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Chapter 4: One head fly!


Damn it!

The young man turned pale when he saw Han Chen cut it directly, but suddenly saw that his hand turned into a rock look. He was taken aback, as if a message had entered his mind.

“Hahaha, I have strength too!”

The young man gave a grinning ecstasy, and shook the bone knife away: “Boy, you go to die!”

Han Chen was also startled and flashed aside.

Everyone looked at Han Chen in a complicated way. He was definitely over now. Two people who had mastered abilities, Xu Jingneng controlled the flames. This young man could turn into a rock and was invulnerable!

Han Chen must be robbed.

Very likely, there will be a beating!

But the next moment, everyone was shocked!

The young man waved the petrochemical arm and smashed it towards Han Chen. Han Chen walked around behind the young man in a strange posture and chopped it off. The young man’s head was instantly chopped off!


Everyone was stunned, and Xu Jing screamed, trembling all over, his face pale, and he kept backing away with a look of fear!

He is just an ordinary person, no one has seen murder before!

Still be cut off his head!

Han Chen felt dizzy for the first time. Although he knew that people would be resurrected here, he still felt very uncomfortable as a murderer himself.

“You, you, you, you killed him!”

Xu Jing roared, terrified, stretched out a fireball and shot it over.

Han Chen immediately regained his spirit, smiled disdainfully, a gleam of light appeared in his hands, and dodged the fireball in a thunderous manner, and flashed to Xu Jing’s side.

Xu Jing was startled. Zhang Shou was about to launch a fireball again, but suddenly realized that his body was suddenly weak. He watched Han Chen chop him down with a bone knife, and then lost consciousness.

He didn’t understand until he died, why his talent skills suddenly failed.

“You killed them! Killed so many people!”

Su He was completely stupid. Although Mr. Xu and the others are indeed very hateful, they are not going to be killed!

She looked at Han Chen with a little more alertness and horror, and the uncle and others not only stepped back.

Han Chen put the bone knife into the space, and saw everyone’s reaction, and instantly understood.

“Rest assured, they are not dead.”

not dead?

Everyone was stunned. How could this be possible? I watched them die by the knife with my own eyes.

Han Chen is not only a little big head, but he doesn’t even know this basic common sense. Did this group of people come to play around?

“The new world is just like the game. If there is no resurrection point, the dead will be resurrected randomly in the new world. Look at their corpses!”

When everyone looked at it, they were immediately shocked. The corpses of Xu Jing and a few people emitted a faint light, slowly disappearing and decomposing, and finally turned into a light, completely gone!

Seeing this scene, everyone breathed a sigh of relief!

However, I still feel a little alienated from Han Chen’s killing, and the eyes looking at him are a little awed and afraid.

The uncle suddenly thought of something and wondered: “Why do you all come to this world together, but you know so much?”

Yes indeed!

From the beginning of solving the skeleton monsters to killing Xu Jing and others later, Han Chen didn’t pause at all. He obviously didn’t want to just come to this world.

“It may be because of my congenital awakening.”

“Congenital awakening?” Everyone was a little surprised.

“Each of us will awaken an innate skill when we come to the new world, and I…wake up some memories, so I know a little bit about these.” Han Chen didn’t explain his own skills. He saw the master Xu and the others. After the skills, he felt that his skills seemed a little different from others.

“You all have a watch on your hands. You can check your information.”

Several people were suddenly shocked. There was indeed an extra watch in their hands, but the incident happened suddenly and there was no time to study.

After a while, everyone found out their own skills. The uncle’s is [Tianwei], Soho’s is [Blessing of the Goddess], and the other woman is [Contract Coming], the yellow-haired youth who was saved by Han Chen It is [primitive power].

[Tianwei] Instantly increase the explosive power and mental power of the skill user, and cause corresponding level coercion to the skill user.

[Goddess Blessing], restore the mental power and health value of the specified skill, increase 20% of the power, 50% of the defense power, cooldown time of 5 seconds, and consume 2 mental power.

[Contract Coming], the user uses the contract to summon creatures in the different world. The cooling time is 10 seconds and it consumes 5 mental power.

[Primitive Power] Instantly increase the skill’s 100% attack power, 50% defense power, consume 5 mental power, and cool down for 10 seconds.

The uncle’s skills are the skills of the golden armored generals, and they are tanks.

Su Ho’s is an auxiliary skill, that is, auxiliary.

Another beauty is suitable for summoners.

The yellow-haired young man is a soldier.

In addition to his own half-hearted assassin, this is a standard battle lineup, Han Chen thought to himself, it would be convenient.

“Hey, what do you guys call? You must have a name.” Han Chen asked.

The uncle took the lead and said: “My name is Chen Dong.”

After introduction, he is a truck driver.

Then other people also reported their names. The beautiful Soho, who was rescued by Han Chen, was an English teacher in the second middle school in the city. Another beautiful woman was named Li Xue, a clerk in a company, and the yellow-haired youth was named Xu Wei. unemployed.

“In this case, I have a plan. Can you join me?” Han Chen asked everyone.

Uncle Chen Dong thought for a while and nodded, So Ho and Xu Wei had no objection.

Li Xue suddenly said, “It’s okay to listen to you, but we have to be a little self-protective now. You just got so many good things, it’s better to give us some.”

This is interesting. Han Chen stared at Li Xue with a smile. This woman was really cheeky.

“Oh, then why do you say I should give it to you? What qualifications do you have?”

Both the uncle and Su Ho looked angry, even Xu Wei was a little bit angry, Li Xue was a little bit irritated again, and said unreasonably: “Everyone is from the earth, and now they are all in this kind of land, we should help each other, like you are now How can you be so selfish like this!”

Moral kidnapping?

Han Chen felt disgusted. He usually hated this the most, but he didn’t expect that someone would find it boring in him.

“Li Xue!” So He couldn’t stand it anymore and called.

“If you don’t want to die here, just stay with me.” Han Chen glanced at her coldly, turned his head and ignored her, “Uncle, let’s find a safe place to discuss the next plan.”

Everyone followed, Li Xue was very angry, but still lowered her head to follow. She didn’t want to die once, even if she could be resurrected.

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