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Chapter 2: The operation is as fierce as a tiger

Immediately afterwards, the woods were washed away again, and a person shouted in horror: “Help!”

And at his ankle, a pale hand bone was grabbing it!

Han Chen looked at it carefully.

Among the four people running in front, a middle-aged uncle, a fat man covered in fat, and two beautiful young beauties.

And behind the skeleton was a young man with yellow hair.

The man had only one animal skin skirt on his body, and the two girls had only one extra animal skin to wrap up their private parts.

Although the dress is simpler, the white legs of these two beauties are really seductive.

But now he still has the mood to care about this!

The four of them ran to Han Chen in a blink of an eye. The uncle motioned him to run quickly, and the young yellow-haired man who was caught behind was also desperately moving forward and shouting for help.

Han Chen’s eyes flashed, and he rushed up.


The skeleton holding the youth was beaten out. The youth was startled and immediately got up and ran out.

Others were shocked when they saw this scene. Ever since they came to this weird world and saw such weird things, there is no sense of resistance.

At the next moment, everyone was shocked.

Han Chen rushed to Skeleton again!

He wanted to kill it!

Han Chen’s hand suddenly emitted a dark light, and once again pressed the skeleton to the ground.

Everyone present was stunned. Is this a special soldier?

Suddenly, the woods on the other side shook violently, and two young men rushed out of it in horror.

One of the gentle young men with gold-rimmed glasses saw the crowd, his eyes were fierce, and he ran to the nearest beauty and slammed her back.

The two skeletons also came out of the woods, and happened to collide with the beauty.

“Asshole!” With red eyes, the uncle grabbed the young man who was about to run out and threw him to the ground.

This person looks gentle, but he is not such a thing!

At this moment, Han Chen changed hands, grabbed the bone knife from Skeleton’s hand, and slashed fiercely. Skeleton split his skull and crashed to the ground.

Then he saw the scene of the beauty being pushed out.

Han Chen couldn’t help cursing: “A group of coercion, a few skeleton monsters can scare you like this, it’s really good!”

Han Chen recognized these monsters.

According to the memory inheritance he got, these monsters called skeleton monsters are the lowest level monsters in the new world.

These monsters are called [Skeleton Patrolmen], they are all level 1 mobs, not powerful at all.

After Su Ho was pushed out, she fell directly into the hands of the skeleton monster. Seeing the skeleton monster raise the bone knife, she was desperate.

Suddenly, she saw an incredible scene.

A man, like a cow, directly took the skeleton monster out, and guarded him in an unrivaled posture.

At that moment, she seemed to have forgotten death, and only the man was in her mind.

After smashing the skeleton monster out, Han Chen planned to take advantage of the victory and pursue it without giving it a chance to resist, so he jumped up and pressed against the skeleton monster.

Take the bone knife and cut it.

Suddenly, there was a pain in the back, and the beauty behind her screamed, she hurriedly stepped forward and found another skeleton monster standing there.


What a cruel move!

Han Chen scolded, this level of mobs have low intelligence and stiff movements. It is easy to avoid attacks, but he focused on the other skeleton monster and didn’t notice it at all.

The two skeleton monsters rushed towards him, and Han Chen dodged the bone knives. Then a flying kick kicked a skeleton monster out.

Another skeleton monster took the opportunity to slash it over. Suddenly, Han Chen’s hands showed a gloomy light again. With the Darkborn skill, the skeleton monster’s movements immediately slowed down.

good chance!

Han Chen’s eyes flashed, and he glanced over, and the skeleton monster’s arm was chopped off.

The skeleton monster rushed towards Han Chen as if going mad!

Han Chen not only sneered, but he wanted to fight him without a weapon, so I was really bullying.

In a single step, the bone knife passed through the skeleton monster’s body, and the skeleton fell apart as soon as the blade turned.

The dead skeleton patrol soldier turned into a crystal light and penetrated into Han Chen’s body, making him energetic.

At this time, another skeleton monster also rushed up, Han Chen’s figure flashed, and the bone knife slashed from his side.

What is he!


Han Chen not only took a breath of air-conditioning, then kicked the skeleton monster to the ground, then jumped over, swiped the bone knife and hit the skeleton monster.

One, two, three…

The skeleton monster was smashed to death by Han Chen, and the bone knife in his hand suddenly disappeared, and another gleam of light was sucked into his body, and he felt that his energy and spirit were excited.

Finally dead!

Han Chen breathed a sigh of relief. Three black light **** floated where the three skeletons died.

Han Chen picked up the ball of light closest to him, and a bone knife appeared in his hand. It was almost the same as the one he had just used, and it felt pretty good.

[Skeleton Patrolman’s Low-Level Bone Knife], black low-level weapon, physical attack +1, durability 10, and 2 Somite Coins to bring back to the real world.

so comfy!

Sure enough, kill the monsters and drop the equipment. It seems that this place is similar to the game.

Han Chen waved the bone knife casually, um, it was really good, at least he had a handy weapon.

Subsequently, Han Chen collected the other two dropped black balls.

To Han Chen’s delight, the other two skeleton monsters directly exploded five Sombra coins, which is simply amazing!

After all, the black crystal coin is the currency of the new world, it is more real than the goods, and it can also bring out the things of this world, how real!

Han Chen squeezed things into the space, and suddenly heaved a sigh of relief.

At this time, several people around looked at Han Chen like a monster. This buddy was too fierce. When he saw these skeletons, he almost freaked out, and he still had the courage to fight.

On the other hand, the fierce man in front of him, with a fierce operation, made several skeletons like chopping vegetables.

But now I can breathe a sigh of relief.

After Han Chen packed up the spoils, he helped the beauty who was still lying on the ground up.

Not only was she speechless in her heart, this young girl in her twenties was a water spirit, and her skin bounced back and forth, which was many times better than her own soft glue.

Su He’s face was pale, and he was too scared to speak.

At this time, the young man with gold-rimmed glasses who pushed her out before suddenly shouted: “Hey, that kid!”

Han Chen was taken aback, that kid? Are you calling me?

The crowd was unclear, so they had to look at the youth. Seeing that Han Chen ignored him, his face was not only darkened.

“Hey! Boy, didn’t you hear this young master calling you!” The young man with gold-rimmed glasses not only increased his tone.

“What are you doing?” Han Chen was stunned.

“This monster was clearly attracted by us, so why don’t you take everything away, and quickly get the things out!” Seeing Han Chen’s response, the young man not only became proud, but he could easily obtain these things in his own capacity. Seeing Han Chen slaughter the Quartet with a bone knife, and the few zoisites, it must be a good thing.

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