chen.

But where does Han Chen turn the creature that chased him from a zombie to a goat-headed demon?

The sheephead demon’s speed is much faster than Han Chen, so he took advantage of the two groups of monsters not paying attention, and unexpectedly returned to the zombie territory and fled in reverse.

“Chasing!” The zombie was overjoyed and turned back to chase Han Chen.

Unknowingly, those zombies who originally chased Han Chen had been reduced by half compared to before, and Han Chen’s had already reached level 3, just killing all the zombies present is likely to break through to level 4!

Simple to say, but not easy to do.

First of all, you have to let this group of zombies lose their favorable terrain and let them come to the ground from a dark cave.

Secondly, your own attributes must be enough!

The equipment on Han Chen’s body is something other people don’t possess at this stage. Even with this type of equipment, he still barely resists the wave of crowd acceleration from the zombie leader.

After Haoxuan shot and killed a few zombies at the last moment and reached level 3, he was barely able to beat them.

Finally, non-intermittent strenuous exercise requires a lot of physical strength. If there is no food to replenish physical strength, you can’t even run a short and a half distance, and it will directly become a zombie’s mouth food.

Han Chen also dared to play so thrillingly because of the drumsticks that could replenish his strength!

Today, luck, strength and equipment are indispensable, and this has led to Han Chen’s seemingly easy upgrade scene like walking a dog.

The zombie leader had nothing to do with Han Chen, he could only watch him shoot the zombies around him one by one.

At the end, only the blue and black lights were left on the road, and only the zombie leader was chasing Han Chen.

At this time, he was only a little short of reaching the level 4 of 200 spiritual power.

“Isn’t it just tearing up your nest? Is it necessary to keep chasing me?”

Han Chen said that he took out a chicken leg and stuffed it into his mouth. Long-term strenuous exercise would consume physical strength. When physical strength is consumed to a certain level, the character’s attributes will be affected.

As early as when he shot and killed the last zombie guard, he had already started shooting arrows at the zombie leader and got specific news about it.

[Zombies get angry] Level 4 commander!

“Good name, it will ruin the entire race as soon as it gets angry.”

Han Chen uttered a faint comment. He pulled the bowstring in a hurry, and a long arrow from the backpack quiver automatically appeared between his fingers. As soon as he let go, he would fly out and take away the life of the zombie in front of him!

“Human, you kill me all, clan, I will kill you!”

When the zombie got angry, seeing Han Chen finally stopped running, he roared, his hands lit a flame more than one meter high.

“Kill me? Your blood tank is almost empty and you didn’t count 13?” Han Chen smiled faintly, let go of the bowstring, and a stream of light flew past the zombie’s angry eye sockets.

The zombies could no longer hold back their anger, and roared again, leaving a ball of light all over the floor.

Among them, a group of green light is the most conspicuous.

“Fuck, I really slaughtered a zombie hole by myself and sent it!” Han Chen’s eyes lit up and immediately rushed to grab the green light ball into his hand.

[Inspiration Skill Book]: Consume 1 point of energy per second, which can increase the right speed of a radius of 5 meters by 10 points.

“Fuck, group buff, sent!”

When Han Chen saw this book, both eyes flashed into little stars!

Not only this skill book, Han Chen deliberately found a straight run when he was walking zombies. There were at least 30 or 40 blue light groups and nearly 100 black light groups on this road.

This is wasted money, ah, I will go back and ask Zheng Jian later to see if he can eat it!

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