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Chapter 20: Damn rich man

Chapter 20 The Damned Rich

There is no doubt about the power of the inspiring skills, if used well, he can make an elite team achieve a quick raid.

You know, the skills of God’s Domain are not only effective in the game world, but also useful in reality, and they are more effective.

Running fast to save your life is the truth. In reality, you cannot be resurrected if you die, so this green skill book is especially valuable.

Of course, in addition to the skill book, there are also many other skills that are suitable for your use. They are [Poisoning] [Broken Heart] [Throwing Specialization] [Dagger Specialization].

Coupled with the original three skills, Han Chen is considered the most skilled person at this stage.

Now the demand for skill books is in short supply, similar to the resurrection point of Skull Mountain Villa, which basically does not explode skill books, the monsters in the wild are even poorer, and it is even more difficult to come up with good things.

Even if it is a skill book similar to the gathering technique that can be brushed out in the store, few people will spend three aquamarine coins to learn.

How can I say that three aquamarine coins are worth hundreds of thousands, and most players would not spend money like this.

The ground is not only a skill book, but also a pile of equipment.

Han Chen’s original doctor’s luxurious scarlet camp suit looked a bit outdated in front of these blue equipment, and was eliminated before wearing it for a day.

Not only the armor is like this, but the short sword in his hand has also been replaced by the [Fired Short Sword].

[Flame Short Sword]: Level 4 blue, requires power 20, damage +13, and has a chance to attach a little fire or toxin attack.

If Han Chen applied the poison in the zombie’s poison sac to the dagger, if the opponent had no defense, a single cut could cause at least 25 points of damage.

The attack power of God’s Domain World is algorithmic, but does it tell you clearly?

According to the memory of the darkborn, every 2 points of strength can increase 1 point of physical damage.

The defense is added by other attributes, such as resistance.

At present, defensive equipment is the fastest thing to increase defense.

Han Chen didn’t dare to be ambiguous. After changing all his equipment, he changed the shotgun directly.

His health exceeded 100, his strength and speed both exceeded 60, and his mental strength exceeded 40.

Of course, if he takes off his equipment, his life is only 40, his power speed is also 40, and his mental strength is only a pitiful 25.

Han Chen now can easily surpass him even if he does not wear equipment to run against the world champion.

This is the intuitive change brought about by data.

After Han Chenqing ordered the equipment, he set aside what he wanted to keep, and all the other equipment intercepted the attributes and sent the pictures to Zheng Jian through the watch.

“Fuck, boss, where did you get the equipment? The scarlet suit, the name is so domineering, the attributes are so domineering, I like it, I want it, and this skill book, green, my god, there is no one on the Internet. The green skill book!” Zheng Jian yelled from the watch.

Han Chen squinted his eyes: I like to see your ignorant Yazi who uses my remaining equipment as a treasure.

“It’s all old friends, you see my good things are kept for you the first time, these things are enough to arm your team? With equipment, you can attack more advanced monsters and harvest better equipment! “

Han Chen looked at Zheng Jian’s virtual avatar as he looked at the fat sheep: “The old rule is that all the equipment is multiplied by ten times the price of the exchange back to reality. I will keep it for you if you want it!”

“But I can’t eat it!” Zheng Jian’s saliva was about to drip to the ground, but there was no crystal coin in his bag.

“You are such a big local tyrant, don’t you have one or two local tyrant friends in reality? Borrowing money, or recruiting people, I will not cheat you on this batch of goods, it is definitely cheaper than outsiders!”

Han Chen said patiently, playing with the poisoned dagger in his hand.

He is not at all afraid of accidentally slashing his skin. How can the dark descendants of the previous life fail with the short sword that has been playing for hundreds of years?

“Well, I want this batch of equipment. I will give you a 10% extra deposit first. You can exchange them into reality and I will send someone to get it!”

Zheng Jian gritted his teeth.

“I can give it to you directly in the game, why waste this money?” Han Chen added when he saw it.

“Boss, someone just went online and told me that something went wrong in reality.” Zheng Jian’s face was a bit solemn when he thought of the news he had just sent.

“Now the watch can communicate with the outside world. You can read the news on the watch yourself. Monsters have appeared in many underground projects, including subways. They are not mutant animals, but monsters like goblins!”

Han Chen was taken aback, probably knowing it.

“My dad said that where the monsters appear, the aura will increase, and there will be some alien materials. We also have several places here, so I want to take someone to try it!”

Zheng Jian stated his purpose.

Han Chen also happened to call out the news and found out that there was indeed a monster tribe in his city. This time, it was a big tribe, and it was no longer the same as before.

The government also moved quickly. It sent out military police to block dangerous places to stop the monsters from going out, and at the same time forbid others to enter.

“Can you go in?” Han Chen asked.

“I can, my dad is one of the hundred founding members of the Alliance for the Protection of the Earth. The police and the people cooperate!”

A trace of pride appeared on Zheng Jian’s face.

Han Chen’s face twitched: This **** rich man originally wanted you to pay for a few days later, but forget it now.

“Hey, what’s wrong with your face, boss? Don’t worry, with me, those monsters must not get out!”

Zheng Jian yelled.

“Hurry up and get the equipment later, I won’t charge you for the money you actually spend, but I have one condition!”

“Great boss, what do you have? Let’s talk about it!”

After talking with Zheng Jian, Han Chen packed up and went back to the Scarlet Camp to replenish the medicine bow and arrows, and then was hurriedly kicked back to the real world by the system.

Han Chen opened his eyes and hurriedly walked out of the house. After seeing that there was no accident on his side, he let the Zhang family brothers go out, and he was so polite to invite all a dozen people around him.

Seeing that people are almost here, Han Chen didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly, “Dear fathers and villagers, I’m glad you are here. Maybe everyone has heard that there is now a monster invasion outside, and the entire transportation system may be paralyzed in the future. .”

“Just say what your kid wants to say, everyone watched you grow up!” An uncle with a dry cigarette in his hand scolded with a smile.

Han Chen didn’t see outside, touched his head and said, “Hehe, then I’ll just say that there are military protections in the city, and there are millions of people. The security is definitely much safer than ours. If you are willing to go there. Life, I can find a place for you to settle, it is definitely much safer than here!”

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