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Chapter 37: Three major forces in the main city

Chapter 37 The Three Powers of the Main City

……After changing his job, Han Chen has more control over time.

The time has gone from the previous one-day election to the two-day election.

In other words, before you had to go in for 8 hours a day, it is now enough to be allowed to go in for 16 hours in two days. These 16 hours can be used separately or connected together.

Don’t think that there is no difference between the two. The latter can pass the mandatory online time within one day. That is to say, if four days are connected and allocated, up to 64 hours of real time can be allocated.

64 hours, close to three days of real time without going to God’s Domain, enough to do many things.

For example, some time-consuming copies of Raiders.

Han Chen naturally wouldn’t waste this advantage, so when he entered the game at six o’clock in the evening, he planned to spend all sixteen hours.

Before entering the game, Han Chen sorted out the memories in his mind again, and made a short-term plan based on the situation here.

First of all, although it is the main city here, there are no professional instructors, and you still need to obtain the corresponding skill books for the learning of skills.

Of course, as long as you have money, many shops and auction houses in the city will provide you with resources such as skill books.

All the resources in it are not limited to levels, as long as you can afford it.

Not to mention purple outfits in the auction house, even higher-level equipment, but Han Chen can’t afford even the lowest-level purple outfits, and will not consider buying materials from the city for the time being.

In this way, the acquisition of materials can only be achieved through wild adventures and joining forces in the city to obtain contribution points.

There are three major forces in the city. The first is the City Guard of the City Lord’s Mansion. This is the highest-paying force that can be selected, but the only disadvantage is that the degree of freedom is not high. It conveys an order to go down and you have no choice. You must carried out.

The second is the mercenary association that governs the major mercenary groups. This organization is very free. As long as you spend a sum of money, you can gradually become a mercenary group and be able to take on various tasks freely.

The third is the business group, a group that specializes in business activities, with the most money, will also train powerful warrior mages, but the task of those people is to protect the goods of the merchants, and the business group is more recruiting A life profession like a pharmacist is a good place for those who are engaged in life professions.

Han Chen did not intend to train everyone in Shibao into good warriors from the beginning. For example, Zhang Yueyue is obviously good at refining medicine. You can’t let an underage girl cry and hold a big sword and fight ugly monsters hard. Right?

That would be too hard.

There are specializations in the art industry, and in the memory of the dark descendants, these later life occupations are also very important.

When everyone’s strength is up in the future, those low-level drugs in the past will lose their effect. At this time, it will depend on life and occupation to play its role.

But don’t expect to get it from monsters, monsters will not drop items endlessly except for the first round of death. After a long time, everything depends on themselves.

The shops of the aboriginal people in Jagged City will not sell artifacts every day. There are only a few of them. If they sell one, there will be one less, and there will be no unlimited production.

Standing on the shoulders of the Darkborn, Han Chen understood the direction of some things in the future very clearly.

It’s just that he can’t tell anyone for the time being, because he has said too much, and some things are difficult to explain clearly.

“Let’s go, Mercenary Hall, it’s you!”

With a cry in Han Chen’s heart, he stepped out of the shop named Earthly World under his control and prepared to go to the Mercenary Hall.

As soon as he left the house, three people did not know where they came from, and they happened to be blocking him.

Looking from left to right, one is a soldier in armor, one is a fierce man with a scar on his face carrying a long sword, and the other is a plump woman.

The soldier first spoke: “Yesterday I heard that adventurers from a new civilization came here. I saw it today as a rare young talent. Did you go around yesterday? How? Is this iron city majestic enough? I see. Brothers are in Dragon and Phoenix, why not join my Jagged Guard and guard here together!”

“Cut, do people travel thousands of miles to give yourself a shackle to work for you?” Scar man said with disdain, and slammed his long knife to the ground. “Brother, come and join our mercenary group. I am Jagged City. The deputy commander of the Spike Mercenary Group, the largest mercenary group, enters our group, not only has a high degree of freedom, but also can assign you a beautiful little daughter-in-law!”

“Vulgar!” The woman next to him took a sip on the ground, and then looked at Han Chen Qiao with a smile: “Little brother, why don’t you come to our Chamber of Commerce, our Chamber of Commerce has countless coins and rare items, and we can quickly arm you into one. A mighty fighter!”

Is this starting to grab people?

Han Chen stayed for a while, and then immediately said: “Thank you for your love. I have already got my ideals removed. I’m going to the Mercenary Association to register a mercenary group by myself!”

“What? Do you register a mercenary group yourself? Is there anyone under your hand?” The Scar Man almost laughed.

“Even if you have someone under your hand, you have to slowly start from the bottom. We are already a purple-level mercenary group. What development do you want a black-level mercenary group in the city to have?”

“Thank you for your love, I have decided!” Han Chen said firmly.

“Boy, didn’t you hear what I said? You can’t accept missions higher than the level of the mercenary group when you form a mercenary group. I think a genius like you should not waste time on boring low-level tasks.”

Scar man advised again.

“Join my Spike Mercenary Corps. You can pick up any tasks not higher than the Colorful Level. As long as you can complete it, wouldn’t it be better than you build a new mercenary regiment?”

“You have to know that only when the mercenary has reached the red level can you be eligible to join our Spike. In the future, you won’t have such a good opportunity.”

Han Chen bent over and thanked again: “Thank you again for your love, but I still decided to register for mercenaries.”

“You guy, take good care of me, take my business card, and the Mercenary Association will give me a little bit of face, and I won’t be able to get along with me in the future.” Scar Man said and threw out a business card with wolf written on it. Wei Batian, deputy commander of Ya.

“Since the little brother has already decided, then we should also take a step forward and contact me if we have anything to do!”

The officers and soldiers turned around and left after speaking, leaving no business cards or the like.

It was the beauty who smiled and handed out a business card, saying that she was optimistic about him and asked him to look for her if he had any problems in the future.

Han Chen smiled and took the business card and said that he must go back and harass.

These three are considered to have a certain prestige in the entire Jagged City, and they came here for themselves today, which surprised him.

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