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Chapter 24: Video that sparked hot debate

Chapter 24 The Video That Aroused Hot Discussion

As soon as Han Chen walked out of the crypt, he was surrounded by Zheng Jian who was waiting here.

“Boss, you really are safe and sound!” Zheng Jian looked at Han Chen with admiration.

Han Chen waved his hand: “Come on, it’s just good luck. Fortunately you didn’t go in just now, otherwise there may be no bones left!”

Zheng Jian naturally knew how many points he was, and he didn’t blame him, he twisted his fingers and said: “Have you met any good products in the boss? Can you buy me something you don’t need?”

“No, give it all to others.”

“What? Give it to someone?”

“Yes, proactive, free.”

Han Chen, who had been acting in front of Zheng Jian for a while, only felt refreshed, and he couldn’t help laughing when he thought about the incredible look in Zheng Jian’s eyes just now.

After walking out of the subway station, even the air felt fresh.

Ten minutes later, Han Chen’s thoughts drifted away.

Although there are still cavemen in the subway, the rest should be easy to deal with under the hunt of the military.

With the dark grass, even if the underground is darker, they will be able to adapt, right? Can help them reduce some casualties! ?

The water blue star in my memory was caught by the monster because he didn’t understand anything in the early stage.

And the progress of the earth is faster than the water blue star, which makes Han Chen a little uneasy.

He sat on the Cheng Dong car that rushed over to pick him up, and immersed himself in his watch again, editing the things he had taken eight hours before.

First, I showed them the various shops in the Scarlet Camp and the attributes of the items in them, and then sent out the zombies in the Scarlet Camp.

Of course, the whole process is mosaic!

In this way, it can inspire people’s brains, enhance their confidence, and most importantly, can stimulate their desires.

Whether it’s the blue and black lights all over the floor or the various things in the store, the most important thing is that Han Chen clearly marked the price of his harvest: God’s Domain guides the price of 400 aquamarine coins!

Excluding the money earned by selling the equipment you left behind to the local tyrants: 480 Kyanite coins!

Equivalent to soft sister coin: about 18 million!

Some people may not understand the blue crystal coin, but everyone knows the soft sister coin.

Earning so much in less than eight hours is crazy.

In just half an hour, this video was topped by major video websites, and many people were frantically looking for the man whose author ID was the ‘Day Plan’.

“Fuck, a real man should hack monsters like this, I think how easy he hacks monsters? I will also get a bow and arrow to increase the speed to try!”

“Upstairs, you have to have enough attributes, you think I haven’t tried it? Paralyzed, shot a wildebeest, but was overtaken before running out a few steps, the wildebeest is not too bloody. “

“Hahaha, your agility is too low, let me add more Quan Min.”

“Young man, I will get three knives to kill a wildebeest with all my strength. Can you break the defense with a little more Quan Min? Do you have enough bows and arrows?”

“Then I will get a good outfit first.”

“You can afford it? The man I saw in the video should be a tyrant! Did you see that equipment? Obviously a suit. I don’t know how many suites the price is!”

“Evil soft sister coin player, this is playing God’s Domain as a private server.”

“Coach, I want to learn this!”

Nearly half of the seven billion players on the planet are watching this video, and the online comments soon exceed one million.

The magic is that all I see is the language of my country.

Many people gave birth to a lot of thoughts and sent comments, which greatly expanded the horizons of netizens.

Some wealthy local tyrants and rich second generations are going to spend a lot of money to get a set of equipment similar to the video, and then go in and try if it works.

A video triggered a heated discussion that lasted for a long time, and it was not suppressed until a more shocking video half a day later.

The founder of the video is now placing the three remaining people.

God’s Domain World will give people a variety of choices, and some auxiliary occupations do not require a high level to be competent.

Han Chen couldn’t bear to let these three commit suicide until they could take care of the Skull Village. Even if the level of these three is not high, they can still play a very high role.

First of all, Zhang Liang’s talent is the planting bonus, which can increase the yield of the planted plants by 20%.

As he wished, he was able to accomplish something in farming, and Han Chen directly gave him five dark grass seeds to try first.

And Wang Po and her granddaughter have one talent for gathering skills and the other for equipment repair skills.

Han Chen was overjoyed and hurriedly handed over his equipment to his granddaughter to repair it.

Of course, repairing also requires raw materials. If you don’t have equipment of the same source, you can only repair with coins of the corresponding color level.

For example, a piece of equipment with a value of 10 Kyanite Coins and a durability of 0 requires 1 Kyanite Coin to be repaired, and the cost is equivalent to half the cost of taking it from the real world of God’s Domain.

But if this equipment has a durability of 5/10, then only 0.5 Kyanite coins are enough.

By analogy, it is not easy to repair the equipment and put the equipment into reality.

In addition, Han Chen also found the Zhang family brothers and family, gave them some skill books, and then gave Zhang Han the iron platform.

With the iron bar, you can not only build more powerful equipment, but also shorten the build time.

Han Chen gave him all the bones and teeth collected during the subway trip, and asked him to make bone arrows, and then put them in his watch ready to use them.

The Cryptman’s heart was thrown to Lao Huai. The guy was not afraid, and the roots of the tree buries his heart in the mud.

After finishing everything, Han Chen solemnly gathered a total of 10 people, including Chen Dong and his wife, and 11 people had a good meal of outsider chicken.

At the table, Han Chen toasted: “From now on, we will be a family!”

Not drinking, it is necessary to stay awake during extraordinary periods.

The Sprite in Han Chen’s bag shook, but it smelled of red wine.

The others seemed to smell the smell of wine, dreaming of a better tomorrow, and were all drunk.

Each of them was arranged very well, very fulfilling, and very satisfied.

Especially the single Zhang Liang, once again experienced what it’s like to have a family.


Zhang Liang shouted.


After the family banquet, what should be continued, Han Chen basically pointed out everyone.

With the help of the Zhang brothers from his parents, he should be able to upgrade soon.

Just before the game time at six o’clock in the evening, Zheng Jian suddenly called, “Big brother, bullshit, big money, dark grass seed donated when you donate it?”

“You knew already?”

Han Chen felt relieved: Zheng Jian could know, it means that the soldier handed over the things, and there was no concealment from it.

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