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Chapter 31: I want to single the captain

Chapter 31 I Want to Singles out the Captain

For this plan, Han Chen specially arranged four wet nurses to take medicine milk Chen Dong alone, and the remaining milk was reserved for emergencies.

Coupled with the defensive ability of the shield itself, as well as the blood recovery ring and the chicken leg blood recovery pill, a variety of methods are used.

As long as Chen Dong can resist the output of the few skeletons walking in front, he can take advantage of the card terrain to clean up the entire ship’s skeletons.

For this reason, what Han Chen brought up were all long-range exporters, but none of them for melee combat.

Before leaving, Han Chen had already spoken about the terrain on the ship several times, so everyone was in place soon.

The big knives in the hands of the two most recent skeletons were chopped up before Chen Dong’s shield was stable. A huge force came from the shield, and the shield almost flew out without grasping it.

The success of the plan depends on this shield. Flying into the sea is a comedy.

“Stay steady!”

Fortunately, Han Chen has quick eyes and quick hands, holding on to the shield.

After Chen Dong stabilized, let go of the shield, take out the bow and arrow and prepare to shoot!

Now his bow has been replaced with a blue hard bow purchased at Scarlet Camp with 30 azurite coins, which can increase arrow damage by 9 points, and is extremely powerful in mid-to-short range.

Although an arrow was shot, half of the entire long arrow plunged into the eye sockets of the level 3 elite skeletons, shooting directly through the back of the head.

With another arrow, the skeleton fell to the ground and stopped moving.

The other archers stayed for a while, their bows and arrows couldn’t penetrate deep into the bones, they could only shoot the skull bones to crack.

Often only seven or eight arrows can solve a skeleton.

And if it is not close, many arrows will shoot into the air, or simply pass through the gap between the bones of the skeleton.

It often takes a second or two to have a certain degree of accuracy. It is not as calm as the boss, and it does not have the slightest smell of fireworks. It can be done in one go!

Moreover, these archers also shot one or two arrows with magic from time to time, a little attached to the flame, which would explode and burn on the enemy, and some of them split one arrow into three, which is amazing.

But only the big guys, who have always used ordinary bows to shoot arrows, hurt their magic arrows.

Finally, an archer couldn’t help but ask: “Big brother, don’t you use skills?”

“Huh? I don’t have remote skills!”

Han Chen’s men kept moving, and while talking, they wiped out a black gold skull crew member.

The archer thought Han Chen was perfunctory, “No, you guys are so well equipped, why don’t you have long-range skills?”

“Really, I am a close combat, what do you do with long-range skills?”

Han Chen’s natural tone made the people around him take a breath: It’s worthy of being a big man, but this sounds really awkward, so angry (`ヘ´)=3

Next to him, Zheng Jian, who was shooting with a bow, took a look at the arrow that was shot by the skeleton, and three question marks appeared on his head:? ? ?

Han Chen collected skeleton corpses while shooting arrows.

As I said earlier, all monster bodies belong to him!

Looking at the slightly deformed shield in Chen Dong’s hand, Han Chen suddenly thought of a very serious matter: How much would it cost to repair the equipment if it was worn out? It’s very likely to lose money!

Therefore, Han Chen didn’t think he used the harvesting technique. How much did he get back?

Ten minutes later, the entire deck and even the skeletons in the cabin were almost cleaned up. Only the captain’s room was still closed. Han Chen knew that there was a big guy inside.

“All come up!” Zheng Jian waved his hand to let all the melees come up, and Chen Dong was able to take this opportunity to catch his breath.

Ten minutes of non-stop high-intensity impact almost didn’t knock him out of a concussion.

“Are you okay? Give me the ring, and then go to the side to rest!” Han Chen patted Chen Dong on the shoulder.

This man who clenched his head and shoulders against the shield without taking a half step back had already won his respect.

“Doesn’t I need to use me below?” Chen Dong was taken aback, but still obediently handed over the ring.

“Brother Chen has done a good job, why don’t you need him!?” Zheng Jian was also puzzled.

Han Chen crossed his fingers and made a crisp sound, “Not only him, you guys don’t do it, I want to come down and try this guy’s level myself!”

Clash with monsters in reality, this is bound to happen.

It’s better to practice your hands when the monsters are not very strong now, and the future will not be unfamiliar.

The fighting skills of the Darkborn for hundreds of years also require constant fighting to integrate into themselves.

“Boss, don’t do stupid things!”

“No, your parents ask me to take care of you before they come!”

Seeing their resolute attitude, Han Chen took a step back and said: “There is at most a level 5 green-named monster in it. If it is a red-named, you will go up again?”

“Don’t look at me, I killed the red monster, or where did this shield come from?” Seeing that the two of them were still not giving way, Han Chen pointed to the big shield and said, “It’s the thing painted on it. Less effort.”

“Okay, you bullshit, you will say if you can’t hold it later, don’t have any idol baggage!”

Zheng Jian had no choice but to let the road ahead.

In fact, he is also very curious about how strong Han Qiu is!

Han Chen took a deep breath and kicked towards the door of the captain’s room.

The door opened, and inside a three-meter-tall skeleton wearing a pirate hat turned his head stiff, his eyes flickered, as if he was judging what the situation was.

Soon, it wanted to understand: This must be the enemy.

It once instructed that it must not let anyone disturb itself. Now that someone disturbs itself, all its subordinates must be dead.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!” The skeleton captain’s teeth opened and closed up and down, making an inexplicable sound, then got up, raised the two-meter long sword, and stab Han Chen at lightning speed.

The rest only saw a black shadow flickering, and the skeleton had already arrived in front of Han Chen.

“This is a skill, it is impossible for a level 4 green monster to have such a fast speed!”

Someone exclaimed, the sword seemed to pierce his chest, and it was a bit hard to breathe for a while.

Everyone present asked themselves, if it were themselves, there would be absolutely no way to escape this sword.

However, Han Chen did it. He twisted the sword in an unbelievable posture, and flew up and slashed, splitting Captain Skeleton’s pirate hat in half.

“Good skill!”

“What a quick response!”

The onlookers were not aware of their sternness, but felt that the sword was shadowed before their eyes, holding their breath and did not want to miss even a moment.

When Captain Skeleton wanted to pick up the sword and hack from bottom to top, Han Chen saw the opportunity to steal it.

A powerful force instantly appeared in his body.

Han Chen’s foot in the sky directly stepped on the outstretched sword hilt, and the Skeleton Captain’s arm couldn’t help bending down.

At this time, its head was lower than Han Chen for the first time!

Back stab, give up a blow!

Han Chen spotted the opportunity and directly launched a combo. [The fangs of the **** two-headed dog] instantly pierced the back of his head!

One more collection technique.

The captain of a generation is gone!

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