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Chapter 26: An arrow in the dog's head

Chapter 26: An Arrow in the Dog’s Head

After the old days, Han Chen bought a set of 1st-level black outfits for Wu Yuan in the store, and bought her three basic wizard skill books, namely [Fireball] [Ice Blade] and [Magic Shield] ].

Wu Yuan’s innate skill is a [Mage’s Pride] that can increase spell damage by 10%

This innate skill is a buff type, does not need to consume mental power, can always be activated, unlimited use.

It can be regarded as one of the rare buffs in the mage, but it is much better than those buff skills that consume mental energy and have a time limit!

It can be said that Wu Yuan is a born mage!

When Wu Yuan put on a mage uniform and held the staff, let alone, Han Chen really felt a little amazing.

“How is it? Am I handsome now?”

“Handsome, handsome, I’m almost fascinated by you!”

Han Chen recovered and said with anger.

“Hehe, in order to express my gratitude to you, I won’t say bad things about you when I go back this time!”

Wu Yuan saw a wire-haired mouse while she was talking. She waved the staff in her hand and shouted: “Take it to death, take a blow from my magic dancer, and the dark energy!”

A scorching fireball hit the wire-haired mouse with precision, but it was a pity that it could not be killed.

Upon seeing this, Han Chen took out a wooden arrow and ended up roaring the wire-haired mouse. He turned his head and looked speechlessly at Wu Yuan and said, “What’s your slogan? Also, shut down the live broadcast. You just shut me down. I haven’t asked you to settle the matter of exposure!”

“An la An, I will mosaic your whole person by then, don’t worry!”

Wu Yuan looked back and waved and smiled.

Han Chen’s face was dark, “Fart, you treat me as a fool, now there are pictures of me everywhere on the Internet!”

“Didn’t this make you a master of Internet celebrity? It’s good!” Wu Yuan secretly laughed, seeing Han Chen’s face still dark, and she screamed and turned off the live broadcast: “Okay, listen to you That’s it! Why are you so angry!”

“I’m not angry!” Han Chen took a deep breath, exhaling the hot and muddy gas in his chest and pulling out a smiling face, “I’m really not angry.”

“You are obviously angry.”

“Well, I was really angry just now.”

“Do you know why I am angry? I am not angry that you exposed me, I am angry that you treat this game too much.”

Han Chen sighed: “It doesn’t matter how many times you die in the game, but what if outside the game? The monsters outside will get stronger and stronger. Have you heard of the subway station being invaded by monsters? In the morning, I saw a lot of soldiers’ Corpse. I’m worried, one day I am gone, who can protect you!”

Wu Yuan was said to lower her head, her fingers stirred the corners of her clothes, and said in a voice that only she could hear: “Then you can protect me for the rest of my life?”

Wu Yuan, who had been “learned” a few sentences, was finally “faithful”. Although she would still be weird, she took a serious attitude when she encountered monsters.

Although, most of the time the opponent was Han Chen down with a bow and arrow.

To Han Chen’s surprise, his father brought the Zhang family brothers here just two hours later.

According to Han Qiu’s own statement: Many people outside say that they have entered the newbie village to level up, and we must not fall behind.

Well, Han Chen was so embarrassed that he proposed to leave Wu Yuan to practice leveling alone on the first day, so he had an excuse.

Let Wu Yuan go back to receive them directly, and practice leveling with the army.

Han Chen’s attitude is very clear, that is to strengthen himself first, and then seek to group things together.

He was somewhat affected by the memory of the Darkborn. In the memory of the Darkborn, he had always acted alone, so he would naturally choose this subconsciously when it was his turn.

Without the drag of Wu Yuan, Han Chen can challenge monsters that are more difficult to benefit from, such as brushing the zombie cave that has been restored to its original state.

The world of God’s Domain uses the day as a cycle, and the monsters or substances previously brushed out will be refreshed every night at 6 o’clock.

The monsters and monsters in the worthless environment are the fastest, and they can be brushed out on time in one day.

The second is the equipment on the monster, which can only be refreshed after half a day after the monster is refreshed.

Then there are important materials around the monster, such as a blue-quality copper mine. I dug a piece today. It will take seven days for this copper mine to be refreshed again.

Equipment and important materials will adjust the refresh time according to their own preciousness.

The entire world of God’s Domain has a system that has been continuously improved for hundreds of millions of years, and it will never let you get into any loopholes.

So although the zombies in the zombie cave were reborn at this time, Han Chen thought for a while that these poor ghosts should not have any good equipment, so he set his sights on another group of kobolds.

Kobolds are obviously much stronger than zombies, they belong to level 4 elite creatures, and their speed is not weaker than Han Chen.

In this regard, Han Chen said that I don’t want to play tricks, I want to be strong!

Kobolds are similar to humans in behavior, except for a dog head on their head.

Therefore, in Han Chen’s eyes, each house represents an unknown treasure. You don’t know how many good things they hide in the house.

Of course, it is also possible that there is nothing inside, and the family is surrounded by walls.

Facing the group of kobolds, Han Chen did not relax his vigilance, first slowly observed their distribution around, and then started from the very edge, standing at the maximum range of the bow and arrow and started shooting.

Soon, a kobold who was in a daze on the edge got an arrow in the head.

“Before, I didn’t know how the human head in my mother’s mouth was different from ours, until my dog ​​got an arrow in the head.”

“I turned my head and saw a monster with an ugly mouth and nose. I know that this is the human in my mother’s mouth.”

“I was furious, took my dearest bone stick and rushed over.”

“I thought I could rush over and easily smash his ugly head until my dog ​​hit another arrow in the head.”

Han Chen looked at the kobold lying in front of him and wiped the sweat from his forehead: “Fuck, it’s pretty fast, I shot two arrows with Uncle Zhang’s bone arrow to die!”

With Han Chen’s current attack power combined with the upper bone arrow’s armor-breaking, it is almost impossible to deal with mobs of the same level as him.

Sometimes, Han Chen wondered if he was an assassin at all, or should he change his job to an archer in the future?

Han Chen laughed, dispelling his naive thoughts, then picked up the bow and arrow to repeat the hunting action just now.

However, this time the kobold’s reaction was quick. Only five kobolds were killed, and the whole tribe discovered something was wrong. Many kobolds walked out of the house to patrol spontaneously.

If Han Chen is strong enough, he will most likely be chased by a group of kobolds.

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