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Chapter 30: Bright equipment

Chapter Thirty Bright Equipment

Han Chen also blended into the crowd, and this atmosphere made him feel very interesting.

Most of the people around him were weak, but they were not afraid of death, and they didn’t pay attention to the ghost ship opposite.

Watch the excitement, make money, make money, make a name for it, and want to follow others to pick up the bargains.

When Han Chen was considering whether to board the ship with the army, two cargo ships full of people drove from a distance.

The dark red suit headed by the horse worm is very, not Zheng Jian or which one?

Han Chen didn’t want to be called out in public. He always felt a little ashamed to see the “dancing demons” of that boat.

But what he was afraid of, Zheng Jian’s eyes were still sharp, and he recognized Han Qiu who was tightly wrapped at a glance. He shouted from a distance, “Big brother, you are here too, get on board what!”

Due to Zheng Jian’s gaze, the people around Han Chen immediately dispersed, leaving him alone.

Helpless, Han Chen walked to the shore to get on the boat and said, “Why are you here?”

“Hey, didn’t I hear that the boss is dangerous here? This immediately packed two cargo ships and pulled dozens of people to support you!” Zheng Jian said with a smile.

“Thank you so much!” Han Chen stepped on the edge of the boat and turned on his watch to send a message to Chen Dong.

Ten seconds later, Han Chen raised his head and stepped on the boat and said, “Wait for a while, I called Chen Dong to come over.”

“Okay!” Zheng Jian had nothing to do, but he made the young people on the boat dissatisfied.

“So many of us are waiting for you?” the young man shouted from Han Chen.

“You can go first!” Han Chen ignored him and said directly to Zheng Jian.

Zheng Jian’s expression was also a bit bad, and he turned around and said to the person: “Brother Qiu, please wait a moment, my dad sends you over, I hope you can follow my instructions!”

“Hmph, it’s up to you, anyway, I’m only responsible for protecting your life!”

Brother Qiu gave a cold snort and stopped talking. To him, not only Han Qiu is rubbish, but Zheng Jian is also rubbish, and the whole ship is also rubbish!

If it wasn’t for repaying his dad, huh?

Zheng Jian turned around and said in embarrassment, “Ye Qiu, my dad doesn’t worry about the bodyguard I sent over!”

“Your dad is okay, he knows it’s dangerous here and sends you over!” Han Chen said in surprise.

If he had a son, he would definitely not allow him to set foot in such a dangerous place.

“Hey, I’m not a person who eats and waits for death. Now I have such a strong team with such good equipment. If I can’t get off the boat alive, then I have been mixed with dogs for so many days?” Zheng Jian Hippie said with a smile.

“Hmph, if your dad didn’t feel sorry for you, he would have interrupted your leg and locked you at home!” Ye Qiu couldn’t help but ridicule again.

He was born arrogant and ridiculed, and he was born to feel superior.

This finally angered Zheng Jian. He was a rich second-generation bodyguard who was taunted by your same age bodyguard pointing his nose under his hands. Don’t you lose face?

Zheng Jian’s face turned from black to blue, dark and scary: “I said, you are just a bodyguard, you protect my dad’s life, I respect you, but this is not the capital for your nonsense, my dad gave it to For your salary, my dad even asked me to give you the inspirational skills book.”

“If you talk nonsense anymore, get off the boat now!”

Zheng Jian’s voice is very loud, attracting the attention of many people. Some people have recognized him and even took pictures with their mobile phones.

Unfortunately, the watch cannot open the virtual camera function in the real world. Otherwise, taking pictures and recording videos will be extremely fast, and most importantly, no one will notice.

When the atmosphere was extremely embarrassing, Chen Dong ran over wearing a suit: “I’m ready!”

“That’s good, by the way, what is your current life and strength?” Han Chen asked.

“Naked attributes are 50 and 20, plus equipment is 78 and 24.”

“Very well, you use this shield first. This shield will last you a few days.”

When Han Chen spoke, he took out a shield the size of a door. The shield was full of dark gold, and a red two-headed giant dog was vividly engraved on the front. It looked precious, shining with the light of soft sister coins.

“Well, is this shield for me?” Chen Dong trembled with excitement after seeing the attributes of the shield.

This is a green equipment, just this equipment can give him 30 points of life, the attributes can be called heaven-defying.

Not only that, the two-headed dog painting on the shield is not a decoration, and consumes half of the health points to summon the 4th-level commander-level **** two-headed dog for half a minute!

This is the **** two-headed dog who can fight Han Chenmi for more than ten minutes and almost kill him, even if it is only at the commander level for only half a minute, it can instantly reverse the situation!

“This thing is fake? If it’s real, the shield is at least green, right?”

“Shit, I don’t think so!”

“The green outfit is the highest level that can be seen on the market now. What kind of equipment is on it?”

“You are stupid, didn’t you see the red envelopes on the watch lined up neatly, black, blue, green, red, purple and gold, this should be red!”

Those who saw the shield started talking, and some even wanted to grab it!

Red outfit, how much does that cost? How can it be hundreds of millions?

But if you grab a hand, you don’t have the confidence to keep it, at least no one is stupid enough to do it here!

“This is a red outfit!?”

Zheng Jian on the boat looked straight, and even Ye Qiu couldn’t help staring at the shield, not knowing what he was thinking!

“No, this is just a green outfit!”

Han Chen revealed the name of the equipment [Shield of the Hell Two-Headed Dog], and the green name means that this is a green outfit.

This made Zheng Jian a long sigh of relief: The boss is still at a level that can be reached!

Han Chen thought for a while and passed the ring in his hand to Chen Dong, “Use this ordinary ring first, and return it to me when you get off the boat. If you use the shield well, you can use it yourself when you get off the boat! “

When Chen Dong saw the attributes, his heart almost stopped. This is a real red outfit, the first red outfit in the world, and it can definitely sell for 100 million.

“I’m back, it’s just a shield.” Han Chen deliberately concealed the ring, and said faintly, then he pulled Zheng Jian and said: “Don’t look, I won’t sell it to you, let’s go quickly, I have A good idea, listen to me…”

Ten minutes later, Han Chen and others successfully climbed onto the ship along the ladder of the ghost ship. The skeletons on the deck were alarmed and all turned their heads to look over.

“Go, go there, fast!” Han Chen said, pointing to a small passage in the bow of the ship.

That passage can only accommodate three people in parallel. The ship’s side is on the left and the right is the wall. A shield is placed in front to block these huge skeletons!

Card terrain, this is Han Chen’s plan!

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