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Chapter 33: Different countess

Chapter 33 The Different Countess

“let’s go!”

One by one, the adventurers called out their friends, checked their portable potions, and followed the voice of the large troops in front to set off in the direction of the fallen camp.

At the front of the team, Han Chen and the leaders of the two large adventure groups Zheng Jian and Wang Tao once again discussed the details of monster spawning.

“This time we are going to rely on two people. The Fallen Church has two floors. The first floor has about three to four hundred monsters. The key to the second floor is on the’blacksmith’. You must defeat the’blacksmith’ to get it. The key, this time, I will show you the way. I don’t want anything else. I only need the key to the second floor.”

“After the matter is over, I will tell you the weaknesses of the other two bosses. You can choose one boss to fight. Both bosses are level 10 red monsters. You should be able to win with your strength.”

Wang Tao smiled heartily: “It’s refreshing. It’s refreshing to do business with my brother. It’s a pity that I’m too far away from you, otherwise you must see the legendary master of the stone castle with your own eyes!”

Zheng Jian’s answer is much simpler, just three words, “No problem!”

“Okay, then I will wait for your good news. I will send you a copy of the clearance video at that time. When you need an assessment, you can be more sure!”

Han Chen witnessed and said again what he had promised before.

The latter naturally smiled after listening.

While talking, everyone has come to the fallen church.

The entire fallen church is surrounded by a thick wall, and no one knows what kind of monsters are inside.

Pushing open the door, the black lacquered door seemed to be eaten by someone. From the outside, it was completely dark. Even the sunlight was blocked by an invisible barrier, and it seemed that the light had abandoned this fallen place.

“Be careful, everyone, I repeat it again. The weakest monsters here are all level 6 blue monsters. Please do what you can!” Han Chen turned and shouted at the person behind him.

At this moment, there are more than 500 people behind him. Except for the two hundred of the two local tyrants, the remaining 300 people are all spontaneous scattered people. If they make a profit, it will be fine. If you don’t get it, maybe you will let your grievances vent to Han Chen.

Therefore, Han Chen has repeated the phrase “at your own risk” no less than three times, just to stop their mouths.

Naturally, none of the adventurers who came here flinched, and Han Chen didn’t delay, took out a torch to light it and stepped into the darkness ahead.

Inside the church, there are [Fallen Prayer] and [Fallen Sacrifice] wandering around. These are all mobs, occasionally there are green-named captain-level monsters, and they are quickly relaxed by this team of 500 people. Set the fire off in seconds.

Of these five hundred people, only a small half of them can hit the monster, and it is enough to cause spike damage.

It’s just that the spiritual power allocated in this way is too small, and the chance of dropping items will also be affected to a certain extent.

Moreover, who is the equipment falling for? This is also a problem.

In short, the bigger the team, the more difficult it is to deal with the problem. Zheng Jian, a team that spends money on it, is okay, and can still use rules to restrict them.

However, individual teams are usually formed spontaneously by people of similar strength. Who doesn’t really want good equipment?

Therefore, the scattered team is easy to fall apart, and today, it may also be the day when the team falls the most.

Because the monsters of the fallen church are killed for the first time, some top-quality equipment is easy to appear when the explosion rate is extremely high, which will inevitably lead to conflicts.

Of course, Han Chen didn’t pay attention to this, and pushed his team and two local tyrants all the way to the blacksmith shop.

There is only one monster in the smithy, and that is the level 10 red-named blacksmith.

The blacksmith is five meters tall and has a three-meter hammer in his hand. The hammer body is a bit more powerful than the stone mill he used to crush the ground in his home. There is no doubt that this hammer will crush people into fleshy flesh. .

Han Chen pointed to the blacksmith who had already stood up and said, “This is the blacksmith, the following things will trouble you!”

“No problem, the meat shield is ready to go up to fight, long-range ready to output, melee alert!”

Zheng Jian issued orders in an orderly manner, and soon everyone was in place and began to attack.

More than a hundred attacks reached the blacksmith, and even the blacksmith was beaten a little confused, and he quickly raised his hammer to resist.

But now everyone is generally at the level of level 6, where can their output be completely blocked by the blacksmith?

Even if he can offset most of the damage, the remaining damage still reduces his blood tank by one third in an instant.


The blacksmith let out a roar, and a **** glow appeared on his body. He actually threw out the hammer in his hand regardless of his care, and immediately hammered a dozen flesh shields in front of him to the resurrection point of the Scarlet Camp.

“What a great output!”

Zheng Jian felt a little in his heart, and quickly let his subordinates continue to output.

It just so happened that Wang Tao’s people were also ready, and the two parties, together with the scattered people, output together, and the blacksmith had no room to resist, so he was crushed directly into fly ash, and two red lights appeared on the ground.

Zheng Jian looked at the equipment before suppressing the greed in his heart for a long while and said: “According to the said, the equipment is divided equally.”

“it is good!”

When the two big guys were distributing equipment, Han Chen had already retrieved the key to the second floor.

“Everyone, the next level is yours, I will challenge the countess now!”

Han Chen walked into a small room next to the blacksmith’s shop. There was a blood-colored magic circle on the wall of the room, and there was a small eye in the middle of the circle.

Han Chen inserted the key in, and a red light shot out, sucking him into the second floor.

When Han Chen regained his sight, he saw the countess sitting in a chair and looking at him.

Han Chen was shocked, and subconsciously took out his short sword on guard.

The countess got up from the chair, and the huge bat wings behind her slightly stirred, “A thousand years have passed, are you a new civilized gamer?”

Somehow, it was clearly the incarnation of evil, but Han Chen noticed a trace of sadness from her hideous face.

“Do you know? I finally recovered my memory. It has been a hundred thousand years. You are the first human being I have encountered after I was sober.”

The countess said calmly: “I have also experienced prosperity. I was a member of the prosperous civilization until the arrival of the world of God’s Domain. I thought it was an opportunity, an opportunity given to us by God, but I was wrong. This is just a joke from him.”

“One hundred thousand years, after the failure of my civilization, as the closest **** I have been trapped here for one hundred thousand years. Now that the mission expires, I have the opportunity to compete again for civilization, so I want to make a fortune with you. transaction!”

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