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Chapter 22: Subway blood battle

Chapter 22 Bloody Battle in the Subway

Unlike Zheng Jian, this group of people did not come to Han Chen’s village and naturally did not know the miracle of the stone castle.

I have never seen anyone with such luxurious equipment, even those sassy and high-profile local tyrants.

So naturally, I think of him as a 13 man who comes to wear 13 with a prop suit.

Take a look at the scarlet suit that their boss bought from the boss of Skull Village. It is low-key and luxurious, with dark colors and elegant patterns. It must be able to burst out with great power.

Take a look at Han Chen’s exaggerated costume that she can’t wait to shine, I bah, don’t think you can’t run too hard when you encounter a monster.

Han Chen walked ahead and suddenly made a gesture and said, “Stop, there may be an ambush ahead!”

“Shit, monsters are so smart, we humans play a ball!” The man who had been jealous and dissatisfied with Han Chen’s important task in the morning ran out and shouted.

“Shut up and listen to him!”

Zheng Jian turned his head and wanted to give that big mouth to talk, but now it’s not after, so the police can only feel looking forward, “What should I do now?”

“First form a circle, close combat is outside and long-range, they should not be many, at most they are level 2 ordinary monsters, you can deal with it!” Han Chen said.

As soon as the voice fell, a black shadow suddenly threw out from behind a pile of gravel, and a level 2 blue elite pounced on the stunned middle-aged uncle with a big mouth open.

At this time, the middle-aged uncle disappeared from the upsurge of questioning Han Chen just now, and he trembled, making it difficult to even stand firm.

When it was too late, Han Chen drew out his bow and shot an arrow. The arrow came first, and the arrow pierced the head of the crypt man, and the yellow plasma touched the head of the middle-aged uncle.

“Is it okay? Don’t be in a daze, fight!” Han Chen walked over to mention the corpse of the Cryptman who was limp on the ground and twitched, and threw a harvesting technique.

[Cryptman fangs] [Cryptman phalanx] [Cryptman heart] All three valuable places were collected and thrown into the watch.

In the realm of the gods, humans are no different from other commanding creatures, so they can collect [Crypt Human Heart].

Obviously, this is an ingredient, but Han Chen does not have the habit of eating humanoid monster meat, but it can’t be wasted. The dog summoned by his father that can permanently exist and occupy the summoned beast grid can be strengthened by constant eating. .

Of course, the summoned beast can also be upgraded by hunting monsters in the world of the gods, but that will inevitably slow down the pace of his father’s upgrade.

So this heart is for his father’s summoned beast.

In reality, killing monsters can collect useful things from every part of the monster’s body, but unfortunately, it can’t provide spiritual power, and it will not drop equipment.

But this is enough.

Han Chen picked up the [Furious Short Sword] as soon as the harvesting technique fell, and solved the two Cryptmen one by one, only to see the others smack their tongues.

The middle-aged man blushed and picked up the huge sword, shouting “Demacia” in his mouth, jumping up and giving a sword to a caveman, and the caveman was only cut and lying on the ground, shaking his head twice before dragging it. The arm that has been chopped off continues to rush forward!

Upon seeing this, the middle-aged man seemed to have recovered his state in God’s Domain, and shouted again: “For the Alliance”, he gave the Cryptman another sword.

After one sword, another four or five swords were taken, until this time the crypt was completely killed.

On the other hand, Han Chen, one person has already solved the four Cryptmen, one of which is obviously much higher than the others, obviously a level 3 or 4 monster.

Look at the other people, even a few people teamed up to barely solve a Cryptman.

The uncle was also lucky just now. The Cryptman was fast, but he couldn’t change direction in the air, and just hit his blade, otherwise, he would be rescued by Han Chen for the second time!

After all, it was a team that had gone out for training many times and got new equipment and skills. So three minutes later, the team that had adapted to the rhythm easily eliminated the entire Cryptman sneak attack team.

But even with Han Chen’s care, a few people were injured accidentally.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of nurses in the team, so they are treated soon.

At this time, everyone looked at Han Chen with admiration and gratitude.

“Boss, I questioned you just now that I was wrong, I apologize to you!” The middle-aged uncle ran to Han Chen and blushed and held his hand.

This smile looks like gay.

Han Chen was so cold that he drew out his hand, “No thanks, everyone is a compatriot, and we should take pictures of each other!”

“Yes, yes!” The uncle didn’t mind Han Chen, watching him gradually smile into a pervert.

At this time, Zheng Jian had time to run to Han Chen and asked: “Big brother, awesome, we can only kill several of us together. You stabbed to death with a single knife. If the attack power is high enough, when will we be promoted? I give money!”

Han Chen is now preparing to pull up a team by himself, so naturally he won’t be distracted to do other things, so he shook his head and said: “I was lucky and met a group of silly zombies. I recorded the video and uploaded it to the Internet anonymously.

“Fuck, the boss deserves to be the boss!” Zheng Jian said again.

“By the way, how did you know there was an ambush here?” Zheng Jian asked after turning around.

“First of all, the terrain here is suitable for ambushes, surrounded by large pillars, steps and other hidden objects, and secondly, I can smell their sour smell!” Han Chen pointed to a crypt that had not been broken down into particles by the harvesting technique. Humanity: “Maybe, you will need to recruit a few veterans in your team in the future.”

“This is a good idea!” Zheng Jian’s eyes lit up, thinking about the possibility of recruiting veterans.

Han Chen could give him too much time. After resting for two or three seconds, he pointed to the dark passage in front of him and said, “The caveman’s lair is in front, and there is no light in there. I suggest you don’t go in, just hunt outside. !”

“How about you?”

“I want to go in alone!”

After speaking, Han Chen strode forward.

Just kidding, can I tell you that treasures are only found in the depths of the cave?

Han Chen is bound to win this treasure!

Two minutes later, Han Chen was able to display his fist without Zheng Jian’s team.

He wears a helmet with a flashlight on his head, and with this light he can see things around him clearly in the dark.

Like moths, cryptic people rushed to Han Chen quickly.

In the other part of the crypt, there were nearly five or six people standing in a small cave, all wearing military uniforms, hiding behind the cave and leaning on a small opening to resist the cavemen outside.

It’s not that they are not strong, but if you turn on the lights in this cave, these cave people will rush here like a small blue pill.

In desperation, the lights can only be turned off, but after turning off the lights, they can’t see anything. The opponent’s Cryptman is not only fast, but also familiar with the terrain and sees darkness as nothing.

Many comrades in arms have already been sacrificed.

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