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Chapter 5: Skeleton Village

Han Chen found a hidden forest, looked at the people and said, “If this is the case, I will first explain the two conditions. First, all actions are subject to my command, and no one is allowed to act without authorization; second, what you get Everything must be distributed by me.”

Chen Dong pondered for a moment and nodded.

Su Ho has no opinion, after all, Han Chen saved himself from the beginning.

Xu Wei also has no opinion.

And Li Xue is also a little unhappy. Just give Han Chen the things before, and he will distribute the things everyone gets together. But Li Xue really doesn’t dare to face Han Chen anymore, and everyone else agrees. I have no choice but to agree.

“In that case.” Han Chen nodded in satisfaction and said: “Go, I will take you to a good place.”

According to the memory inherited by Han Chen, since there are skeleton patrol soldiers here, there must be a village of skeleton monsters nearby.

Han Chen made investigations and determined the location of the Skeleton Monster Village. With the experience in his memory, he avoided many dangerous monsters, which made others frightened. Fortunately, he followed Han Chen, otherwise his life would be long gone. Up.

“This is it.”

Han Chen took everyone to hide behind a huge tree cautiously, and looking forward, a village that had begun to take shape was standing.

The buildings in the village and the human world are very different. I think about the life scenes of primitive people recorded in the book, but the people living in the village are not humans, but the skeletons I encountered before!

“Is this the monster’s lair?” Chen Dong asked with some confusion.

“Yes, this is the village of those skeleton monsters.” Han Chen said excitedly.

Su He and the others were all taken aback. They managed to avoid so many monsters, but now they encountered the monster’s nest.

Are we destined to die once!

“This is our goal this time.”

Han Chen suddenly said something, Chen Dong and the others were shocked, Li Xue directly exploded his hair, is this person’s brain sick, and he came to die on purpose!

So Ho said weakly: “There must be a dozen monsters in this village.”

Xu Wei was not only shocked: “How about we think about it?”

Chen Dong thought: “Do you think we are sure?”

Han Chen replied, “I’m absolutely sure that this kind of skeleton monsters are low-level monsters, unconscious, not difficult to deal with, but it was too sudden before that you were chased by them, and now you are all too. I know my skills, so there is basically no problem in destroying this village.”

Li Xue said unwillingly: “What guarantee do you make?”

Han Chen ignored him, and Chen Dong agreed after thinking about it. So Ho and Xu Wei were also cruel and agreed to Han Chen’s decision.

“In that case.” Han Chen looked at Chen Dong, “Uncle, we need your help.”

“Wait to listen to my orders, uncle go to open the monster first, Xu Wei, you follow the uncle, Soho, you can use the skills according to the timing, and leave the rest to me.”

Chen Dong and the others nodded. Li Xue saw that there was no herself, and not only said: “What about me? Why is there no me?”

Han Chen glanced at her, and said casually: “You can figure it out by yourself.” Li Xue became angry.

Then Han Chen stared at several patrolmen patrolling the periphery of the village, patted Chen Dong, and said, “Uncle, it’s up to you.”

Chen Dong stretched out his fist and pumped up his breath, staring at the skeleton monster in front of him, and took a deep breath, thinking in his heart that he was not completely dead anyway, life and death are rich and rich!


Chen Dong pulled away from the jungle and rushed towards the skeleton monster angrily!

At the moment he rushed out, Chen Dong seemed to have returned to when he was playing copies with his brothers in the Internet cafe.

“Come on, scumbags!”

Chen Dong shouted, and instantly attracted the four skeleton monsters who were patrolling.

The four skeleton monsters rushed towards Chen Dong brandishing bone knives.

Chen Dong immediately activated his skills, and the four skeleton monsters immediately slowed down under the influence of [Tianwei].

Then Xu Wei followed and knocked out a skeleton monster.

The remaining three skeleton monsters still slashed towards Chen Dong.

Chen Dong yelled a scumbag. Like a street gangster, he hurriedly avoided the bone knives and fought with the skeleton monsters, but he still couldn’t stand the crowds. He was accidentally chopped twice and his life was directly reduced. Two points.


It hurts so much!

Chen Dong couldn’t tell if he was suffering now, but he still bit the bullet and fought with the skeleton monster.

Han Chen followed and activated his skills to kill the skeleton monster that was hit by Xu Wei. The dead skeleton monster turned into a crystal light and sucked into Han Chen’s body.

At this time, Chen Dong’s life was still 5 points, and his body was chopped five times, and the lives of the same three skeleton monsters were also pulled to normal.

It’s just one pick three!

“Awesome uncle!” Han Chen not only teased him, but at the same time shouted at Soho: “Use skills on uncle!”

But Su Ho and Li Xue on the other side were a bit at a loss. It took a lot of effort to release their skills when Chen Dong had three drops of blood left.

A ray of white light enveloped Chen Dong’s body, and he immediately felt very comfortable all over, as if he was in a hot spring, his life was restored to eight o’clock.

At this time, Han Chen and Xu Wei also solved the three skeleton monsters, and Han Chen also rose to the second level, while the hard-pressed Chen Dong got nothing.

Before he could relax, many skeletons emerged from the village.

Looking at a dozen skeleton monsters, Chen Dong’s heart was desperate.

Why can’t you rest for a while?

Suddenly a ray of light flashed, and a slime pressed against the skeleton monster.

This is the monster Li Xue summoned. Han Chen looked a little speechless. At any rate, he summoned a beast. What does this slime mean?

But Chen Dong was a little grateful, and finally someone shared the burden for himself.

The slime entangled a few skeleton monsters, and the people under him continued to rush over.

Han Chen took the lead and charged with a low body, holding a bone knife to chop off the skeleton’s leg bones, and then smashed the skull with a backhand, instantly smashing the skull and killing the skeleton.

Without stopping, I came to the skeleton monster entangled by the slime. After a sweep, the skeleton monsters were directly cut off by Han Chen, and the slime also disappeared due to exhaustion of life.

Seeing Han Chen’s swift figure, Chen Dong and Xu Wei were shocked.

Really fierce!

This is like a man!

Solving one-third of the skeleton monsters by one person is simply turning the tide!

So Ho also kept staring at the battlefield, releasing his skills in an emergency, and Li Xue did not neglect, and as soon as his skills were good, he summoned a slime to help Chen Dong share the pressure.

Several people kept running in, and gradually solved all the skeleton monsters.

As the last few skeletons fell, Chen Dong and Xu Wei slumped directly on the ground, and Su Ho and Li Xue also supported each other, both of them weakened.

Only Han Chen rushed to clear the battlefield.

Send it out!

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