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Chapter 23: The first treasure chest in life

Chapter 23—The First Treasure Chest in Life

Fortunately, the six people groped and found a small cave.

Otherwise, I am afraid that the six of them would have already explained here.

Suddenly, the Cryptman at the entrance of the cave stopped attacking, and a faint light gleamed in the distance.

“Couldn’t someone come in again?”

“do not know!”

“No, we have to go and save them!”

“Save them? With your current state? Wait thirty seconds, and after taking the medicine to recover, we will break out of the bright place. Now it is a free gift!”

“it is good!”

Thirty seconds later, the six-person squad, which had recovered most of its condition, moved forward with its weapons. The equipment on the head of the leader was wiped out for durability, and he could only put a long knife across his chest to form the first course.

Three or two scattered along the way saw a few people rushing over. These people barely gained some vision with the dim light of their mobile phones. The group of three, back to back, also killed a few Cryptmen.

It took ten minutes to complete the distance of only two hundred meters.

However, several people were stunned after turning a small bend.

There was a tall Roshan in front of him. On the Roshan was a man with a flashlight on his head. He stepped on a crypt man who was still in twitching, and there was a knife hanging on his right hand. The head of the Cryptman who just flew over.

Han Chen solved the last cryptic man, and just about to shake his head and take a rest, he saw six soldiers coming out from the corner.

Han Chen laughed at them, then turned his head and pointed at the Roshan: “Mine!”


Han Chen’s superior demeanor was suddenly dispelled by this round.

“We will never **** your things, dare to ask your surname, are you interested in joining our military?” the headed naked man asked with a smile.

“No interest!” Han Chen waved his hand, taking care of himself to throw a collection technique on the Roshan.

Just now, he didn’t have time to be distracted, and the other was to use the corpse to build a wall of flesh around him to prevent nothing around him from leaking.

Now that they have been resolved, naturally they must be collected one by one.

By then, throwing it to Zhang Han, who can build equipment, can create a lot of good things.

“Which, our treatment will definitely be better than those companies that protect the Earth Alliance, you think about it again?” The man was unwilling to give up and continued: “As long as you join us, I can call the shots and grant you a house in the city center. I’ll give you a base salary of ten blue crystal coins in a month!”

“I am not protecting the Earth Alliance body. I really have no interest in being restrained. I’m sorry.” Han Chen had thrown nearly a hundred collection techniques while talking, and the corpse on the ground disappeared instantly.

“Then do we have something to call you? Is it convenient to leave a call?”

Han Chen waved his hand without answering, turned and disappeared into the darkness.

“What a drag!”

A young soldier was so angry that he was scolded by the man as soon as his voice fell: “People have helped us so much. We can’t talk about it without joining us. Let’s go and see if Xiao Liu and the others have any relics left!”

After the man said this, his eyes were red.

They said that they came out together and went back together, but ended up in the mouth of a monster.

“Let’s go!”

Over there, Han Chen solved a few scattered crypt people, and found their lair smoothly. Sure enough, they saw a golden treasure chest in their lair.

In addition to the treasure chest, there are a lot of low-level equipment. For a long time, I wanted to receive the equipment in the watch first, but somehow I thought of the group of soldiers I just met.

“Forget it, leave it to you, I want a treasure chest, this is the first treasure chest in my life!”

Han Chen whispered and stretched his hand over the treasure chest.

At the moment when the treasure chest was in contact with Han Chen, he recognized his earthlings, and instantly bounced, revealing a bag lying inside, a volume of skill books, and a crystal.

Han Chen took it and found that there was a bag of dark grass seeds and the cultivation method of dark grass inside.

Dark grass can make people have a certain degree of vision in the dark, and it only affects everyone once, and just consume it.

If you don’t pick it after maturity, it will quickly reproduce the next generation of dark grass seeds.

If there is enough spiritual land, countless dark grasses can be multiplied, which is of great strategic significance to the entire country.

Han Chen thought for a while, took out ten seeds to save for his own use, and all the rest was handed over to the country.

This kind of thing, Han Chen will not be ambiguous.

From the education that Han Chen received when he was a child, this kind of education is still there, and he will definitely not make the country difficult to make money.

In addition to the dark grass seeds, the other two items belonged to him.

The skill book can be learned without any restrictions [Departure]

“Fuck, I didn’t expect to have this magical skill now!” Han Chen was extremely surprised.

[Dedicated Strike] It can increase the power of the next blow by five times, but after ten seconds it enters a strong and weak state, and its attributes are reduced by 90%.

This skill in the previous life is a very controversial skill. People who use it well can kill countless high-level monsters with it, and those who use it badly become the ghosts at the feet of the monsters.

In the face of a strong opponent, it is a situation where the opponents are not killed in a single outbreak, and the attributes are reduced by 90%, and they will die if they are touched.

Naturally it is a very powerful skill with great power and drawbacks!

But Han Chen is different. He has hundreds of years of experience in the use of [Darkborn One Strike] and the skill [Darkborn Steal], which greatly improves the survival rate.

That’s why Han Chen was so surprised.

As for the crystal-like thing, it is called the [mental force ball], which contains ten thousand points of mental power.

As long as you hold it, how much mental power it consumes can be instantly replenished, which can be described as a rare artifact for a mage.

Han Chen wouldn’t let this kind of personal thing out, put it in his watch, maybe when he would use it.

Han Chen took another look at the surrounding environment, and finally found another equipment stand to build equipment.

After putting the equipment table into the watch, he left with satisfaction.

At this time, if it were not for restraint, he would have to hum a song.

By coincidence, he met those soldiers who hadn’t walked to his teammates to condense their bodies, so he asked: “Are you a soldier? Can you give you your number?”

The young soldier over there was sad looking at the corpse of his teammate, and when he saw Han Chen’s appearance, he became angry and said, “Why give you this!”

Han Chen ignored him and threw the seeds of the dark grass to the military, saying: “I will give my stuff to your military. Within a month, I hope this stuff will appear in the outside world. I will spread it in one year. If you can’t hear the dark grass news on the Internet, I’ll find you. By the way, you can walk inside, there are a lot of weapons and equipment!”

After speaking, Han Chen took out his watch and took a picture of the man, and then left.

And the man was shocked when he saw the introduction about Dark Grass in his hand, and he didn’t even know when Han Chen left.

“Squad leader, squad leader, what are you in a daze!”

The captain regained his senses and quickly put the dark grass in his watch. Seeing Han Qiu’s absence, he only sighed with emotion: Good guy!

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