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Chapter 34: Lineage

Chapter 34: Bloodline

“What deal!?”

Although Han Chen felt that a big trial boss was talking nonsense about the deal he was talking about, he still had to ask questions subconsciously.

“If your civilization can be detached, I hope you can make my family’s situation better. In exchange, I will do my best to help you and your civilization detach.”

The countess’s bloodthirsty eyes were so peaceful that there was no killing intent.

“Why should I believe you?” Han Chen snorted coldly.

“I don’t need you to believe me now. With more time, you will always know that I am kind!” said the countess.

Han Chen quickly recalled what the Darkborn had said, thinking about what the countess meant.

Soon, he thought of a possibility, he might just meet the legendary civilization to be liberated.

Facts have proved that even the creatures in the world of God’s Domain have competition and hierarchy.

They are civilizations that have been tested by the Gods’ Domain. The civilizations that fail the test will be transformed into a place of trial like the hometown of the countess. Only after the lowest level has been enslaved for a period of time, will the God’s Domain make another choice. opportunity.

The Countess now has two choices. One is to become a wild monster that can move freely without a fixed place, or to become an NPC that exists to serve the tested civilization. The nature is similar to those in the Scarlet Camp, but the power and The degree of freedom is much higher.

Due to the existence of freedom, the next Japanese Earl can continuously improve his strength and influence. If he is lucky, he can become a party power anyway, and then plot to compete with the top power for real civilization.

But that would take a lot of time, and the absolute strength has already gone against the sky.

The countess thought she was not so powerful, so she placed her bet on the civilization being assessed, which is the earth where Han Chen is located.

This civilization will be the protagonist of this millennium, and maybe there will be a chance to pass the test, and then will have a lot of right to speak, and let oneself achieve absolute freedom is just a matter of one sentence.

So the countess made her own choice.

After thinking about it, Han Chen nodded and said, “In this case, what can you give me?”

The countess smiled, stretched out her hand in her mouth, and pulled out a fang: “First of all, you need a lot of my fangs to pass the test, and I can send you through.”

“Secondly, I can give you a first embrace, so that you have the physique of a vampire. We vampires are born to restore life through vampire. The speed is much higher than that of ordinary civilization. This is basically the only way you can get the physique of a vampire. !”

With that, the countess revealed the initial physique of the vampire and the attributes added after the upgrade.

To be honest, the attributes of vampire level 1 are

Level 1 (not transferred)

Life 10

Strength 10

Speed ​​20

Mental power 20

Speed ​​and life speed are increased by 10 per level, strength and mental power are increased by 5, and 10 free attributes are added.

The innate attributes are 20 points higher than that of humans. Every time you upgrade, you will increase your speed by five points, which can be described as a complete explosion of human attributes.

And there are no weaknesses such as fear of sunlight and garlic, and no bloodthirsty. Apart from a pale face and two more retractable hollow fangs at the corners of his mouth, there are basically no shortcomings.

According to the memory of the Darkborn, only the big powers in the big cities would have this opportunity to inherit the blood. I didn’t expect this kind of adventure in this little novice village.

Although Han Chen has found a better lineage in the memory of the Darkborn, it does not prevent him from helping others.

The better the pedigree, the harder it is to obtain, and the countess is obviously willing to give everyone a free first embrace, which is a great thing.

Under the witness of the God Realm system, there is no fear that the Countess will make a moth.

So Han Chen looked at the dagger in the hand of the countess, licked his lips and said: “My civilization has billions of people, and I am the best among them. I am the first person to see you.”

“So, you have to add money!”

Things are often so unexpected. Han Chen failed to fight the countess, but he also got a purple short sword, worth over 100 million!

[The Countess’s Vampiric Shortsword] Purple outfit, equipment requires level 10, additional 50 points of damage, each attack will cause 10% of the bloodsucking, with the ability to siphon, the reality will require 5 amethyst coins later.

[Siphon] Consume 5 points of mental power to absorb 100 points of life from the opponent and replenish 50 points of life.

After having this purple sword, Han Chen is said to be the equivalent of having a second life.

As long as it is not killed by spike, it can be killed.

The only pity is that it’s too expensive. If you want to bring it back to reality, Han Chen’s current coin can’t do it at all. For the time being, the dagger in hand has to be used in reality. .

At this time, Han Chen was very luxurious. He already had five red outfits, and the rest of the equipment was replaced with green outfits within a week. This dagger was his first purple outfit, and probably the first on earth. A handful of purple outfit.

After the addiction, Han Chen simply crushed the teleportation scroll and returned to the camp, and handed the vampire fangs to Alama.

Alama didn’t doubt that he had him, only that he had completed the task, and honestly took out an assassin scroll and handed it to Han Chen.

[Assassin Transfer Scroll] After using it, you will be transferred to an assassin. Assassin skill damage is increased by 20%, melee skill damage is increased by 10%, speed is increased by 20%, and ranged damage is reduced by 20%.

After the transfer, Han Chen can go to the main city smoothly and follow in the footsteps of the dark descendants to obtain the blood of the dark descendants.

Han Chen didn’t wait much, and he directly sat on the big teleportation formation and came to the east gate of Jagged City!

The Jagged City was the main city of the city of the Darkborn. The city contained tens of thousands of players but was not crowded at all.

In the future, countless players will gather here, where they will sway their youth and seek detachment.

Compared to the Scarlet Camp, here is the real gathering of players, not to mention the glory main city that is even more powerful than this, where more than 100 million people are crowded all the year round, seeking all kinds of opportunities.

There is a connection between the city and the city. If Han Chen didn’t have the memory of a dark descendant and knew the Iron Blood City well, maybe he would really go to the Glory City.

People are social animals, and they always think about going to places with many people, and places with many people have more opportunities.

But Han Chen still gave up this tempting idea. After leaving the east gate of the teleportation array, Han Chen hurried to the city hall without saying a word, and immediately spent almost all the shops next to the teleportation array at the gates of the four directions. Money, signed a ten-year long contract and won eight stores.

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