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Chapter 29: Black Gold Ghost Ship

Chapter 29 The Black Gold Ghost Ship

“Everyone, please go away, please don’t disturb our normal life!”

Han Chen walked to the wall and said politely to everyone.

“We just want to take a look, are we breaking the law?” Someone was dissatisfied and caused a commotion from the surrounding people.

“Yeah, we just want to go in and take a look. Why don’t you let in? Is there something illegal in it? Everyone moved into the city. You must be ghosts in the wild, maybe Several homicides outside are related to you, uncle police, I want to search their home!”

“Yes, search their home!”

Han Chen was a little confused, what did I say? Suddenly became a murderer everyone shouted and beat? Are you arguing at my door and making sense?

The trio of tigers, if this sentence is not prevented from being spread out, it is really reasonable and unclear!

“Everyone, did I become a murderer with ulterior motives just by not letting you come in? I tell you, I am not afraid of investigation. At the same time, I respect the police very much and welcome the police to come in at any time!”

Han Chen said the first half of the sentence to the troublemakers, but the second half was for the police.

Han Chen is ill-willed to those who are unwilling to compromise, and will never let them succeed.

One of the soldiers looked at Han Chen’s figure and listened to his voice. He suddenly thought of the master who slaughtered the Cryptren at the subway station, so he hurriedly said: “Master, is it you? I was in the subway with you yesterday. Line Yangcun Station, fight side by side to kill dozens of Cryptmen, and find the treasure chest together!”

Han Chen glanced at him and recognized him, “I remember you, but if you say these things, are you sure you did it with me? Isn’t it Huacun Station?”

The soldier was not surprised and rejoiced, his ears moved honestly and smiled: “Master, I’m not trying to confirm it’s you!”

After finishing speaking, the soldier who confirmed that the person in front of him was yesterday’s master came to the front of the crowd, raised his ID and shouted: “I, Hu Zhihui, the number is xxx, I solemnly declare here that he has made a major contribution to our country People, please pay attention to your words.”

“Fuck, you say that if you contribute, you will contribute…”

Before he finished his words, he was slapped by a shrew next to him, “Are you so stupid? Are you insulting the character of a soldier? The hard-working child of my old lady was sacrificed for someone like you? Rough, you I have the ability to repeat what I just said!”

“Sister-in-law, don’t be angry!” The few people next to her quickly grabbed her, “Your son is a hero, and you are the hero’s mother. It is not worth it to be angry for this kind of person!”

“Yeah, it’s not worth it. If he breaks it, he might even wrong you!”

The people around were clearly persuading him to fight, but secretly the soles of their fists and shoes were printed on the arrogant man. If the soldiers hadn’t come to separate them, they would have been beaten to death on the spot.

“You, you.” The arrogant man wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at the crowd with bitterness. He turned to the soldier and cried out: “Catch them all. They are beating me. Didn’t you see?”

The soldier twitched his mouth, “I didn’t see it in the chat just now. If you have evidence, you will directly sue them. We are responsible for guarding your home and the country. You are a civil dispute, and you have found the wrong person!”

The soldier returned to Han Chen after speaking, “Everyone is gone, and also, that ghost ship must not lean over and take responsibility for the consequences!”

Han Chen looked at Dabing with great interest and said, “What? Why don’t you block and live here?”

“It can’t be blocked here. Look at the vast lake. How can it be blocked? Today is blocked, and tomorrow the ship will appear elsewhere? I don’t know if there will be monsters digging through the ground and breaking through the soil. Yes, it’s not good to just keep pressing down!” The soldier looked forward, a little tired.

“Yes, it can’t be blocked!”

Han Chen watched those people rush to the lake without fear of death, and said again in his heart: “Human hearts, how can they be sealed off!?”

“Let’s go, let me take a look!” Han Chen patted the soldier on the shoulder and followed the crowd.

Walking to the lake, Han Chen couldn’t see what was on the boat five hundred meters from the shore with the binoculars. He could only see the shadowy figure walking back and forth.

“What?” Han Chen frowned.

At this time, the soldier came over with a photo: “This is what’s on the ship, it looks like a skeleton.”

“It’s the skeleton, the crew of the black gold ghost ship!” Han Chen nodded.

In the photo, a huge black flag is tattooed with a golden coin. On the front of the coin is a long and narrow skull. A huge two-meter-high skeleton wandering on the deck, holding various weapons, Han Chen met in Skull Village before. Compared with this one’s skeleton is simply a dwarf.

The world of God’s Domain is endless, and no one knows how many races and strange lives are there.

And the civilization that can enter the real world is what Han Chen has seen, so even less.

The reason why he is able to live like a fish now depends on the original place where he was born is exactly the same as that of the Darkborn.

It is also true that he knows every place around him well, and he is so well mixed up.

Therefore, with a cautious attitude, he did not determine the type of ghost ship until he saw the photos taken with the aircraft: the black gold ghost ship!

The reason why I recognize this ghost ship is not because I have seen it, but the legend of this ghost ship is very interesting. Every ghost ship will guard a black gold. When the black gold disappears, they will drive the ghost ship out to find it.

Although the legend sounds very interesting, the crew on the ghost ship is not strong, only a bit better than the Cryptman.

The cannon fodder placed in the entire God’s Domain belongs to the cannon fodder, not even a servant.

In the understanding of the Darkborn, the black gold ghost ship is like a dog guarding the bones. When the owner throws the black gold out, the ghost ship will rush to look for the black gold.

Even so, this is not something ordinary people can deal with, at least these ranks are the highest level, and people who don’t have a piece of equipment on them will definitely die!

Even so, the scene below is really lively!

“Beer, beverage, mineral water, peanut and melon seed chewing gum, high quality and low price, welcome to buy!”

“Small bench, a small bench for sale in the front row, no three thousand eight, no ninety-eight, eighty-eight you take it home, don’t panic when you run out today, you will still use it next time!

“Who has a ship? Take me over, isn’t it just a bunch of skeletons? I don’t know how much I hacked to death. I will kill all these invaders today!”

“Recruiting, hiring, the Fire Mercenary Corps gathers teammates for a wave of exciting ghost ship adventures. It is today! The bamboo raft is under intense production. You can set off in half an hour. Please register Don’t waste your equipment and skills!”

“Uncle, if you have to walk with a cane, don’t come to us and make trouble. Damn, are you a blue-clad staff? New Zealand dollars! Kneel to the uncle. Our mercenary group welcomes you!”

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