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Chapter 35: Reporter interview

Chapter 35 Reporter Interview

Each of these eight stores has two floors and a backyard, which adds up to 500 square meters. In the future, these eight stores will be one of Han Chen’s important sources of income!

“What is the first opportunity? This is the first opportunity! Hahaha!”

Han Chen squeezed a few pieces of tissue paper in his hands and smiled.

If it were not for the city hall to restrict everyone from buying a maximum of eight shops, he would just borrow money from Zheng Jian and the others, and would have to sell a few more shops.

In the future, this is a big city with a population of tens of millions, and people have to go out of the city to take risks. If you don’t want to run on your legs, you must go to the teleportation array at the gate of the city.

And as long as you go to the teleportation array at the gate of the city, you are bound to see the shop next to it. The shop is there. Even if you don’t sublet it to others, you can make a fortune.

At this time, it was time for Han Chen to go offline.

Just off the assembly line, Han Chen was surrounded by Wu Yuan.

“Han Chen, is it true what you said on the Internet? We all have a chance to become a vampire?”

Wu Yuan grabbed Han Chen’s shoulder and looked at him with her eyes looking through the autumn water.

“Yes!” Han Chen shivered, shaking her hand off, “Hurry up and put away your cuteness, anyway, the door to the second floor has been permanently opened, you will know when you go in and take a look. .”

“Does vampire really have no side effects? Will I become whiter and tender?”

Little stars started to light up in Wu Yuan’s eyes.

Han Chen looked at her delicate cheeks, and squeezed her hands so badly.

Wu Yuan widened her eyes and didn’t expect Han Chen to be so bold, glaring at him with a bulging mouth, “Is my face tender and smooth?”

Han Chen stepped back and rolled his eyes, “Uh, I thought of a bloodline that is more suitable for you, but it’s a bit difficult to get, Elf, have you heard of it?”

“Is there an elf blood? I want this!”

Seeing her attention was attracted by the word elves, Han Chen secretly gave herself a compliment: I am so witty!

“When you come to Iron-Blood City after you change your job, I will tell you how to inherit the elven blood.”


A white and tender little finger stretched out in front of Han Chen and shook.

Han Chen looked funny, but with a solemn expression, he stretched his little finger up and hooked it: “Hook!”

This scene was seen by Wu Meili, Wu Yuan’s mother outside, who, like Han Chen’s parents, wanted to bring the two together and was happy to see this scene.

“The young couple are making a private appointment for life, Xiaochen, in the future our family Yuanyuan can leave it to you, you have to take good care of her!”

Wu Meili suddenly frightened the two of them. Wu Yuan was so guilty that she pulled her fingers out and looked at her with her unkind expression, “Mom, when did you come here.”

“I’ve been there since just now!”

Wu Meili lied to her.

“Mom!” Wu Yuan blushed and ran to her, groaningly.

Wu Meili touched her hair, “Mom lied to you, I’m here to call you to eat, go over to eat!”

At the same time, Han Chen posted more than an hour ago about the Fallen Church of the Scarlet Camp and finally the big boss Countess turned into a mentor of the soul lineage, threatening to give people the first time to help them through the task, but attracted a large number of fans.

Needless to say, the man directly regarded the countess as his goddess.

And those sentimental little girls heard the tragic past of the countess, and the spirit of selfless dedication to help human beings with their fangs, they couldn’t help but burst into tears.

What a good goddess, for us to keep pulling teeth in the job transfer task, so great!

What followed was how to go to Scarlet Camp.

Even in the world of God’s Domain, there is no second Scarlet camp, no second countess.

Not to mention whether the countess can transform so many people, that is, how can those who want to transform into vampire blood reach the Scarlet camp?

It is obviously impossible to commit suicide again and again. After ten days, everyone’s level cannot be wasted.

In addition to suicide, various possible videos are presented below.

Han Chen checked his video comment after eating, and simply uploaded another text from his account:

Please don’t worry, as far as I know, God’s Domain is not only the only bloodline that can be inherited. After you reach level 10, you can transfer to the main city and you can inherit other bloodlines.

If you feel that the bloodlines of the main city are not suitable for you, or you are not satisfied, you can go to the main city of the Scarlet Camp through the teleportation array between the main cities, and then transfer to the Scarlet Camp under its name.

By then everyone can go to accept vampire blood!

A passage from Han Chen made the solution clear, and the following comments exploded even more.

Han Chen also deliberately picked a few meaningful answers.

Netizen: “Boss, do you know so clearly that you have already transferred to the main city?”

Han Chen: “Yes, I have entered the Jagged City.”

Netizen: “Boss, is it difficult to change jobs?”

Han Chen: “Let’s put it this way, level 10 just happens to be able to take over the transfer task. If you don’t have certain skills and equipment, I’m afraid it won’t be able to pass it. Of course, it also needs some luck. My luck is better.”

Netizen: “Boss, tell me about those bloodlines you can choose in the city? Do you want money?”

Han Chen: “The price is different according to different bloodlines, and many bloodlines are not as good as our human beings. You will know when you go to the main city to see.”

Netizen: “…”

Han Chen stayed online and didn’t go offline until two hours later.

Wu Yuan’s eyes were shining while she was watching, and after so many days of getting along, she found that her feelings for Han Chen had grown stronger.

At this time, Liu Lihua’s excited voice came from outside: “I’m smashing, get dressed, a guest is here!”

Han Chen is speechless: I am not wearing clothes at home.

“Here, what’s the matter!?”

Han Chen got up and walked out, while Wu Yuan followed suit, like a small attendant.

In fact, the same is true. Except for Han Chen’s outing, Wu Yuan has been sticking to him. Interestingly enough, among so many people in the family, she and Chen Dong have successfully risen to level 8.

In two days, he will be able to transfer to the Jagged City.

Han Chen only thought it was Wu Yuan who worked hard, but didn’t know that the reason she worked hard was to keep up with him.

Wu Yuan followed Han Chen to the house, and saw a graceful woman in blue professional attire with a reporter card around her neck, “Auntie, this is this!?”

“She is a reporter from the city TV station. She said she came over and wanted to do a talk show for you and set up a model for you!”

Liu Lihua pointed at the two and introduced: “This is my son Han Chen, this is Yuanyuan.”

The woman smiled and stretched out her hand to Han Chen: “Hello, this is Zhang Yue, can I interview you?”

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