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Chapter 21: Love this land deeply

Chapter 21: Deeply Loved This Land

Han Chen saw no one speaking and continued: “Of course, I don’t mind if you are willing to stay, but if there are monsters here in the future, it will depend on us, everyone must be able to do their best!”

The uncle took a sip of dry smoke and spit out a smoke ring, frowning, he also saw the online report, and he was a little worried.

Originally, there were quite a lot of people in this village, but all the people who could be moved after the incident moved out. His son and daughter-in-law also called back to persuade him, but he was really unwilling to have the few acres of land in his home.

After thinking about it for a long time, the uncle finally made up his mind and asked: “Xiaochen, tell the truth with the uncle, is this city really safer than the countryside?”

“How can this Xiaochen lie to you? People’s government calls us all to go to the city!” a fat aunt said rushingly.

Unlike the acres of land that the uncle cared about, she cared about where she would be placed.

“Xiaochen, tell your aunt, will each of us have a house? Is the location good?”

Han Chen’s face froze: “Auntie, I think this place is suitable for you, why don’t you stay and fight with us?”

“What are you talking about?” The aunt’s face was stern, “Aunty is old, how can I stay and drag you down?”

Han Chen called up the news in the watch and projected it in mid-air, saying: “My fathers and villagers, I am not pitting you. It is indeed much more dangerous here than in the city. Although the resettlement room I gave you is not big, it wins. There are all people around, safe, if you don’t go, you can only stay and prepare for battle!”

“Although house prices have fallen sharply now, they have not yet reached the point where they can be bought for 100,000 yuan. This resettlement house is worth 100,000 yuan. If you think it is worth it, go, and if it is not worth it, don’t go. I didn’t say if there are more!”

Han Chen shook his head. He made such a move today to divide these people into two groups.

A group of people who can command stay and be able to do something as a labor force, and the other group of people who are more awkward, it is better to rush far.

One hundred thousand yuan, for long-term development, Han Chen can afford it.

“Why don’t you go?”

The aunt seemed to have discovered something amazing. Her eyes lit up and her chubby fingers pointed at Han Chen and said, “Since the city is safe, why don’t you go? There must be good things here. I heard that you took the Zhang brothers for two days. I got a lot of good things!”

“…” Han Chen rolled his eyes, “Auntie, stay as long as you are willing to stay. No one cares about you. Today, I have said what I have said in place. Later, whoever of you wants to leave Zhang Qing will leave a name, no Those who are willing to go, are willing to follow me and sign a letter with Zhang Yun, and those who are not willing to live on their own, I also saved one hundred thousand yuan!”

Uncle thought about going, but still felt unable to go.

In his simple cognition, the land represents food and life!

It’s the end of the world, so in the future, everyone will not eat anymore?

“Yunzi, write the name of Uncle, I want to stay!”

“Good uncle!”

Ten minutes later, only three families remained.

One is Zhang Han’s family, the other two are the Zhang Liang, Uncle Zhang, and Wang Po and her granddaughter Zhang Yueyue.

Apart from this, no half of the households are willing to stay in this small village.

The dissatisfied aunt still cursed and went to Zhang Qing to sign.

After all, don’t want a free house for nothing.

Let’s get the house first.

“I tell you, don’t move my house and land, I will come back to plant it in the future!” The aunt said vowedly.

“Good, good, still!”

Han Chen felt a little tired. After dismissing these people, he called Wang Po Zhang Liang and others who remained in the village, “Come to my backyard.”

No one, including Han Qiu, knew what he was going to do, and even the group of people who had taken the house stretched their necks to watch.

When they arrived at the back door, Han Chen asked them to stay in place to watch, while he ran out for another three hundred meters.

When he felt that the distance was almost the same, Han Chen took out the scroll of the stone house and tore it gently, and a castle-like stone fortress was pulled up in place, shocking everyone’s eyes.

“Fuck, what is this?”

Han Chen ran up the high city wall from inside and said to the front: “This is where we will live in the future!”

The aunt stared at the stone castle with blinking eyes, and suddenly ran to Han Chen and begged: “My nephew, my aunt regrets it. My aunt wants to stay. My aunt can’t bear this piece of land. Why do I often have tears in my eyes? This piece of land is deeply in love.”

Two hours later, Han Chen appeared at a subway entrance on the outer ring of the city.

The subway system was paralyzed due to the invasion of monsters.

Now even if the monsters in the subway can be cleaned up with great effort, many important machines have been damaged.

And who knows if there will be monsters blocking the track?

The entire subway is blocked by military police outside, and most people are strictly forbidden to approach it.

Han Chen was able to come here because he got on the line of Zheng Jian.

The reason why the subway entrance is closed is not to prevent ordinary people from coming over to make a fortune, but because it is filled with monsters that kill people without blinking. It is irresponsible for them to let them in to die.

Of course, the experts who have guaranteed the protection of the Earth Alliance body are not included.

Zheng Jian personally came to pick up Han Chen for these valuable equipment, and Han Chen himself exchanged all his skills and equipment.

The invasion of God’s Domain has always coexisted both danger and opportunity.

Invaders are creatures with certain intelligence and confidence in themselves. Generally speaking, they are still rich!

Much richer than a zombie cave!

For Han Chen, if he kills enough, the 48 aquamarine coins are worth it!

On the way, Han Chen already had a certain understanding of the creatures inside. This was a group of cryptic people.

The so-called cryptic people are similar to people who live in dark crypts. See the movie Venom on all fours.

They move quickly and have thick skins. They can maintain a certain amount of mobility even if they are hit by firearms, which is much more difficult to deal with than those from other worlds.

Of course, difficult to deal with means that you will gain more.

Cryptman has a few hard claws and bones, which is a rare material.

The ready-made collection technique eliminates the **** process of skinning and deboning, and Han Chen will naturally not have the slightest psychological barrier.

These things do not require handling fees. Why not make a fortune while contributing to the country?

Han Chen put on his hood and mask, and led a team of twenty people led by Zheng Jian off the subway station.

Life is precious. If you die, you can’t do it again. Han Chen doesn’t mind helping them at a critical time.

However, most people after Zheng Fitness did not think so. They complained about why the boss brought a man wearing COSPLAY.

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