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Chapter 28: First kill plan

Chapter 28 The First Kill Plan

Han Chen was very happy, and finally a little bit of blood was rubbed up by it. Is it worth it?

He immediately raised the dagger and tried the same trick again, using the cover of poison powder to use a sacrificial blow.

After so many times, in the tenth round, he finally slaughtered the two-headed **** dog that the first level 4 team might not be able to win.

“My God, it’s finally over, a good harvest.”

Han Chen exhaled, ignoring rest, and picked up the red light ball and three green light **** on the ground.

Each monster has a high burst rate only the first time it is swiped. If you want to swipe this **** two-headed dog in the future, it depends on God if you can’t get anything out.

After seeing the objects in the light group, Han Chen became even more excited: “Life Ring?”

[Life Ring] Red quality, need to wear level 5, can restore two points of life per second!

“This thing is twice as powerful as the low-level blood-returning pills, yes, it saves a lot of medicine money!”

Han Chen was so happy that he received the ring into his watch, and he could wear it after level 5.

As for the other three green light groups, in addition to a +21 dagger Han Chen can be replaced, the other two are a two-handed shield and the other is a skill book [Serial Lightning].

In this regard, Han Chen decided to go back and take a time to evaluate his subordinates, especially Zhang Yun and Wu Yuan, both of whom are biased towards legal professions. Naturally, whoever uses it well will give priority to the skill book.

In essence, Han Chen naturally hoped to give it to Wu Yuan, and her innate skills were better than Zhang Yun’s.

But if Sora has that innate bonus but doesn’t use it, then there is no use.

High risk is really high return.

With these four light groups alone, the handling fee required to recover the reality is as high as 240 Kyanite Coins. A monster is five times richer than the entire zombie cave before!

However, the spiritual power is not much, it can only be able to make his level rise to [4th level 188/200].

“If you have something to do, first go and raise a few monsters to level 5. There should be enough time for me to paint a big monster!”

Han Chen’s eyes were bright, and the wind was blowing under his feet, thinking about the wilderness and ran out.

When Han Chen went offline, he had successfully risen to level 5, and his attributes rose again.

Before Han Chen went offline, he didn’t find the second king-level creature, but only a commander-level creature.

There are not many king-level creatures in Scarlet Land, only two.

One level 4 has been killed once, and the other level 8 is not something Han Chen can kill now.

In addition, there are eight king-level creatures, and they have a large number of subordinates around them, three of which are in the Scarlet Temple as the subordinates of the countess.

And the countess is the only epic creature in this place, with a level up to 10.

If there is any place where good equipment is most easily produced, then these are the places.

Han Chen must still be the first to kill, otherwise, following others, nothing good will be revealed at all.

For this reason, before he went offline, he was thinking about making a short-term plan that would allow him to quickly brush up all the king-level creatures.

This is not something he can do alone. For this reason, he decided to personally lead the team to clean monsters in three days.

After thinking about it for a while offline, he passed the news, and at the same time read the news about Nanhe City on the official website of the Alliance for the Protection of the Earth.

“The number of monsters in the wild is increasing. Do you want to abandon the land outside the city? Is it possible for monsters to attack humans in the future! ? “This article was topped.

Han Chen is not too worried about this.

Strictly speaking, the wild is indeed much more dangerous than outside the city, but it is also an opportunity.

For Han Chen, if he couldn’t even deal with the surrounding monsters, he could just wipe his neck and wait for death.

In addition, monsters in the wild will never increase endlessly, and the outside place is just that big.

Moreover, monsters and monsters will also fight each other. They do not have a watch for language translation, and they are not forced to divide the territory as in the watch world.

Language barriers are not the same as each other, and they are all competing when they come here. It is difficult to unite together.

But Han Qiu could not speak to the outside world, and no one listened to it.

In the eyes of others, he is just a lucky kid, and it is difficult to get attention when he speaks.

If the country or those company groups relax their vigilance by listening to such an unknown sentence, then this country is truly dead.

“let it go!”

Han Chen shook his head and pulled his mind back to reality. Zhang Qing, who had called the next door, dropped the five teleporting scrolls and gave a few words, and then fell asleep.

By the time he woke up again, it was already morning, and he was awakened by the noise.

Before opening his eyes, Zhang Qing rushed in in a panic and said, “Brother Chen, it’s not good. A huge ghost ship floated up outside, and there were a lot of people following behind. The police have people.”

“What’s the situation?” Han Chen reopened his watch with a dazed expression, and soon found a report about a ghost ship.

The name of the report was a shocking body familiar to Han Chen. He thought that someone was sensationalizing before, so he jumped over.

The title reads like this: “Shocked, ten ghost ships were discovered on the outskirts of Nanhe City! 》

“Made, now the reporters who are serious about it also use the shocking body of the web editor?” Han Chen cursed inwardly and took a cursory look. There are probably counts.

“Go, take me to see!” Han Chen said.

Nanhe City is a big city with a population of up to 5 million. Even the suburban traffic is well developed.

In addition, it is not far from the city center, so many people follow the ghost ship all the way to here.

At this time, it had been more than an hour since the ghost ship arrived here, and it was floating on the big lake half a kilometer away, surrounded by fog, and only the shadow of a ship could be seen faintly.

At this time, there were about ten thousand people gathered here, all of whom were following the ghost ship.

Since yesterday’s invasion of monsters across the country underneath, the harvest has been huge after the clearance, and the people are a little jealous, so they follow here to see if they can take advantage of it.

Some simply just watch the excitement. It is the first time that most people have encountered a non-meat monster invasion in reality. I want to come over and see what is the difference between the real monster and the game. I interrupted my arm. Recovering after one second is still broken and unable to move.

There was even a small half, after seeing the majestic stone fort, he turned his attention to it, and it was this group of people who woke up Han Chen’s dream.

The Zhang family brothers have been outside for a long time, so even if they are not awakened by these people, they will also wake him up.

And Han Chen didn’t rush to find the sunglasses, mask and hood. After covering himself more tightly than the big star, he looked in the mirror with satisfaction before walking on the wall.

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