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Chapter 27: Hell Two-headed Dog

Chapter 27 The Hell Two-Headed Dog

While Han Chen was hesitant to spend time flying the kite, Zheng Jian’s call request came from the watch.

Han Chen pleaded: “Master Zheng is not bringing the team to level up at this time, how can he have the time to call me?”

“Haha, boss, isn’t this rich anymore? Thinking about sending you a red envelope and turning it over, by the way, please do me a favor!”

“What’s busy?”

“Did you watch the news? You guys, but someone has entered in your place. Now your place is not a unique resource. Why don’t you let my brother go in? Can you bring me some teleportation scrolls? Honestly , I can’t wait that long, I will pay a million!”

Han Chen thought about it for a while, and agreed, “Okay, you just send someone over and wait. A teleporting scroll can only transmit ten people. How many do you want?”

“Five cards are enough, thank you boss! Goodbye boss!”

Han Chen was taken aback: “Oh, development is fast enough! There were only twenty people here before!”

After hanging up the phone, Han Chen lost his mind as a kobold walker.

He suddenly felt that there was a problem with his strategy from the beginning.

He is different from the Darkborn, the Darkborn is a true genius, a lucky person who can always turn dangers into profit.

And he is not a Darkborn? Why do you keep imitating him?

Since I am just one person now, why come to provoke these gregarious monsters? Why not find a single one?

Singled against the leader monster, the benefits may not be less than killing a group of elite monsters.

Han Chen scolded himself secretly, and then called up the positions of the single monsters in his memory, preparing to kill them one by one.

But before that, Han Chen still has one thing to do, which is to find the small teleportation array in the wild and activate it!

The reason why the Scarlet Camp is called Novice Village by Han Chen is not only because it has a perfect system for novices, but also because it can be transferred to Alama after it reaches level 10.

There is a large teleportation formation in the Scarlet Camp, which can send transferees to larger cities.

In addition to the big teleportation array, the Scarlet Land is also scattered with large and small teleportation formations. These small teleportation formations are independent of each other and only connected with the big teleportation formation of the Scarlet Camp, and can only be used by the current civilization.

But the only drawback is that after entering the game, you must find the small teleportation arrays one by one to activate them before they can be used.

Han Chen is five kilometers away from the Scarlet Camp. If he keeps replenishing his energy and running without interruption, it will take about ten minutes, which is not even if there are monsters in the middle or the terrain that needs to be detoured.

With the teleportation array, you don’t even need crystal coins and you can go back and forth for free.

Han Chen naturally wouldn’t give up this opportunity and quickly activated the small teleportation formation next to the Kobold tribe.

After activation, Han Chen followed his memory and found a cave not far from the kobold tribe. There was a huge two-headed dog inside, the first monster he was going to single out today.

[Hell Double-headed Dog] King-level creature!

A few words show the power of this creature, even the initial exploration technique granted by the system can only detect a name, not even the level.

But Han Chen knew that this was a level 4 monster.

“Haven’t you slashed a king-level monster? I’ll take you today!”

Han Chen whispered to cheer himself up, and after speaking, he took out the bone arrow, first quenched the poison, then took a deep breath and aimed, hoping that the first shot would be able to hit high enough damage.

He knew that facing such an enemy, he had no chance to shoot a second arrow.

Sure enough, an arrow flew to the dark red fur of the **** two-headed dog. The high-speed rotating arrow only penetrated halfway, and a [-5] floated out of the two-headed dog’s head, which explained its terrible defense!

“Wow!” One head of the **** two-headed dog screamed up to the sky, but the other head had already opened its blood basin and commanded its limbs to fly toward Han Chen.

The distance of one hundred meters is just three or four seconds.

Han Chen put away his bow and arrow, grabbed a packet of bone meal mixed with poison and threw it forward.

The medicine packet hit the dog’s head and suddenly exploded.

The two-headed **** dog took a sip without checking, and sneezed out with a huge sneeze with its mouth open, blowing the dust in the sky even further.

However, this dust also only caused a pitiful little damage to the Hell Two-headed Dog. Obviously, it is not only rough and thick, but also has first-class resistance.

But this is enough.

Wearing a sunglasses mask, Han Chen seized the opportunity and deceived coquettishly. The flaming short sword in his hand stabbed fiercely and caused 60 points of damage. A sword almost turned this **** two-headed dog into a **** one-headed dog.

The **** two-headed dog reacted quickly, reluctantly slapped in the direction just now.

But Han Chen had already started sneaking and easily retreated ten meters away.

The blow just now, [backstab] + [slaying blow] caused five times the damage, and also caused Han Chen to weaken for ten seconds.

However, with the cover of dust and [sneak], he still managed to retreat.

As usual, Han Chen didn’t dare to play like this. Not to mention that the Hell’s two-headed dog’s eyes could see through the primary sneak, and just its dog nose could easily sniff where he was.

“Hell-headed dog, it seems that you are destined to be destroyed in my hands today!”

Han Chen looked at the two-headed **** dog that had completely blown away the dust in the distance, and didn’t panic at all.

“Come on, let me see how far you are from me!”

Han Chen and the Hell Double-headed dog rushed out at the same time, the half-dangling dog’s head had recovered under the rules of God’s Domain, and the dog’s head on the right sprayed flame and venom respectively.

The flame burned the skin, and the venom penetrated the blood. I don’t know how many people died in the face of this trick.

Han Chen shook his hand weak, his speed improved, and he avoided the blow as soon as he dodges.

Seeing that the spell didn’t work, the two-headed **** dog opened its mouth-sized dog to bite Han Chen’s neck.

Han Chen’s figure was short, and the most accurate stomach was viscerated again, almost cutting his stomach.

“Wow!” The **** two-headed dog felt the coldness of the dagger on its lower abdomen, wailed and jumped to the opposite side and turned his head two spell balls.

Han Chen didn’t have time to react, and rolled to the left, but was still halfway through the flames.

Han Chen only felt hot and painful, like flames burned into his bones, but in the next second, these painful calls and injuries turned into a [-36] damage value floating from his head.

At this time, he had only two-thirds of his blood left, and his physical strength had dropped significantly.

Han Chen immediately took a Huixue Dan and a chicken leg.

The two-headed **** dog on the opposite side didn’t take advantage of the victory and pursued it. He raised his head to the moon and took a mouthful of moonlight, and the words [+30] floated on his head.

King-level creature, terrifying!

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