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Chapter 36: Take the boutique high-end route

Chapter 36: Taking the High-end Quality Route

“What can I do for an interview!” Han Chen instinctively refused.

Although he is used to appearing in the video, he is the first to face an interview.

“Don’t worry, just ask some questions. I’m not interviewing directly. We can do a rehearsal beforehand and go through the questions I will ask. We will interview when you feel ready!”

Zhang Yue said that she would not be blocked by this little difficulty.

As a young host of the city TV station, the beauty of the original interview with the “hero” could not fall to her.

However, the veteran-level hosts on the stage either had this or that. In short, they just didn’t want to come to this “wild country”, and it was her turn.

Even the cameraman didn’t want to come, but she still came.

This time, she came here with the idea of ​​having to get the interview manuscript, and would never leave easily.

Han Chen looked at her shining and firm eyes and thought for a while to compromise.

“Okay, but let’s practice it again!”

“Okay, thank you for your precious time, not much to say, then we will start now!”

Zhang Yue was overjoyed, moved a small bench and sat down and pointed the microphone in his hand at Han Chen: “Now everyone knows that you are the first to arrive in the main city of Nanhe, so out of what wishes, you will be transferred. Are the missions and information about vampire blood revealed? You are…”

Questions came down one after another. In fact, many netizens had asked them, but he just repeated them.

Of course, racial justice and other things are indispensable.

After some tossing down, it was not until two hours later that Zhang Yue left with a red face.

And Han Chen was lying on the bed with exhaustion, a scene of being drained.

“Brother Chen, you are going to be on TV!” Wu Yuan ran to Han Chen and sat down.

Han Chen glanced at her and said: “Well, this is also my first time on TV, hehe, I feel pretty good!”

“Hey, brother, you were so handsome just now!”

Wu Yuan rushed to Han Chen to praise, and then put her right hand in her mouth and coughed a few times to imitate what he said just now: “Ahem, I’m not a hero, I just said what I know, compared to those Sergeants who fought with the invaders in reality, I seem insignificant!”

“Brother Chen, you were so handsome when you said this just now!”

“Is there?” Han Chen was also embarrassed.

“Yes!” Wu Yuan suddenly calmed down, with a hint of affection in her eyes: “Wait for me, I will be able to follow to Jagged City soon, and you won’t be alone when I’m there.”

This time, Han Chen didn’t avoid Wu Yuan’s eyes when she looked at her, and stretched out her backhand to hold her hand beside him, “Okay, when you are over, I will take you to leveling!”

Liu Lihua, who ran to the door and wanted to call the two out to eat, raised her head and was about to make a sound. He saw the scene of the two holding hands, showing an aunt-like smile: Yes, my family’s pigs that have been raised for more than 20 years will finally be able to dominate cabbage. Up!

In the afternoon, Zhang Liang planted the second stage of dark grass finally matured and started the first wave of sales.

The other spiritual plants that were planted before have also begun to mature gradually.

Wang Po Zhang Yueyue and the two, one responsible for collecting and the other for refining medicine, have been eager to put into work.

Of course, the site of the stone castle is so big, there are not many things that can be grown, so there are not many things that can be sold, and the money earned is not appreciable.

At present, the main income of Shibao comes from the sale of Han Chen’s equipment skill books. Through these two items, he has made a lot of money.

Although everyone’s level has generally increased, the equipment and skill books of green outfits and above have not shown a downward trend in a week.

Instead, it became more expensive because of the rapid depreciation of crystal coins.

The black and blue equipment has dropped a lot.

For ten days, as long as they are serious about playing games and participating in fighting monsters, they will be able to equip them with a certain amount of equipment. The leaders of those big powers may not be much worse than Han Chen in equipment.

Not to mention, Zheng Jian and his party killed three red-named bosses for the first time in the previous fallen church. Could it be that there were not a few red outfits exploded on them?

Traffic is still underdeveloped. When everyone changes jobs and enters the main city, it is easy to gather players in reality together, forming a force that is many times larger than before.

Han Chen didn’t worry at all that these forces would fight against each other, and he didn’t envy those wealthy power owners at all.

A very simple thing, in the real world, when facing invading monsters, if you still fight in the nest, it is tantamount to death.

As for those wealthy power leaders, Han Chen would naturally not be jealous. People are rich, so much money and resources have created them.

Like Han Chen, he doesn’t have that much money, and he has the power to build a huge team.

Joining those forces is even more nonsense. Not only are there many restrictions, but the equipment he has produced has to be handed in. How can Han Chen be controlled by others?

As a result, he can only go to the dark on his own.

For the military and the major forces of the Alliance for the Protection of the Earth, Han Chen will only choose the way of cooperation!

To put it bluntly, Han Chen is just a person, not a god. He can’t call countless people to follow him with a wave of his arm. He also doesn’t have the ability to open up territory in reality. He can only guard his own one-third of an acre. Ground.

He just wants to fight those big forces, so why? The only way is to take the high-end boutique route.

For the rest, he was satisfied that Shibao could be self-sufficient.

After patrolling around his little stone fort in the afternoon, he felt very satisfied, at least much better than previously expected.

When Han Chen passed by Lao Huai, Lao Huai suddenly stretched out a branch to stop him and said: “Master, I also want to go to God’s Domain World to play, and the improvement in strength here is really too slow.”

Han Chen tilted his head and looked at Lao Huai, who had eaten a lot of his resources this week, and said, “Tell me, what do you have unique skills!?”

“My tentacles can appear anywhere in a radius of 100 meters!” Lao Huai said proudly.

“Oh? That’s right, you will stay in reality from now on, I have important work to give you!” Han Chen’s eyes suddenly flashed a golden light, that was the light of crystal coins.

“What?” Lao Huai was dazed, but he didn’t expect that he would actually pit himself so that he couldn’t go to God’s Domain World.

“Don’t worry, if you behave well, I will make a contract with a spirit beast, and then contract you as my contract beast, and you should be able to enter with me.”

Han Chen rubbed Laohuai’s trunk road.



“When I return from God’s Domain World tomorrow, I will take you out to work!”

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