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Chapter 7: The changing real world

Shaking his head and waving away his random thoughts, Han Chen said, “Mom, you just stay there anyway. I’ll go back tomorrow and hang up first!”

“Hey, smashing, I haven’t told you that this dog smashed, you don’t know, this dog smashed…”

Han Chen hung up without waiting for her to finish speaking. The bitter smile of his mouth disappeared and a knowing smile appeared. It would be best if the family is fine.

After hanging up the phone, Han Chen found that he had several WeChat invitations on his mobile phone, which were the same people in the previous game.

When everyone saw that Han Chen had finally joined the group, they couldn’t help but get a little excited, one by one, they started to get excited, some said they wanted to meet in reality, and some talked about the matter of bragging about a few people with their family in the morning and taking a village.

Not only Han Chen, a small group of five people, but other groups are all talking about games.

The impact of this game on the world is too great, and the place where mutant animals appear is not just a place where Han Chen’s parents raise the chicken farm. Many people have realized that the game will have a huge impact on reality.

Han Chen watched silently, successfully integrated into the game discussion army and became one of them.

When Han Chen went to the company, everyone was talking about watch games both on the road and in the company. After seeing a few colleagues who were fairly good at bidding farewell, he flirted with the resignation report to the boss.

When I got home, I packed up everything I need to take away tomorrow. He has already agreed with Chen Dong, who is a driver, to let him help buy and take him a ride.

The future is far from being able to be carried by Han Chen alone. Chen Dong is not bad, and he was born in the same place with him in the early stage, which is worthy of wining.

In the afternoon of the next day, Han Chen returned to his hometown in the country.

After arriving at his hometown, Han Chen found out that his parents had already eaten it. A huge soup pot slowly filled with a turkey-sized chicken, giving off a tempting taste even though it was separated by two dishes. The wall can still be smelled.

“Mom, did you kill the chicken?” Han Chen ran over to ask without packing.

“Yes, Erhei and your father worked together to kill!” Han Chen’s mother Liu Lihua looked proud.

Seeing no one on the left or right, Liu Lihua leaned into Han Chen’s ear and said, “Tell you a secret. These chickens are very hungry. Somehow, our appetite has greatly increased after we came out of the game. Now that we have these chickens, No longer have to worry about eating a lot of food and not getting enough. Your dad is wondering whether to kill all these chickens and sell them to the market in a few days. There must be something wrong!”

After listening to Liu Lihua’s words, Han Chen was a little bit dumbfounded, “Mom, don’t even think about selling money. I will do this collection technique later, and I can turn the corpse of the chicken into the essence of the ingredient, and then it will be our ration!”

At least, for now, the money in reality is no longer attractive to Han Chen, just enough.

From the current point of view, when the world further changes, when the game’s influence on reality deepens, then crystal coins are definitely hard currency!

“Son is right, you don’t know, your mother’s inherited talent is a smart chef, able to give attributes to the food cooked, you use your watch to see the dishes on the table!”

Father Han Qiu motioned Han Chen to look at the food on the table.

Han Chen looked through the watch and saw that a clear attribute appeared on it: [Level 1 Chicken Soup], a black item, two points of vitality can be restored after use, for a total of ten seconds without cooling time.

“Look at the fried chicken legs next to you!”

Han Qiu motioned again.

[Level 1 Fried Chicken Drumstick], a black item, can instantly restore three points of blood after consumption!

Han Chen was shocked, and he couldn’t help blurting out: “Parents, have you inherited the memory of Da Meng?”

“What powerful memory? Isn’t this something you can find out with a fumbling? And your parents also know how to surf the Internet, and the experience of netizens is endless!”

Han Qiu said meaningfully.

Han Chen’s heart: You are my dad, you are right!

In the end, Han Chen decided to stay in the countryside for development. He only thought that he could take care of his own one-third of the land. It would be enough to help the world. Not to mention that he did not have this heart yet, and now he has the heart. Without this ability.

Being able to watch his parents at home is safe and sound is his greatest achievement in a short time.

After making a decision and eating the chicken soup, Han Chen looked at the game page inside the watch and clicked on the stronghold. First, he spent two black crystal coins in the low-level conversion shop to convert 20 black crystal coins into two aquamarine coins. Then, adding the six aquamarine coins that had been dropped before was replaced by two skill books.

One is worth three blue crystal coins, and the other is for Liu Lihua to prepare for cooking.

There is no need to say more about cooking. With cooking skills, Liu Lihua, who has a talent for cooking, is able to cook food with better attributes.

Gathering is a magical skill. As long as it is used persistently, it can be continuously upgraded. Only the corresponding level can process the corresponding ingredients. This is a necessary magical skill in the later stage.

Take the previous chicken soup as an example. The mutant chicken that has not been collected has to eat all the chicken the size of a turkey to get all the attributes.

The collection technique can condense the essence of the whole chicken on a small drumstick.

In this way, not only is it convenient to use, but the cooked food will also have better properties.

Han Chen looked at the announcement on his watch and said that he could only enter the game at night, and he had nothing to do, so he wanted to take the opportunity to kill all the chickens and cook them.

Gathering and cooking are skills that consume energy, so he also deliberately bought five [Level 1 Resurrection Pills] for a Sombra coin, and bought three hundred in one go. It took thirty for the pain. Sombra brought them to reality, and there were only three Sombra coins in his pocket at this time.

However, under such luxury, there are still thousands of live chickens in the chicken farm. Even if it is cut down with a single knife, even if cooking can instantly turn ingredients into delicacies, this is a huge workload!

“No, I have to find some helpers!” Han Qiu wiped the sweat from his forehead.

After raising chickens for so many years, I did not expect that one day I would think that I had too many chickens, and I would be too tired to kill!

“The daughter of your old Liu family next door is with us in the game. Why don’t you call their family to come and help!?” Liu Lihua, who was busy with her cooking skills, raised her head and said.

“No, you don’t know the virtues of the daughter of the old Liu family, son, you bring some chicken wings and drumsticks, and invite the two lads from the village head Zhang’s family to come over.”

Han Qiu, who was next to him, said to Han Chen who was about to go out.

Han Chen nodded. He didn’t have any impression of the daughter of the old Liu family. After all, he had rarely lived in the countryside after he went to school, and he had nothing to do with the people in the village.

It was the memory of the two lads of that Uncle Zhang’s house, only to the extent that it was interesting to see the two twins when passing by the village.

But what my father said must be correct!

So Han Chen took out five chicken legs and five chicken wings, packed them in a plastic bag and set out.

When they arrived at Uncle Zhang’s house, after some discussions, the chicken legs and chicken wings persuaded them, and successfully invited two young people to their own chicken farm.

When the two young people heard that Han Chen had already captured a village, and could even produce this kind of food against the sky, they admired Han Chen in their hearts.

The two are honest but not stupid. They think it might be a thigh, and they are happy to go to work for free.

Han Chen didn’t say anything about this, but silently took the two of them into the great cause of killing chickens!

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