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Chapter 25: Anchor Xiao Wu

Chapter 25 Anchor Xiao Wu

“My dad told me that he found it from the subway station I went to. I thought of you all of a sudden. I can’t see that you have such a great side!” Zheng Jian slapped his tongue.

“Just say what you want to say, I will enter the game later!” Han Chen said with a toothache.

“Then I’ll just say it straight. I want to ask if my team and I can enter the Scarlet Camp? Are you all friends!”

“Seven days, in seven days I will announce the method of entering Scarlet Camp on the Internet.”

“What about other places? Do you know how to get in?” Zheng Jian asked quickly.

“I can’t tell that you are very patriotic.” Han Chen heard Zheng Jian’s implication and turned against General Yijun.

“I can tell you this now. I was able to enter the Scarlet Camp because of luck. There are novice villages similar to the Scarlet Camp in other places, but I can’t help you!”

“Just to tell you, you don’t have to be too rushed. There are seven billion people on the earth, and the entire village of Skull and Bones is only a hundred miles away? There are a lot of resources, one step at a time!”

“Okay, then I’ll hang up first!” Zheng Jian was slightly disappointed. If this God’s Domain is really a game, it would be great, and I can still find a strategy.

But now, who would really treat God’s Domain as a game world?

Is there a game world that can cause dramatic changes in reality?

Han Chen, no matter how disappointed Zheng Jian on the other end of the phone is, his first consideration is how to manage his three-acre land.

According to his mother at the dinner table tonight: her good sister will move in tomorrow.

The thought of Liu Lihua’s good sister’s daughter gave him a headache.

Take a look at the time, it’s six o’clock, yes, quickly enter the world of God’s Domain!

After entering the game, Han Chen first handed over the task of clearing the zombies for 10 Kyanite coins, and then went to the store again to see if there were any new ones.

At the same time, an anchor on the shark live broadcast platform on the watch started the live broadcast.

Shark Live is China’s largest live broadcast platform. Now that there is no barriers to language and Internet speed firewalls, many foreigners have also poured into this live broadcast platform.

Of course, most of the previous live broadcasts of singing, dancing and playing games have disappeared and replaced them with the live broadcast of God’s Domain.

Everyone is a savvy person and moves quickly.

Many anchors do have technology, which attracts many people to watch.

However, there are already strange things in the thousands of live broadcasts.

When Liu opened the live broadcast on the sofa, he saw the name of the room and laughed: “This female anchor is really a horse worm, called the anchor’s 1,000 ways to die. The key is that the person is pretty cute.”

Liu yelled and clicked in and saw a cute little girl standing on a cliff.

She was wearing a pink rabbit sweater, with her hands curled in her sleeves to her chest, her beautiful eyes were slightly closed, and the sun’s rays on her body formed a beautiful picture.

Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes and pointed at the virtual camera in the ruins in the air and grinned: “Okay, welcome everyone to Xiao Wu’s live broadcast room. This live broadcast room has been professionally used for thirty years. God’s Domain World has only ways to die that you can’t think of. , There is no way to die that I can’t do!”

Liu was stunned by the huge contrast. He didn’t know if the cigarette fell on the ground and turned it upside down.

“Oh, Mad, I took the cigarette upside down and burned myself, Xiao Ma, come and see if this anchor was the one that stewed himself in the iron pot last year!”

“Fuck, really!”

With two exclaims, the anchor named Xiao Wu took a leap and fell off the cliff, dead, very peaceful!

Three seconds later, Xiao Wu was reborn. She immediately exhaled the virtual camera and pointed at the other side of the screen: “The old guys haven’t seen you for a long time, how about it? The way of death just now is not enough? Is there any kind of thing about to substitute my first perspective? Feel like peeing in your pants?”

“Come on, let’s see where it is and how convenient is it… Fuck, Old Lu!?”

“Lu what? The anchor’s lawyer’s letter warned, don’t make fun of the dead anchor!”

“My Lu did not hang up, everyone spit out before leaving.”

“Don’t tell me, it’s funny that the person on the other side sees a beautiful woman suddenly appearing next to him, don’t go back, our Xiao Wu is not a monster who can eat people, why are you backing away!”

The audience laughed.

But gradually something went wrong.

“Fuck, what’s the situation, do these two people really know each other?”

“That’s okay? If seven billion people can meet after committing suicide in God’s Domain, it is less likely than winning the lottery and then being killed by a comet?”

“Your focus is wrong, don’t you feel familiar with the people here?”

“Don’t you say that I haven’t paid attention yet. Did those businessmen shoot the “Plan for a Day” before? The master looks exactly like the master on the Internet!”

“Fuck it, really, but is this a bug? Doesn’t it mean that Novice Village can’t be reborn in?”

“It may be that the rules have changed. No, I have to go in and take a look. She shut down the live broadcast anyway.”

In God’s Domain World, the two hadn’t realized their impact on the outside world, and looked at each other around a tree stump with big eyes and small eyes.

“Well, Xiaoyuan, why are you here?” Han Chen asked with a sad face.

Wu Yuan took off her sweater and hat and smiled sweetly at Han Chen: “Old Han, why don’t you count me here? Isn’t this to be able to get close to you?”

“But, why did you get in here? This is the Scarlet Camp, you can’t be reborn randomly.”

While speaking, Han Chen straightened up.

To be honest, he naturally cannot be afraid of Wu Yuan.

It’s just that his mother used to treat Wu Yuan’s daughter-in-law all the time. I don’t know how it got to her ears. Since then, she has been entangled with him. If there is nothing to do, she can make a little prank or make a little request.

With the relationship between the two families, he could not sue, he could only suffer.

Therefore, it has been a long time since Han Chen saw Wu Yuan again, which seemed a little uncomfortable.

“Well, it’s just right that you are here, first adapt to the environment, and I will take you to upgrade!” Han Chen felt a little headache while holding his head.

“Hey, how many strong people take me to level up, why come to you so unhappy!”

Wu Yuan was unhappy and gave Han Chen a stomping, pouting mouth and rolling her eyes for three consecutive times.

Han Chen retired and quickly told Rao: “I’m very willing, I can’t wait to upgrade you every day!”

“Huh, this is almost the same, Old Han, open the way ahead!” Wu Yuan walked to Han Chen with a proud face.

The two people talked and laughed, but the audience waiting in the live broadcast room was anxious. They still wanted to ask what happened!

A well-informed person came back and sent a sentence: Don’t wait anymore. Someone proved that Rebirth can directly enter the big novice village like Scarlet Camp. Below is the video link.

But few people dare to commit suicide.

Those who dared to mention the surge of suicide are willing to abandon the efforts of the previous few days and the network of connections to commit suicide again.

Those who are willing to come back can realize that they are alone, and go to the Novice Village without a level or equipment. I am afraid that they can’t beat even the level 2 ordinary monsters outside the village.

It is gold, it will shine everywhere!

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