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Chapter 9: Goblin Commander

Han Chen relied on his own experience to avoid monster territories that were temporarily unattainable. Some monsters could not be dealt with by them who had not broken through level 2.

Soon, Han Chen brought four people to a low-level monster refresh point.

Amidst the rugged rocks, ten stone steles ten meters high with mysterious runes were quietly erected in front of them to form a circle.

In the center of the circle was burning a pile of anointing fire, and a group of goblins less than one meter and five meters were on guard inside.

“Fuck, boss, shall we fight? These goblins are not so hot at first sight!”

Xu Wei watched from a distance and swallowed.

Chen Dong’s expression was also stagnant, “Han Chen, why do there seem to be more goblins here than there are skeletons in the village? It’s not easy to deal with.”

“The village is basically given to us as a novice village’s resurrection point for free, of course, once the attack is attacked, the practice is down.”

Han Chen explained, looking at Xu Wei’s bitter face and said: “Don’t talk nonsense, according to my instructions, we will slowly clear this goblin tribe!”

Chen Dong saw that Han Chen had made up his mind not to talk nonsense, and gritted his teeth: “Let’s talk, what do you want me to do? Charge up to attract the blame?”

Han Chen shook his head: “The wisdom and strength of this group of goblins are much higher than those of the skeletons. I’m afraid you will be hacked to death if you can’t stand it for a second!”

“Fuck, just how smart these little green skins can be!?” Zheng Jian curled his lips.

“You can go up and try it alone!”

Han Chen looked at Zheng Jian, the latter naturally reluctant to go up, and snorted lightly.

“Don’t underestimate these goblins. Their attributes are likely to be better than yours. Have you seen the goblin with a scimitar and staff in the middle? You are definitely not your opponents in singles!”

Han Chen pointed to the two strangers who were obviously larger than the other goblins in the field and said.

“Monsters are also divided into levels. The skeletons we encountered before were just ordinary black monsters. Below the same level, their attributes are only 70% of ours, and the two on the field are probably already blue elite monsters. Yes, if the level is higher than ours, plus the weapons in their hands are enough to single out our team.”

“Then you brought us here?”

Zheng Jian was surprised.

“If I can bring you here, there will be a way to eat them. Go, I will take you to clean monsters!”

Han Chen waved his hand and came to a boulder pit.

The terrain here is low-lying, and there are two huge stones blocking it. If you don’t get closer, you will never see what is in the pit.

Han Chen looked at this place with satisfaction, then took out the [Summoning Scroll of Skeletons] and directly summoned three skeleton patrolmen.

Zheng Jian was taken aback by this hand, his eyes beaming at the scroll in Han Chen’s hand and said: “Brother, you have a lot of good things, let’s make a price.”

“I will consider selling it to you if there are good things!”

Han Chen didn’t kill him with a stick, and after dealing with Zheng Jian, he commanded a skeleton patrol to walk out staggeringly.

Several goblins from the periphery saw a little skeleton soldier who dared to come forward to provoke, and suddenly screamed and rushed up with a wooden stick.

“Get ready, just deal with them as you did with the skeletons before!” Han Chen said.

“what about me?”

Zheng Jian saw that he hadn’t been assigned to the task in a hurry, but he wanted to summon a treeman, but there were no trees or stones all around him.

“You are free, you just don’t die!”

Han Chen said lightly, and then he waited for the arrival of the Goblin Patrol.

The three goblins screamed and stepped into the pit following the skeleton soldiers. What awaited them was Chen Dong’s ready-to-go Tianwei!

The movements of the three goblins were not affected much, but as if they were insulted, they set the target on Chen Dong.

“Come on, Soho, you are always ready for treatment. You must swallow them as soon as possible, otherwise the goblins will send someone over after a long time!” Han Chen shouted.

After speaking, Han Chen rushed forward, and a stealer weakened one of the goblins, and severely chopped the goblin’s neck with a bone knife.

Xu Wei also turned on the original power at the moment of the hack, and the goblin was a little dizzy with one blow.

Zheng Jian looked at him and saw that it seemed not as dangerous as he thought, but when he picked up the stick, he saw that the goblin turned and lifted the stick to smash himself, so he shrank back in fright, and even the short stick fell to the ground. .

Before Zheng Jian picked up the short stick again, the three goblins had already turned into light spots and disappeared under the firepower of the three.

Han Chen was a spirit, as comfortable as Xia Futian taking a cold bath, and the dim white light rose from his forehead. He finally upgraded after killing the last goblin!

Every upgrade in God’s Domain will increase 10 points of life, 5 points of strength, spirit and speed, and 10 points of free attributes.

In other words, after being upgraded from level 1 to level 2, Han Chen’s attributes doubled.

With the memory of the Darkborn, Han Chen directly added 5 points to his attributes for speed and strength.

Now his attributes are

Level 1 (not transferred)

Life 20

Strength 20

Speed ​​20

Mental power 15

Equipment: (omitted)

Congenital awakening: ancient heritage.

Skills: Darkborn steal.

Darkborn, similar to an assassin, can’t catch up with people when the speed is slow, and the attack power is weak when the power is weak.

“Big brother, have you upgraded?” Xu Wei looked at Han Chen and said with envy.

Han Chen was in a good mood. Looking at the goblin tribe with three missing members, he said, “Don’t worry, there are dozens of goblins inside, enough for you all to be level 2!”

The old skills were repeated, and the monsters were pulled out and destroyed. Finally, when there were only seven goblins left in the tribe, all five people including Zheng Jian were upgraded to level 2.

Levels 2 to 3 require one hundred spiritual power, which is five times that of level 1 to level 2, so Han Chen is not in a hurry to upgrade, and after instructing them how to add points, he allocated the dropped equipment.

A total of more than forty goblins were killed, except for nearly a hundred Sombra coins, only the goblin boots and wooden sticks.

This drop rate is much lower than that of Skeleton Village.

Zheng Jian, who had been clamoring about spending money on equipment, also got a goblin cudgel, free of charge.

After all, it’s a teammate, and he may be used later, Han Chen doesn’t mind selling something cheaper to him.

Seeing his teammates whose attributes have skyrocketed, Han Chen nodded in satisfaction.

Actual combat is the fastest way for people to improve their strength. At the beginning, Master Zheng couldn’t hold the knives swiped by the goblins and even the short clubs. He was able to dance with the goblin sticks just now.

Han Chen looked at them with satisfaction, took out the level 1 chicken wings and level 1 chicken legs prepared in advance, and said: “Everyone takes ten chicken wings and chicken legs. Get ready to open the BOSS!”

“No problem, **** it, gangster, your chicken thigh, is it a luminous delicacy? The properties are actually better than the medicine sold in the store!”

Xu Wei exclaimed.

“You can save this chicken drumstick, and take it back to reality if you don’t use it up. You find that your appetite has increased in reality? Eating this chicken drumstick can satisfy your hunger.”

Han Chen explained.

After all, the raw materials are not a precious thing, just a bunch of ordinary mutant chickens, and now he needs their help to get through here to get more profits, so it doesn’t hurt to send them.

“Okay, I’m ready to start the strange!” Han Chen saw that it was almost done, and led everyone out of the pit.

The goblin standing in the field saw Han Chen and the others. Only then did he figure out how his subordinates disappeared. He was so angry that he rushed over here with five goblin patrolmen.

“Be careful, this is an elite monster!”

After establishing a hostile relationship, Han Chen could clearly see the blue font on the head of the goblin holding a machete: Goblin Commander (Level 2)

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