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Chapter 6: The world is turned upside down

More than a dozen light **** are floating, and there are even four light **** that are blue. This is a lot of money.

A total of thirty-two black crystal coins, two bone knives, and a low-level magic scroll were produced in the black light ball.

[Death Flame of Skeleton], a low-level flame scroll that releases flames to burn enemies. It can be used three times. It takes five Sombra coins to bring it back to the real world.

The other four blue light **** exploded four aquamarine coins, a [skeleton’s inferior necklace], [skeleton sandals] and [skeleton monster summoning scroll].

[Skull’s Inferior Necklace], wear 20% magic power, 15 durability, bring back to the real world requires four Sombra coins.

[Skull’s straw shoes], wearer speed +5, durability 10, bring back to the real world requires two Sombra coins.

[Summoning Scroll of Skeletons], you can summon three skeleton patrolmen, use it three times, and you need seven Sombra coins to bring back to the real world.

Han Chen encouraged everyone. Chen Dong, Su He, and Xu Wei each received five Sombra coins. The necklace was given to Su He, and the two men with bone knives each received one. Li Xue only got one low-level Magic scroll.

Although Li Xue was a little unbalanced in her heart, it was like a conflict between herself and Han Chen, and she didn’t have the courage to face Han Chen, so she didn’t say anything, but she thought she must please Han Chen.

The three of Chen Dong were excited to put away their things. Although they suffered a lot of crimes, it was all worth it!

Under the leadership of Han Chen, the group entered the village.

The village is full of rudimentary residential areas. Only a stone monument is in the middle of the village. This disappointed Han Chen. He also wondered what treasures could be found in the village.

Relying on his memory, Han Chen activated the stele. In an instant, several people in the village received information about the stele.

“This village is our resurrection point, and no monsters will appear in the village.” Han Chen said to everyone.

According to the inherited memory, as long as the resurrection point is activated, the person loaded with the information will be born and resurrected in this village, and no more monsters will appear in the village, and those killed monsters will Will appear in another place.

Then there was a violent shaking in the village, which shocked Chen Dong and the others. The surrounding houses disappeared. Only the fence was still around. Beside the central stele, several stone platforms were raised. The information also passed into the minds of several people.

[Low-level store]!

[Low-level weapon shop]!

[Low-level conversion shop]!

“What’s this stuff?”

Chen Dong and the others were a little stunned. Han Chen explained helplessly: “This will be our stronghold from now on, so you can just treat this as our daily store.”

There are no fixed shops in the new world. When humans leave the stronghold, these things will appear in the stronghold to facilitate people to exchange things and supplies.

At this moment, everyone heard a voice.

“Please opt out of the new world within one minute.”

It seems that the time is up.

Several people glanced at each other, and Chen Dong said: “Let’s exchange contact information.”

After everyone exchanged their contact information, they quietly quit the new world.

The next second, Han Chen suddenly woke up in the room, and he then slapped himself.

hiss! it is true.

The electricity in the room also returned to normal. He hurriedly turned on his mobile phone to see that the Internet had exploded, and the earth-shaking was all discussing the new world.

The world has been turned upside down!

Everything is discussed online.

Some say this is a playground for gods and demons, some say it is a conspiracy of aliens, and some say it is the end.

Countless people have all kinds of speculations about the new dream world that has come suddenly, but no one knows what this world means to this planet.

Han Chen even searched for keywords related to “God’s Domain”, and there were no related posts within a day, as if he was the only one who had such a dream.

When countless people have brought skills and even weapons and equipment into reality because of their tentativeness, and found that everything is not a dream but real, and they rejoice.

Only Han Chen knew how difficult the future test would be.

The gods and demons created the realm of gods not to give the eight billion people on the planet a free compulsory education in immortal cultivation. There are seven disasters and three major calamities waiting for them.

If human beings can’t unite and quickly use God’s Domain to become stronger, the entire actual civilization will be turned into ashes before the Seven Plagues and Three Calamities, just like the countless races in front.

In Han Chen’s memory, after hundreds of years of civilization, the civilization of that person was on the verge of destruction. He barely became a **** but still failed to resist the last catastrophe, and finally left this inheritance to his hands. .

That person’s civilization was called Aqua Blue Star, and before the arrival of the God’s Domain, the civilization was the same as the earth where Han Chen was located.

“Fuck, didn’t the boss succeed in getting out of it?”

Han Chen pinched the mouse with his right hand and stared at the computer screen blankly, but in his head he recalled the memory of that person again, and took a breath in his heart.

It can be seen from the sky that he is just an ordinary overtime dog. In my memory, the man made countless actions that he would find extremely difficult even when he looked at it, but he still failed.

The difficulty of detachment can be said to be difficult to climb to the sky!

“Ding Ding Ding!”

The phone awakened Han Chen, who was in the midst of wandering. He took out his mobile phone and saw that it was a call from his parents who were a hundred miles away.

“Hey, son, have you had that strange dream?”

As soon as she connected her mother’s slightly anxious voice came from the phone.

“Mom, you guys have a dream too, you listen to me, don’t worry, didn’t you collect a lot of food this year? Save it and don’t sell it. By the way, try not to go out in the last few days and wait for me to go back!

Han Chen asked.

He thought about it, the early days of God’s Domain will definitely cause chaos. There are already a group of demons dancing on the Internet, and some people even wandering in the street with the exchanged bone knives. After being held by the police, their hands actually produced flames to resist. When the flame was lit, the police spit out a “bucket” of water on the spot to extinguish, and the people followed suit.

Such things are not uncommon, and they are considered good in China. Everyone has a relatively high awareness of the legal system and can still be controlled, but the naked eye can see that prices have begun to be relatively disordered.

For the safety of his parents, Han Chen will naturally not hold on to his current job. He is going to resign today and go home tomorrow.

Han Chen also wants to continue to persuade his parents to give them peace of mind. As a son, he feels obligated to stand up and protect his family.

Unexpectedly, his mother’s next sentence made him mess in the wind.

“Oh, all the chickens in your dad’s chicken farm have become one size bigger, and the broilers have become turkeys!”

“What!? Mom, wait for me, I’ll go back tomorrow, you are optimistic about the flock of chickens, if possible, try to kill them!” A light flashed in Han Chen’s eyes.

According to the memory of the “Darkborn”, mobile games will gradually invade the world, making the entire world suitable for cultivation, and at the same time, it will inevitably bring changes to the world.

Fortunately in the early stage, some animals and plants will have a certain chance to mutate under the impact of spiritual energy.

When the first catastrophe comes, part of the monster tribes in the game will be connected to the real world, which will bring huge disasters to the earth.

Han Chen recalled the memory of the Darkborn again, and couldn’t help but feel a little headache.

However, the mother yelled again: “Er, don’t worry, these chickens are now blocked in the cage and can’t get out. You don’t know that your father is awe-inspiring. With a wave of his hand, a dog appeared. Those chickens are too scared to come out!”

Han Chen was surprised and also had a headache. When his mother said “erzha” and “dogzha”, his tone was obviously similar. Could it be that your phone call came to show off that you have a new dog?

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