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Chapter 8: Enter the game again

In the evening, Han Chen and his parents’ watch space was filled with [1st grade chicken wings] and [1st grade chicken legs].

[Level 1 Chicken Wing] It can instantly restore ten energy points after taking it, and the cooling is ten seconds.

[Level 1 Drumstick] It can instantly restore ten points of life after taking it, and the cooling is also ten seconds.

This medicinal effect is the same as the [Level 1 Return to God Pill], but the victory recovers in an instant, and the latter can restore a little energy in one second!

Moreover, the consumption of chicken drumsticks is not that troublesome. The drumsticks in the backpack will automatically disappear and turn into medicinal power when the spirit is moved. Of course, you can also take it out and eat slowly.

If chicken legs must be eaten to have an effect, Han Chen would not invest so much polycoin on it.

You think, halfway through the fight with the monster, you suddenly find that your blood volume has bottomed out. Are you going to call the monster a pause and eat a chicken leg? That would be too tasteless.

Looking at the chicken legs and chicken wings slowly in his backpack, Han Chen was full of confidence in the evening game trip.

Before going online, Han Chen checked the map with his parents through his watch, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were not far away, so he thought about bringing his parents over after going online.

Then slowly open up the map outside.

After asking again, Han Chen brought a group of chicken legs and chicken wings online.

After going online, he found that three people except Li Xue were waiting for him.

Seeing that they looked a little embarrassed, Chen Dong stood up and said, “Well, Li Xue seems to have gone to Xu Jing’s place. We did not persuade him.”

“She’s going to go, right, today I am going to pick up my parents, who of you wants to go?”

Han Chen said indifferently.

The woman was quite troublesome for herself, and she just left.

At this moment, a suspicious voice came from outside: “Hey, there is nothing to blame in this village!?”

Everyone was attracted to look over, only to see a person wearing shorts and a short stick against the head of the chicken coop appeared at the door.

“Brother, dare to ask how many generations of disciples are the Beggar Gang?”

Xu Wei asked happily.

After quitting the game two days ago, he knew that most people in this world were worse than himself. He didn’t expect to encounter a miserable one when he went online.

“You are a beggar. I have several companies and several buildings at a young age. Should I tell you something like this?”

The visitor was teased as a beggar, and he was not angry when he heard that the tone was not malicious

As he spoke, he ran up to the four of them and his eyes gleamed: “Brothers seem to be mixing well. I will give you a chance now, do you want to follow me?”

“Cut, who do you think you are, don’t follow!”

Xu Wei sneered. Don’t mess with a “beggar” with your thighs down. Isn’t that a fool?

Chen Dong next to him looked at the “beggar” and tilted his head, and suddenly asked, “You are the son of the health medicine industry, Zheng Jian!?”

“Oh, I didn’t expect that someone here would recognize me, yes, I am Zheng Jian of the healthy liquid medicine!”

Zheng Jian was very proud to see that someone could recognize him, so he ran over and hugged Chen Dong’s shoulders: “Uncle, how did you recognize me?”

Chen Dong looked embarrassed. After looking at four pairs of curious eyes, he could only answer truthfully: “I pulled goods for his house, and I saw his photo at the gate of the company, so big!”

Chen Dong made a big circle with his arms, probably, hehe, it’s just big.

Everyone turned dark, as expected to be “Zheng Jian”, no one posted his photo at the gate of his company! ?

“Now that you all know my identity, the following is much simpler. Who of you wants to follow me, I will arrange board and lodging for him, with a basic salary of at least 100,000 yuan per month, plus various commissions!”

Zheng Jian raised his chin and said, at this time he had already made up his henhouse brain into a crown, and the short stick in his hand was the scepter that pointed the country.

But after a while, no one responded to his call. Only Xu Wei took care of his face and said: “Uh, let’s forget it, too little!”

Just kidding, the ratio of Sombra coin to real currency was as high as 1:10000 before entering the game, let alone even more valuable equipment.

To put it another way, he followed Han Chen and could earn almost 100,000 in one night. Even if the ratio drops in the future, it will definitely not be less than 100,000 a month.

So, who is willing to follow this Zheng Jian?

“Too little? Forget it, it’s impossible to buy and sell, do you have sour crystal coins? I charge a high price, 11 thousand and one hundred thousand aquamarine coins, only today!”

While talking, Zheng Jian glanced at the three shop stones in the small village, obviously he had learned what it was from the Internet.

Xu Wei’s eyes lighted upon hearing the words: “The feeling is good, I’ll sell it to you, my bank card number is…”

Xu Weigang wanted to report his bank card number and was interrupted by Han Chen, “You don’t want to follow me out? How can you buy medicine to level up without Sombra Coin?”

Han Chen wouldn’t kindly distribute his medicine to him. He was willing to exchange Sombra coins for real coins as he pleased, but he would definitely not take him out later.

Xu Wei’s face turned green when he heard it. He knew how difficult it was to upgrade the monsters.

Even when Han Chen, with the most spiritual power, killed more than a dozen skeleton monsters, he still had a little spiritual power before he could gather the 20 spiritual power required for the upgrade.

Spiritual power is what is needed to upgrade the character. At present, Xu Wei can only upgrade by killing monsters, unless he is lucky enough to pick up something that increases spiritual energy.

Xu Wei naturally wouldn’t think he had this luck, otherwise, how could he lose every bet?

He shook his head quickly and said, “Don’t be a big man, I’m just kidding!”

Then he turned his head seriously and said to Zheng Jian: “I’m sorry, I won’t sell Sombra coins!”

Zheng Jian is a little messy: What’s wrong with this world? Isn’t the money fragrant anymore?

But Zheng Jian is not an ordinary rich second-generation, after all, it is a bit of a brain to be able to lead a few companies. As soon as his eyes rolled, another thought popped out: “Big brother, if you bring one person, you also bring two people. , You see if you can take me once, I can give you money!”

Han Chen did not immediately agree, but asked: “Tell me about your awakening skills. If you can still follow the command if it is useful, I will consider taking you one!”

“My skill is to turn trees into soldiers, that is, to turn trees or wood into soldiers.” Zheng Jian said proudly.

Damn it, good skill!

Han Chen knows this skill. This skill is much more powerful than summoning. Summoning is affected by the energy of the summoner, while turning a wood into a soldier is only related to the quality of the piece of wood being clicked. A magical skill is not bad.

Han Chen restrained his inner joy, and nodded faintly: “Your skills are a bit useful. You can summon a treeman as a meat shield. Then, you can follow us. We don’t want your money, but it drops. Everything belongs to us, you only have experience!”

Han Chen is not doing charity. If it weren’t for too many people on the way to pick up his parents, it was dangerous and slow, and he even wanted to go there alone.

After all, Zheng Jian still has a bit of courage, and nodded: “The transaction, but this is only for this transaction.”


Han Chen nodded, then took out the last three Sombra coins and the other four people collected eleven Sombra coins in exchange for a Kyanite coin, and then bought a captain’s wooden card.

There is no way, the black crystal coins must be exchanged for aquamarine coins to be able to purchase, and Xu Wei and the others gritted their teeth with a black crystal coin that was exchanged for crystal coins: That’s 10,000 cash!

“Well, I have put you in the team now, you buy some medicine and you are ready to go!”

Han Chen looked at the small map and said.

“set off!”

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