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Chapter 32: Bingfa fallen church

Chapter 32 The Fallen Church

“Fuck, awesome!” Zheng Jian widened his eyes from the side, unexpectedly someone singled out the boss in reality, and he seemed to be able to do well, and he admired Han Chen by three points in his heart.

“Boss, is it really impossible for Scarlet Land to take me out to practice leveling together?”

Zheng Jian made his last effort and stretched out a finger and said: “Big brother, take me to upgrade, I will pay 10 million for level 1!”

“No, no one in my own family will bring it, let alone you!”

Zheng Jian himself blocked his thoughts, then he thought about it, and stretched out a finger: “A thousand black crystal coins, I will give you the most complete strategy for the Scarlet Land, do you want it!”

“Yes!” Zheng Jian nodded quickly.

“Well, this is not a place to talk, let’s leave here and go home before talking!”

Han Chen finished talking about using a gathering technique to turn Captain Skeleton into ashes, and then returned to the ship along the stairs.

When they returned to the shore, Han Chen and others were surrounded by a group of people, wanting to know what happened on the boat and whether there was any advantage.

Zheng Jian gave full play to his rich second-generation qualities, and commanded his subordinates to separate the crowd and walked to a high tunnel: “Everyone, the monsters on this ship have been wiped out by us. Please rest assured that in front of human beings, these monsters are after all local chickens. Wago, we humans will definitely win in the end!”

Zheng Jian’s words resonated with the people around him, and many people’s attitude towards him became better, clamoring that they could join his team.

Zheng Jian said a few more words before leaving his secretary to deal with them, and he followed Han Chen back to Shibao.

Seeing Han Chen’s return, the anxiety on Liu Lihua’s face disappeared. He stepped forward and grabbed Han Chen’s hand and said, “You are back? Your dad and I were worried to death just now. If it wasn’t for me to stop him, he would have to rush forward. The ship is out.”

“Huh, I won’t worry about it!”

Seeing Han Chen look over, Han Qiu turned her head proudly, “Hurry up, the rice is already cooked, just wait for you!”

Han Chen felt warm, and quickly moved forward, “I see, Dad!”

After the meal, Han Chen and Zheng Jian discussed some things, probably about the purchase of game equipment, and Zheng Jian’s idea of ​​moving the training base here in the future.

In Zheng Jian’s view, if a certain degree of safety can be ensured, then moving here to follow in the footsteps of the Great God is not a shame.

Han Chen was naturally noncommittal, only saying that if he moved over, he would definitely help each other.

At this time, the ten black gold ghost ships around Nanhe City were all cleaned up.

Han Chen knew that he had been exposed and didn’t do anything to conceal. He directly uploaded the video of how he dealt with the skeleton in the morning.

The remaining nine ghost ships are not as smooth as Han Chen, and they often lose a lot of good hands before they can barely clean up the entire ghost ship.

The common people also passed the freshness from the beginning, and felt that the ghost ship was just like that, far less terrifying than in the legend, but there were only a few skeletons on it.

The big guy who didn’t take advantage of it still lived the same life as before, no different.

The only difference is that Han Chen and his stone castle have a certain popularity in Nanhe City. If it is not very open during the day, they will pass by. Those people can’t wait to stay here, just to admire Han Chen’s style.

Han Chen had to shut himself in the stone fort in the afternoon and went online to play the game at six o’clock, starting his own first kill journey!

Unlike before, if Han Chen had been afraid of being robbed in the first kill of the major bosses before, he was not so worried now.

In the afternoon, Han Chen had already made an agreement with Zheng Jian that the other party would not find a single boss whose difficulty and gain were not proportional to them in a short time.

As a result, Han Chen kept spawning monsters, and for a week, he finally raised his level to tenth!

Han Chen’s attributes are now.

Level 10 (not transferred)

Life 100+165

Strength 100+87

Speed ​​100+67

Mental power 45+24

Equipment: [Ring of Life] [King’s Short Sword]…

Congenital awakening: ancient heritage.

Skill: [Sneak]……

Han Chen’s attributes are now more than twice as strong as a week ago!

After reaching the tenth level, Han Chen ran to Alama and wandered around, hoping to receive a job transfer.

Sure enough, after Alama saw Han Chen, he immediately called him cordially: “Dear adventurer, you have reached level ten, are you willing to accept the trial of transfer?”

“I am willing!” Han Chen hurriedly shouted.

“There is an evil fallen church in the Scarlet Lands. You can go there and kill the countess there and bring her fangs back to me. I will give you a chance to transfer!”

This is what Han Chen wanted, and he immediately found the adventurers in the camp.

“Parents, immediately take me to download a copy with me, which is the fallen church that I told you about last time.”

“Young Master Zheng, do you go to the Fallen Church in a team? Go? Well, I will wait for you for ten minutes. I will wait for you at the door of the Fallen Church!”

“People who are going to the Fallen Church can follow along. The largest operation in the Scarlet Camp has officially begun!”

Han Chen shouted a few times and had already received responses from thousands of players.

Thousands of players have come here one after another this week, and there are more players who have not had this opportunity to come in.

The Scarlet Land is really too big. The area centered on him probably put at least tens of thousands of people. People who can come here within a week are either rich or powerful.

At least, they can afford the teleportation reel.

With more people, there will be more competition. Han Chen is okay, but his family and Zheng Jian’s team are still affected.

Fortunately, Zheng Jian had a map of the Scarlet Land given by Han Chen, which was much smoother than the headless flies outside.

In a week, the people here have formed a large and small force. Except for a local tyrant who has the same financial resources as Zheng Jian who has hundreds of people, most of the remaining players are based on their actual situation. Place and form a small team.

The kind of small adventure team, at best, is equivalent to Han Chen alone in the wild, and facing a stronger monster, it is very likely to be destroyed by the group.

However, the last thing players in God’s Domain are afraid of is death, so when it was heard that the Church of the Fallen Church, the largest monster lair in the Scarlet Lands, was going to be attacked today, all the teams that had not yet set out to find the monsters chose to go.

You know, the lowest-level monsters in the Fallen Church are all 6-level blue monsters. If one or two pieces of equipment or a more precious skill book can be exploded, it can be regarded as a sudden rich.

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