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Chapter 3: Small flow of fresh meat

The people around are all looking at the young man with gold-rimmed glasses like an idiot. They just saved you, and now they turn their faces and grab someone else’s things. It’s really unreasonable!

However, a few people’s eyes flickered, and they all saw the power of the bone knife just now, otherwise they are just ordinary people.

Hearing this, Han Chen rejoiced, this is a brazen robbery!

“Hey! You are sick. If it weren’t for him, we would all have to die here. It’s really awkward!” So Ho was also a little anxious. He just used himself as a physical shield, but now he is still paying back his gratitude and revenge!

The face of the young man with gold-rimmed glasses turned black. He looked at Soho coldly and shouted, “Do you know who I am?”

Hearing this, a few people’s eyes flashed, and then they looked at the youth carefully, showing a look of uncertainty, some people could not believe it: “He seems to be…”

The other girl was even more excited. She combed her hair quickly, and it was quite crisp and white and full, and said excitedly: “You are the son of Xu Jing and Xu!”

“Xu Jing?”

Everyone was surprised!

Xu Jing, the domestically popular first-line traffic small fresh meat, is hot and has countless crazy brain-disabled female fans. Although he has no acting skills and completely depends on a face, people are hot.

In particular, Xu Jing’s identity is also very unusual. The Xu Group founded by his father, no one knows, it is a domestic real estate giant with an amazing net worth!

Everyone at the scene carefully looked at the young man with gold-rimmed glasses and finally determined that he really was Xu Jing!

Xu Jingying often has scandals with female entertainment stars, and there are constant illicit stories. Major portal websites often report him, so the popularity is still very high.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, especially the girl’s excitement, Xu Jing couldn’t help but smile and said proudly: “Yes, this young master is Xu Jing. If you can listen to me well and do things for me, then you will think I can give you as much money as I want!”

Xu Jing’s words are still very important. After all, his identity is there, and immediately, several people are moved.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Xu Gongzi not only smiled, and then said to Han Chen: “Boy, give me things. I don’t take your things for nothing. In return, I will sign you. It should be enough. Right?”

The girl immediately screamed in excitement, and quickly said to Han Chen, “What are you doing in a daze, why don’t you agree to it? This is the signature of Mr. Xu, which countless people can’t get. I don’t know how much. People will envy you to death.”

She was telling the truth. Xu Jing has a huge number of female fans, and they are proud of getting Xu Jing’s autograph. There were even crazy female fans who spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy one of his autographs.

“Ha ha!”

Han Chen smiled disdainfully, looking at the girl and Xu Jing like an idiot, with contempt on his face!

It’s just a little fresh meat with no acting skills, his signature?

It feels an insult to **** when he uses it in the toilet!

The most important thing is that now in the new world, the times are different!

This world will change completely, no matter how powerful you are and how much wealth you have in the real world.

At the moment, it’s all useless.

All human beings stand at the same starting point.

Wealth, status, looks, etc., all lost their meaning.

“Brother, you should be more interesting and give things to Mr. Xu, so that everyone is happy.” At this moment, another young man suddenly spoke, and Mr. Xu cast an admiring look.

“Do you still have a conscience!” The uncle was very angry at this time, and he was not right for Han Chen.

“You are a fool!” Han Chen smiled, took the bone knife out, rubbed it in his hand, and said to a few people: “These things are all opened by myself, so what qualifications do you have? ?”

Everyone stopped talking when they saw the bone knife. They could clearly see the power of the bone knife just now, and Xu Jing’s face was completely black.

“You just ran away like a dog. I really don’t know how brave you are to ask me for something.” Han Chen mocked Xu Jing.

“fire Fire!”

Suddenly a person screamed, and everyone looked in the direction and found that two flames suddenly appeared on the hands of the angry Xu Jing.

Damn it!

What’s the situation!

Xu Jing himself was taken aback. He looked at the flames on his hands in horror and jumped up immediately, waving his hands to put out the fire.

“Come on! Come and help me. I will give you whatever I want. I am Xu Jing. I have countless female fans. I still have money. I can give you everything!”

No one dared to step forward to help, after all, this world is too weird, who knows what will happen next second.

Xu Jing kept waving his arms, his expression frightened, but suddenly!

His body suddenly stopped, and an expression of excitement appeared on his face.


He was even more excited and laughed.

Is this crazy!

Everyone was shocked, and Han Chen watched this scene with interest, as if he had guessed something.

The flame in Xu Jing’s hand suddenly disappeared, and then suddenly appeared in his palm the next moment.

What’s the situation!

The others are a little confused, is this a gas stove?

Xu Jing looked excited, and shook his hand. The flame in his hand instantly turned into a fireball, exploding the trees not far away, and everyone was shocked.

“Haha, I got the inheritance, boy, be conscious and hand over the things, I can still keep you alive, otherwise.” Xu Gongzi smiled cruelly and looked at Han Chen condescendingly.

Everyone was so scared that they couldn’t speak. People could control the flames. This is still a human being. This is simply a miracle!

Uncle and Soho were trembling, and there was nothing they wanted to do. Why would such a person control such power.

The rest of them all moved closer to Master Xu, after all, the current form is already clear at a glance.

“Or, you can give the things to Young Master Xu first, and then you can compensate you.”

Another beauty opened her mouth and said to Han Chen that she would like to please Xu Jing, and she might get some benefits in the future.

The yellow-haired young man who was taken by Han Chen from the Skeleton Monster lowered his head and dared not speak out. Xu Jing couldn’t afford to offend him, but Han Chen had just saved him and he didn’t know what to choose.

He was silent, but there were a few other people who had already made a decision and were ready to follow Xu Jing and be his dog.

“Master Xu, I’ll help you get your things back.” A young man sneered and walked towards Han Chen.

Su Ho wanted to rush forward, the uncle grabbed her and shook his head at her.

Han Chen watched that the young man stretched out his hand and took the bone knife in his hand. He looked cold, and the sharp bone knife directly slashed over.

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