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Chapter 38: Layout in the future

Chapter 38 The Future of Layout

But when I thought about it, it was normal. The first place would always be favored, right?

Han Chen shook his head and edited the scenes that he had been recruited by the three major forces just now. He also mentioned his insights on how to choose the three major forces in the video by the way, and then uploaded it.

Now Han Chen’s ID account that has been verified by real-name has more than one million fans. If a message is spread, the whole world will know it all quickly.

This can be regarded as Han Chen’s small contribution to the world.

After uploading the video, Han Chen went straight to the mercenary hall, and after taking out the business card of Scar Man, the beauty who received him really treated him three points better.

The process that originally required three or four minutes to wait was solved in less than one minute.

A minute later, Han Chen successfully registered a mercenary group called “Earth World”, whose name happened to be the same as the name of the shop he had won.

Although the name was not suitable for the identity of the mercenary group, Han Chen didn’t think about how big the mercenary group would be, and the name was much more casual.

The name can be arbitrary, but the badge is not sloppy. Han Chen thought about it and used a simple and mighty Chinese Dragon as the badge.

On the shiny bronze badge, the dragon shines brightly.

“You have already registered for the mercenary group. Do you want to accept the mission now? You must first pay a 5% commission as a deposit for each mission. You can only accept tasks with the current mercenary group level or below.”

The reception lady interrupted Han Chen’s self-appreciation of the badge.

“You can usually receive tasks through badges, and the deposit will be automatically deducted.”

The mercenary badge is not just a gadget that represents identity, it is similar to the wrist watch on Han Chen’s wrist, and it is a medium for mercenaries to communicate only.

Inside the badge, you can exchange experience with other mercenaries, and you can also post and accept tasks, but only if you need to top up coins in it.

Han Chen didn’t have a crystal coin in this badge, so naturally he couldn’t accept the task through it, so he waved his hand: “Recharge me a thousand black crystal coins and a hundred blue crystal coins.”

“Okay!” The reception lady smiled and took the crystal coins Han Chen took out of the watch, counted the number and skillfully recharged it to his badge.

No way, Han Chen doesn’t want to make it so complicated, but the watch system can only be applied to people on the earth. If you want to trade with local people, you must use other people’s systems.

Han Chen, who had successfully registered for the mercenary group, was about to go to the Treant Forest outside the city as planned.

Before setting off, he also went to the task release column at the gate of the city to pick up the task of the Treant Jungle.

The quest at the gate of the city was issued by the city lord’s mansion. After it was completed, some equipment or crystal coins were usually given.

If you are a player who joins the power of the City Lord’s Mansion, you will also get additional power of the City Lord’s Mansion, and you can get better and more benefits through the power value.

Han Chen naturally came forward and accepted all the tasks related to the Treant Jungle.

Anyway, even if the missions released by the City Lord’s Mansion are not completed, there will be no loss. Unlike the missions in the Mercenary Association, the access level is limited. A deposit must be paid first. The deposit will not be returned if the mission fails.

The task issued by the City Lord’s Mansion is fine, but the only downside is that after you have completed the task, I don’t know if someone will complete the task in front of you. At this time, you have worked so hard. The time spent did nothing.

Of course, it’s not that the mercenary association’s task access system has no drawbacks. The mercenary’s access task must be considered whether it can be completed or not. If it can’t be completed, it’s a waste of time.

Therefore, Han Chen did not immediately pick up the quest related to the Treant Jungle, but went to the place to get the quest item and then remotely pick it up.

In this way, it is safe to do so.

It can be said that Han Chen did the task only incidentally, and chose the tree spirit jungle because of the heart of the tree spirit!

The heart of the tree spirit, after eliminating the tree spirit inside, has a very small probability of being obtained, it can hatch a tree person.

Han Chen wanted to incubate this tree spirit’s heart into small tree people in reality, and then gave it to Lao Huai to take them so that they could form a solid line of defense outside the stone fort.

The root system of the tree spirits is extremely developed, and any wind and grass in a radius of 100 meters can’t hide from them. It can be described as a tree-shaped alarm.

Not to mention that the Dryad itself is a level 12 blue-named monster, moving slowly and living alone, which can bring him a lot of experience.

“Get up!” Han Chen saw that the related tasks had been taken up by himself for a round, no longer stayed, and set off to the Treant jungle according to the reverse direction in his memory.

For more than ten hours, Han Chen soaked in the tree spirit jungle, shot with a longbow, and an average of three minutes could kill a blue tree spirit.

Each tree spirit can provide him with the current 1% aura bar, and when he packs up his equipment and returns to the city, he has already reached level 12.

It seems very simple, but it depends on his perverted equipment to achieve such a fast speed.

Most importantly, no one here robs him!

There are not even a few aborigines, so they obviously don’t like this.

There are not many related tasks, and many of them are tasks like collecting ten green-quality [Dryant Branches] in the Treant Jungle.

[Dryant Branches] What can I do? Materials that can be used to make some low-level equipment can also be used as pill fire fuel for alchemy.

Except for some mission rewards that Han Chen could see, most of the items dropped by the tree spirits were all placed in the watch space.

Some are for personal use, some are used to increase the level of mercenaries, and some are for sale in the future.

In the future, any earth force with a little ambition will choose to set up a mercenary group. If you want to quickly upgrade the mercenary level, it is not just a way to complete the task by yourself like Han Chen.

They can also purchase mission materials directly from Han Chen for delivery.

Only after receiving the task here, before going out, the other side can deliver the task items from Han Chen. This is also a business model he plans to carry out in the future.

Besides, if Han Chen is familiar with the Jagged City and its surroundings, even the City Lord of Jagged City might not be familiar with him.

God’s Domain World will impose some restrictions on the aborigines of Jagged City. Otherwise, after so many years in Jagged City, everything around him is clear, and there is such a perfect system. In that case, the people of the earth are still mixed up?

Therefore, Han Chen knows a lot of exclusive secrets. Sometimes, too many secrets without time to explore is a waste. If you don’t sell the news, even if you get a tenth of the task reward, it’s not worth it. The number.

To this end, Han Chen had to make arrangements early.

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